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  • 1. CFMCCapabilitiesPresentationYour Name and Job PositionGoes Here
  • 2. Overview• Value Proposition• About CFMC• Products• Value Added Services• Why we’re Different• Contact Information• Summary
  • 3. Value Proposition• CENTURY BUSINESS DEFINITION•• For over 50 years, Century Fasteners and Machine Company (CFMC) has provided a complete range of engineered fasteners for the most demanding industrial applications including aerospace, military, government, transportation, and commercial. More recently, Century has expanded its offerings to include a wide variety of close-tolerance machined and stamped metal components and assemblies.•• Currently, CFMC has the following certifications:•• ISO 9001:2008• WBE – Women Owned Business• EDWOSB – Economically Disadvantaged Women-owned Small Business• DBE – Disadvantaged Business Enterprise•• CFMC’s unique certification profile coupled with its broad range of engineered manufacturing capabilities positions CFMC to compete effectively in a wide range of markets, including, but not limited to, Aerospace and Government, as large users are recognizing and giving priority through set aside programs to businesses which have qualified to the specifications above. Further, this allows CFMC to be a qualified Class 2 and 3 threaded fastener distributor to the government. Since mid-2010, CFMC has upgraded its inspection capability and now performs rigorous incoming and outgoing inspection per MIL-I-45208A.
  • 4. Value Proposition, cont.• Growth Strategy Elements•• Focus on the Customer: CFMC understands that time is crucial and most stock item order will ship out within 24 hours from the time it is placed. If an item is not in stock our team pre-expedites all orders to ensure prompt and accurate lead times are met. This commitment to service is a core element of the company mission:•• Century Fasteners knows that high quality products and competitive pricing is a requirement for all its customers. For over 50 years Century has met these requirements. However, we also realize that delivering a superior customer experience involves more than product quality and pricing. We spend the time to learn about your individual needs and tailor our delivery system to meet them. We strive to be a true partner to our customers. It is personal and we make it our number one priority.•• Gail Glasser has made personal selling her top priority and has received a very positive response from both customers and prospects, who desire a more committed partnership.•• Concentrate on diversity buying situations: A wide range of selling opportunities, from Government work to companies with diversity initiatives, is available for CFMC due to its unique status. These opportunities will be the focus of the company’s outreach efforts.•• Partner with select manufacturers: CFMC believes that strong partnerships with its suppliers are key to its partnerships with its clients. CFMC has developed several key partnerships to target specific market opportunities which fit Century’s strategic position. Century will continue to expand its role as a contract manager for sales to its target customers.
  • 5. Value Proposition, cont.• The CFM Value Proposition•• The key to CFMC’s success will not be in the product, per se, but in how CFMC manages the delivery system. As a small company, CFMC will be able to develop a deep understanding of each customer and its needs. CFMC will focus on building a delivery system that minimizes the customers’ time commitment. Answering all incoming calls personally so a second call doesn’t have to be made• Stressing 1st call resolution which includes getting all the relevant information• Published and predictable quotation turnaround times• Pre-expediting orders to insure that vendor delivery dates are being met• Maintaining buffer stock for high volume parts• VMI programs for select high volume parts• Incoming and outgoing product inspection• Complete documentation support for all relevant orders• Kitting Solutions•• A well-managed delivery system will focus on reliably meeting the customers’ expectations. As such, this will provide the platform for moving the customer base from satisfied to loyal. Loyal customers buy more, do not shop around and recommend the company to others. To get customers to this level, CFMC must do more than have a reliable and repeatable delivery system coupled with high quality products at fair prices.
  • 6. About CFMC• Name: Century Fasteners & Machine Co., Inc• Established: 1957• Owner: Gail Glasser (Second Generation)• Supplier Diversity: Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) SBA 8(m) Program• DUNS: 025075185• CAGE: 7P578• Markets: Aerospace, Defense, Military and Transportation
  • 7. Products• Bolts Bearings Screws• Nuts Retaining Rings Pins• Self Locking Nuts Metric Fasteners Clamps• Fittings Lockwire Inserts• Washers Standoffs Rivets• Eyelets Studs Terminals• Grommets Spacers Orings• Seals Gaskets Lockwashers•• Just to name a few
  • 8. Value Added ServicesCustom Designed Kits– Working with our partners (customer’s) we gather the information needed to custom design kits to fill our customer’s needs, while reducing their administrative supply chain costs.VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)– Ideal for high volume consumable products.– Designed to eliminate stock outages.– Reduces supply chain costs– Fewer dollars committed to inventory
  • 9. Why We’re Different• Manufacture. We are a specialty/custom parts manufacture, we do however reserve the right to farm out the manufacturing process if we feel we can save our partner’s additional money.• Distributor. Fully stocking distributor of all AN, MS, NAS, NASM, and AS fasteners and fittings.• Quality. ISO 9001:2008 certified, inspections per MIL-I-45208A standards.• Diversity. We are one of the leading woman-owned specialty manufacture/distributor in the Midwest.• Special Training. Gail Glasser is a graduate of the SBA e200 Program, and CFS (Certified Fastener Specialist).• Experience. Staff has more then 50 years in the Aerospace Hardware industry.
  • 10. Why We’re Different
  • 11. NAICS Codes• 332722 Bolt, Nut, Screw, Rivet, and Washer Manufacturing• 332992 Small Arms Ammunition Manufacturing• 332993 Ammunition Manufacturing• 332994 Small Arms Manufacturing• 332995 Other Ordinance and Accessories Manufacturing• 332999 All Other Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Product Mfg.• 423510 Metal Service Center & Other Metal Wholesalers• 423710 Hardware Merchant Wholesalers• 423840 Industrial Supplies Merchant Wholesalers• 444130 Hardware Stores
  • 12. Contact InfoPhysical Address:Century Fasteners & Machine Co., Inc4155 N. Rockwell StreetChicago, IL 60618773-463-3900 (Phone)773-463-7474 (Fax)www.cfmcusa.com (Wesite)
  • 13. Summary• CFMC is a specialized U.S. DFAR Standard manufacture/Distributor of high quality Fasteners, Bolts, Clips, Nuts and Metal Component that supports the U.S. Military, Defense, Aerospace and Transportation Industries.• CFMC can help meet the requirements for: – Surge Capacity – Prototype Ammunition/Small Arms – Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business (EDWOSB) – Value Added Services
  • 14. Summary, cont.• The key to developing loyal customers lies in recognizing that buyers are people first and buyers second. Like us, they have a range of emotions including fears, aspirations, needs, wants, etc. CFMC recognizes this and will build trust by:• Determining what is important to each buyer through open and frequent conversation• Communicate bad news quickly and couple it with a resolution proposal• Ask for customer feedback and act on it• Show appreciation in small ways frequently• Treat each customer with respect every time• Enjoy the relationship and make it fun (a good laugh goes along way)• Recognize that despite the business relationship, we are still human• Truly seek to find ways to make the buyer successful
  • 15. Quality ISO9001:2008EDWOSB Performance World Class Value added Customer Services Service