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Green Map System is a locally-led global movement charting the way to a sustainable future. People in over 750 cities in 55 countries have gotten involved. Each project has unique outcomes, but all share Green Map Icons to highlight ecological, cultural, social and green living resources. With 5 million printed maps, an interactive mapping platform and convenient mobile apps, the award-winning Green Map System has an adaptable toolkit that incubates new leadership, collaboration and communications skills while generating powerful Green Maps that make sustainability meaningful at the local level. As seen at GreenMap.org, everyone – residents, youth, tourists and decision-makers - can discover their world from a fresh perspective and connect today's progress to tomorrow's promise. Think global, map local!

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3.2 wendy brawer

  1. 1. Green Maps, Urban Futures Green Map in Rio & Living Lab 2011
  2. 2. Locally made Green Maps highlight natural, cultural, socialand green living sites using Green Map System’s global icons and tools
  3. 3. Community groups, NGOs, enterprises, tourism, universities andcity agencies - each has their own locally determined goals
  4. 4. 770 cities, towns and villages in 59 countries have used Green Map’saward-winning icons to identify, promote and link thousands of sites GreenMap.org/icons Barcelona’s Farmers & Robeson US’s Sun Factory Artisans Market kayak tours Yogyakarta ID’s Breda NL’s Hybrid Geologic Feature Eco Center Vehicles
  5. 5. We share adaptable tools and offer support, consulting andstrategies for printed, interactive and other types of Green Maps Icons: I70 icons guide the selection of and then highlight each sustainable site Mapmaking Guides: Stakeholder engagement, research, design, marketing, etc. Multimedia Resources: Multilingual websites, books, workshops, videos Archives: Green Maps, stories, exhibits, presentations and exchanges
  6. 6. Open Green Map is our interactive ‘social mapping’ platform –used online, on mobile phones and as embedded maps using widgets 8 language interface!
  7. 7. Many use a mix of our tools to reach diverse audiences. Example:Cape Town, as part of the greening of 2010 FIFA World Cup Games Winner! 2010/11 IOC Award for Sport and the Environment see capetowngreenmap.co.za
  8. 8. Green Map System has won numerous national and internationalawards in addition to those won by local Green Map projects Victor J Papanek Social Design Award – Open Green Map’s awards Design for the Real World Redux 2011 Treehugger Best of Green US National Sustainability Award: Living Labs Global New Communications Tools INDEX Awards Finalist United Nations Global Best Practices 100 Cause / Affect The Tech Awards Laureate Tele Atlas Maps in Apps Spirit of the Land - Salt Lake City Olympics NetSquared We Media Pitch It EXPO 2000 Project Award the World
  9. 9. Green Maps Singapore Victoria BC Biodiversity-themed Green Map Land, Food and Diversity
  10. 10. Green Maps Stockholm Sweden Yokohama Japan Get Outdoors Mobility Copenhagen 2003
  11. 11. Green Maps Netherlands New York Amsterdam & Noord Brabant Highlighting Waste - Youth Views
  12. 12. Green Maps can help companies become more efficient and engagestakeholders. Or, they can help communities heal after disaster Taipei Taiwan Banda Aceh Indonesia CSR - Efficiency in the Workplace Disaster Relief and Planning
  13. 13. Green Map projects have produced murals, videos, choreography,tours, exhibits, guide books, magazines and more
  14. 14. Open Green Maps can be created with public site suggestionsand contributions of images, videos, ratings, and moreOpen Green Map: Development• lowers technological and financial barriers to online mapping• preserves valuable community organizing and dissemination• increases public participation, exchange and impacts• make content sharable and useful in different ways• 7 language interface invites worldwide exploration
  15. 15. Any smartphone user can explore the sites or suggest new ones –there’s a Green Map iPhone App and embedded widgets Currently in ‘beta’. Sponsored web and mobile apps can be co-developed
  16. 16. Consulting and resources help you develop custom processes,presentations and PR for involving the community and media
  17. 17. Trends … more at GreenMap.org770 cities, towns and campuses have Green Map projects59 countries represented in the Green Map network500+ printed unique Green Maps published5 Million printed copies210 Open Green Maps published18,000 sites on the Open Green Map platform140 countries using our website, GreenMap.org5,000 Green Map iPhone Apps downloaded in first 2 weeks
  18. 18. Think Global, Map Local! Explore GreenMap.org Contact Green Map System: Wendy Brawer - Founding Director web@greenmap.org +1 212 674 1631Facebook.com/greenmap @GreenMap