High School Completion Program at SCC


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Learn basic information on how HSCP works at Shoreline C.C.

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High School Completion Program at SCC

  2. 2. Washington State’s HSRequirements: Subject Areas (measured in “Carnegie Units”):  Language Arts (3)  Mathematics (3)  Occupational Education (1)  U.S. History (1)  Washington State History (1/2 )*  Contemporary Issues (1)  General Science (1)  Lab Science (1)  Fine Arts (1)  Health & Fitness (2)  Electives (5.5) ** *waived if the equivalent of 10th grade was finished before coming to Shoreline **6.0 if WA State History is waived
  3. 3. Additional State Requirements: Three additional requirements were implemented in 2008. These requirements are mandatory for any student who began the equivalent of 9th grade in the academic year 2004-05 or later.
  4. 4. Additional State Requirements:1. “Culminating Project” – Students will demonstrate essential skills through reading, writing, speaking, production, and/or performance. At Shoreline CC, students may meet this requirement by completing either English 102, CMST 101, or CMST 220. (Note: This class may not also be used toward the 20 unit requirement.)
  5. 5. Additional State Requirements:2. “High School-Plus” Educational Plan Students will provide information outlining how they plan to meet their high school graduation requirements and how they will spend their first year out of high school. The “High School-Plus” plan is included in your packet. Ideally this should be completed early in your studies toward the high school diploma. It must be completed and submitted to the HS Programs Office before your graduation can be approved.
  6. 6. Shoreline Community College High School Completion Program “High School Plus” PlanState Requirement: “Each student shall have an education plan for their high school experience, providinginformation outlining how s/he plans to meet his/her high school graduation requirements, and includingwhat s/he expects to do the year following graduation.”This “High School-Plus Plan” asks that you think about your future and how you will make the most of yourhigh school education. You are encouraged to complete this plan early in your studies as part of Shoreline’sHigh School Completion Program, and then continue to revise and update it throughout your time here toaccommodate your changing interests and/or goals. Your plan must be submitted to the High SchoolPrograms Office before a high school diploma can be issued.The above stated requirement may be met by either option described below.Option 1: Please attach a written or typed essay of 2-5 pages in which you discuss your high school education andplans for the future. We encourage you to include the following elements in your plan: What led to your decision to pursue the completion of your high school diploma through Shoreline Community College’s High School Completion Program? Your personal story – what experiences, interests, and goals have shaped who you are now and who you want to become in the future? Your learning style Your goals for high school – what will your high school years look like, including classes taken, extracurricular activities, sports, work, etc.? Your goals for immediately after completing your high school diploma – do your goals for high school prepare you for what you hope to do after graduation? How?[Note: If you have taken a class in which you were asked to complete an assignment which addressed thissame or a similar topic, you may be able to submit that assignment as your “High School and Beyond Plan”.Such a substitution will require the permission of Shoreline’s Director of High School Completion Program.Please consult your advisor for more information.]Option 2:A. Choose and complete a minimum of 5 of the following activities related to your highschool education and/or your future academic and work/career path.___Attend and participate in CEO 101 (for students in the CEO program only) Quarter taken:________ Grade earned:_____ Instructor_________________Make an appointment and meet with a Shoreline advisor or counselor to discuss your future plans. Date Completed:______ Advisor/Counselor Name:_____________________Attend a workshop related to your college major, transfer planning, or career exploration. Date Attended:______ Title of Workshop:__________________________ Presented by:________________________________________________
  7. 7. Additional State Requirements:3. Successfully Pass The State High School Proficiency Exam (HSPE) Or An Approved Alternative To This Test The statewide High School Proficiency Exam (HSPE) assesses students for 10th grade competencies. Successfully passing will be an indication that an individual student has mastered a minimum set of reading, writing and math skills by graduation. International students in Shoreline’s HSC program are allowed to take the SAT or the ACT test as an alternative to the HSPE. Minimum acceptable scores are: SAT: ACT: Reading: 350 Reading: 13 Writing: 380 Plus Writing: 15 Math: TBD* Math: TBD*
  8. 8. The New 21 Year-Old Policy: “An individual, twenty-one years or older, who enrolls in a community or technical college for the purpose of obtaining an associate degree and who satisfactorily completes an associate degree, including an associate of arts degree, associate of science degree, associate of technology degree, or associate in applied science degree, shall be awarded a diploma from the college upon written request from the student.” As of 2009, any community college student who is at least 21 years old and has not graduated from high school may be awarded a high school diploma upon earning an Associate’s degree.
  9. 9. What Do I Have? What Do INeed? In most cases, it is helpful to have an evaluation completed of your previous high school-level coursework (grade 9+), so that those courses can be applied toward the graduation requirements.  1. Gather your official high school/jr. high school transcripts;  2. Request a professional evaluation from an evaluation service.  3. Bring the professional evaluation to the HS Programs Office at SCC, attached to Credit Evaluation Request Form.
  10. 10. Evaluation Of PreviousCoursework Complete the “Credit Evaluation Request” form in your packet and the professional evaluation report and give it to the HS Programs Office. The HS Programs Office will contact you to set up an appointment to discuss what requirements have already been met and what requirements are still needed.
  11. 11. Shoreline Community College International High School Completion Program Credit Evaluation Student Name: Sample Student Student ID # : 965-XX-XXXX Progress Toward High School Completion:STATE UNITS UNITS # SCC creditsREQUIREMENTS MET NEEDED neededLanguage Arts (3) 1.0 2.0 10.0Mathematics (2) 1.5 0.5 3.0Occupational Ed (1) 1.0 0 0U.S. History (1) 1.0 0 0WA State History (.5) Waived 0 0Contemporary 1.0 0 0Issues (1)General Science (1) 1.0 0 0Lab Science (1) 0.5 0.5 3.0Fine Arts (1) 1.0 0 0Health & Fitness (2) 1.0 1.0 5.0Electives (5.5)+.5=6 7.5 0 0HS-Plus Plan requiredCulminating Project requiredSAT - verbal requiredTOTAL (19)Evaluated by:______________________________ Date:_______ Notes/Comments: Includes 2 years of study in Taiwan as well as one year of study at Yellville-Summit HS in Arkansas.
  12. 12. Now I Know What I Need; How DoI Finish These Requirements? One unit of high school work may be made up by taking one 5-credit class at Shoreline.  (e.g.needed: 1 unit of Language Arts: Take English 101- 5 credits)  Use the pages in the packet to determine which SCC classes can be used to meet the high school requirements.
  13. 13. Include HS Deficiencies In YourAcademic Plan Your advisor will include any missing high school requirements in your academic plan.  Example:  Needed: 2 units of Language Arts 1 lab science  Take: English 101, English 102 Physics 110
  14. 14. Academic Plan Courses needed for high school completion may also be used towards your Associate’s degree.
  15. 15. Academic Plan English 101, English 102 may be used for your Associate’s degree and high school diploma
  16. 16. Academic Plan Physics 110 may also be used for your Associate’s degree and high school diploma
  17. 17. Do I Have To Finish My HSDiploma? It is your choice! You are not required by SCC to finish the HS diploma. Students who intend to transfer to a university may find that the university requires a HS diploma, even if the student has earned an AA degree.  It’simportant to contact the university you would like to transfer to ask about whether or not they require students to have earned a high school diploma in order to gain admission.