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Conferentie crisiscommunicatie keynote
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Conferentie crisiscommunicatie keynote






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Conferentie crisiscommunicatie keynote Conferentie crisiscommunicatie keynote Presentation Transcript

  • YES, WE ARE ALL INDIVIDUALS! Social media and crisis communication Martijn Kriens | @martijnkriens | martijn.kriens@icrowds.net
  • Martijn Kriens Business|Science|Government|Innovation|ICT| eHealth  Cloud|Pancakes|iCrowds|RTLNieuws| iCrowds|AIM|IIPSaaS  WirelessArnhem|Vlieger| Recalcitrant|  .... @martijnkriens | martijn.kriens@icrowds.net
  • Facebook Daily in NL 12.000.000
  • Twitter Daily tweets in NL 5.000.000
  • Sources Dutch social web In the Netherlands 390.000
  • Three years of Facebook Valentine Facebook  movie
  • Three years of twitter Elections
  • Three years of Hyves (Dutch social network)
  • Three years of WhatsApp
  • Elections 2012 Listening to people in the living room
  • # political messages 25 Maart tot en met 23 September 2012 Verkiezingen 5  Miljoen  berichten! Val  kabinet Programma’s
  • Sources political messages i In total 2,2 million messages Bron Aantal Twitter 1.644.184 Nieuws 224.855 Facebook 96.168 Forum 50.135 Blog 35.105 Hyves 21.967 Overigen Minder dan 1% Twitter  is  the  most  important  social  platform  for  political  discussion
  • Role sentiment in debates “There you go again”
  • Predictive value Premier-­‐debat VVD                 41   PVDA           40   ! ! ! ! SP     15   PVV     15   CDA     12
  • Project X Haren Social and mass media working together…
  • Project X Haren A  16  year  old  girl  invites  some  friends  to   her  sweet  sixteen  party…
  • Project X Haren Tweet from NOS on 15:29 starts the real buzz on social media
  • Project X Haren th th 19 and 20 September it grows to 11.000 messages. Main subject is youth planning to join the “party”
  • Project X Haren Messages are more and more comming from all over the country 65%  of  all  messages   are  from  Groningen
  • Project X Haren In the evening it further growths, especially after 20:30. Topics mainly from younger people
  • ProjectX Arnhem The party that never started
  • Project X Arnhem The start In  the  evening  a  Facebook  page  is  made  that   immediately  attracts  attention  in  the  night   ! Messages  mainly  from  Arnhem
  • Project X Arnhem Page creation until 28th September (date of the “party”) Practically  no  buzz  from  the  creation  of  the  page  until  the   date  of  the  party
  • Project X Arnhem Afternoon 28th September 15:30  article  on  the   government  action  by   the  NOS  on  the   webpage
  • Project X Arnhem Late afternoon, early evening Short  burst  of  attention   due  to  the  police   barricades  at  the   entrance  of  the  city Hardly  any  conversation  of  youth  talking  about  going  to  the  party
  • Pressure from Twitter to media making journalists nervous
  • “Hijack” of Vuelling flight Flight  from  Malaga  to  Amsterdam  loses   radio  contact
  • “Hijack” of Vuelling flight Tijdlijn
  • “Hijack” of Vuelling flight Tijdlijn
  • “Hijack” of Vuelling flight: role of reporters Storm aan berichten op Twitter start om 13:54, eerste bericht op massamedia om 14:18. Op dat moment al 200 berichten per minuut op Twitter. Om 14:48 is het duidelijk dat er niets aan de hand is (scherpe stijging sentiment) 17.000  berichten
  • New realities Using the crowd
  • Profiling
  • Gender Male Female Normal ProjectXHaren
  • Picking up signals
  • Lansdall-Welfare, T., Lampos, V., & Cristianini, N. (2012). Effects of the recession on public mood in the UK. Proceedings of the 21st International Conference Companion on World Wide Web - WWW ’12 Companion, 1221. doi:10.1145/2187980.2188264
  • A New reality Organized individuals
  • New paradigm • “The invisible hand” Cooperation  without  Coordination   !                                                                                  Clay  Shirky
  • The power of open networks Hello everybody out there using minix -   ! I'm doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won't be big and professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones. This has been brewing since april, and is starting to get ready. From: torvalds@klaava.Helsinki.FI (Linus Benedict Torvalds)
  • Transaction cost & Firm size (Ronald Coase) Breakup  in  logical  and  more   consistent  units
  • Nieuwe modellen Theatre  production  model Common  interest  model
  • Centralised <> De-Centralised Centralised Distributed De-­‐Centralised Rand
  • Walmart during Katrina “A lot of you are going to have to make decisions above your level. Make the best decision that you can with the information that’s available to you at the time, and, above all, do the right thing”! ! Lee Scot, CEO Walmart
  • YES   we  are  all  individuals!
  • Questions? @martijnkriens | martijn.kriens@icrowds.net | Martijn Kriens | www.icrowds.net
  • Thank you! @martijnkriens | martijn.kriens@icrowds.net | Martijn Kriens | www.icrowds.net