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OptifiNow overview

  1. 1. Where marketing and sales meet
  2. 2. Sales RevenueOptimizationOptifiNow offers a suiteof software tools thatthat optimize theconversion rate of leadsas they pass througheach stage of themarketing and salesfunnel. Sales Process Lead Marketing Social Social Media Content Automation Management Automation Collaboration Publishing Management 2
  3. 3. Key drivers of increased revenue• Ability to deliver personalized, relevant marketing communications• Common platform to store and activate marketing content• Engage, nurture and track customers in pre-sales, sales and post sales• Improve sales force effectiveness by identifying quality of leads• Clarity and visibility into your lead-to-sales funnel• Measure success of marketing campaigns in leading to deal closure, responses of prospects or reactions to campaigns• Immediately route and distribute leads to the appropriate sales team• Systematic revenue attribution to marketing and sales, demonstrating ROI 3
  4. 4. Engage Your Customers Increase ROI 32% What are the Increase Engagement 18% top reasons Score More Leads 16% salespeople Increased Closed Deals 14% use CRM Track & Analyze Results 12% software? Stay Organized 8%Empower your salespeople to deliver relevantcommunications across buying stages, driven byyour data. 4
  5. 5. Make the most of customer interactionsbefore, during and after the sale. 5
  6. 6. Convert more of your salespipeline with integratedmultichannel marketing.Direct MailIntegrated, digital print, allows sales reps to mailor print targeted, personalized and relevantpieces to individual customers – one at a time!PhoneLead management system integrates directlywith some of the largest vendors (e.g. Shoretel,Cisco, Avaya).EmailMessaging enabled at the individual sales replevel allows for targeted, personalized andrelevant emails to each customer.MobileOptifiNow makes it easy to create, target, send,and track SMS marketing campaigns.SocialPublish directly to Facebook and Twitter. Use asingle application to create, send, and track.
  7. 7. Personalization EngineEngage with your customers at every point in theirbuying cycle.Leverage your customer data to drive intelligent,customer-driven dialogues at desired moments in thecustomer lifecycle for more relevant, successful andprofitable interactions. 7
  8. 8. Engage, Convert RepeatSales processes can be rendered into guided,best practice steps that deliver consistent,repeatable, and high-value results.• Marketing › Cultivate Inquires to sales-ready leads. › Measure and improve lead generation program. › Measure marketing contribution to revenue. › Improve brand and legal compliance › All marketing and sales resources are synchronized and collaborative. › Reprocess inactive leads turned back from sales.• Sales › Increase sales teams selling time. › Shorten average sales cycle. › Improve sales effectiveness. › Ramp up new sales people faster. › Use content to position salespeople as trusted advisors. 8
  9. 9. The PlatformDesigned to be highly adaptable, OptifiNow can map to anexisting CRM system, connect to legacy databases and beused to develop a single customer view.Customized to each client, many of the processes, functionsand fields can be tailored to customer requirements to rapidlyalign, manage and measure all marketing activitycontinuously. The entire platform is highly scalable andmodular, allowing customers to add new applications orsoftware options as needed. 9
  10. 10. How can wehelp you improve? 10
  11. 11. Thank You John McGee President OptifiNow jmcgee@optifinow.com 562.282.4140 Michael Krause VP Sales & Marketing OptifiNow mkrause@optifinow.com 213.840.9075 (m)