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The Impact of SaaS and Cloud






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  • Fractals: eenvoudige basis maar complexe en onverwachte uitkomsten, chaostheorie
  • Vooral ook in relatie tot alle onderliggende applicaties
  • Vernieuwing van de overheid, verschuiving naar het leveren van services
  • Nu met diginotar…
  • Nu met diginotar…
  • Testability
  • Vernieuwing van de overheid, verschuiving naar het leveren van services
  • Trees and the forrest
  • In a distributed environment monitoring and control is not enough since you can not predict the path (no control nodes or all are control nodes)
  • Recursive nature

The Impact of SaaS and Cloud The Impact of SaaS and Cloud Presentation Transcript

  • Impact of SaaS and Cloud The future isn ’t what it used to be [email_address]
  • In the news…
      • november 2009
    • OV ontregeld door
    • landelijke storing
    • mobiel netwerk
    HD Traffic service onbruikbaar na netwerkstoring
      • maart 2009
    • Kapotte router oorzaak
    • urenlange landelijke
    • storing betaalautomaten
      • September 2011
    • DigiNotar-hackers blijken 531 certificaten te hebben vervalst
      • September 2011, Computerworld
      • Dutch struggle to revoke DigiNotar SSL certificates
    SaaS and Cloud: new possibilities and new vulnerabilities
  • (1 − z3 / 6) / (z − z2 / 2)2 + c Simple variables, complex consequences
  • The basics
    • (Unlimited) Scalability
      • IT becomes a scalable cost
    • (Ubiquitous) Communication
        • Transactions in milliseconds
    • (Seamless) Cooperation
      • Opening up internal systems for partners
    • Anytime, Anywhere
      • Instantaneous as well as a-synchronous
    • (Maximum)Transparency
      • Digital trust through access to data and certificates
  • Double edged
    • New possiblities
      • Opportunities
      • Disruptive innovation
    • Complexity
      • Risks
      • Chaos in prediction outcomes
  • opportunities
  • 800 million Digital Friends
  • Digital marketplace
  • Digital hardware
  • Building blocks of the Internet
  • Convergence Software producer Service producer Combination of services ad software creates new added value Product quality Service quality
  • Basisregistraties Combination leads to new added values
  • PAAS Research Questions
    • Convergence
      • “ What is the business convergence phenomenon?”
      • “ What is a appropriate business model to gain substantial competitive advantages?”
    • Multi-Tenancy
      • “ How to support variability in a multi-tenant software-as-a-service environment?”
      • “ How to organize hybrid product and service organisation”
  • Risks
  • Building blocks of the Internet
  • Building blocks of the Internet
  • Mashup In mashup normally more than 80% is reuse of existing services and less than 20% is new software Testability No clear test environment for full application
  • Basisregistraties Combination leads to new single points of failure
  • “ Hidden ” relations between environments
  • Lazy use of security
  • Centralised De-Centralised Distributed Rand In a distributed environment control can not be imposed from the top
  • Trust
  • as·sur·ance A statement or indication that inspires confidence Level of proof to build confidence Trust worthy > adequate proof of trust Confidence in the capabilities to realize promises …
  • TTISC Research questions
    • Q1 : What are the risk elements
    • Q2 : What are the risk control patterns
    • Q3 : What is the integrated model of risk and controls
    • Q4 : How to achieve assurance in SaaS chains
  • Macromyopia We overestimate the short term results of technology and underestimate the long term results Jaron Lanier