Advising Check in Mtg. (Group B)


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View Complete PowerPoint Presentation for Group B Check-In Meeting.

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Advising Check in Mtg. (Group B)

  1. 1. AdvisingCheck-In Meeting
  2. 2. This PowerPoint Presentation will be available online at “ISOP Winter 2012” on “Course-Site”
  3. 3. Today... More grading options Important deadlines Plagiarism Campus resources Major planning groups Individual appointments Degree planning guides
  4. 4. Before we begin...Please turn offall of yourelectronicgadgets!
  5. 5. Some remindersUpdate your Contact Information Have you changed your address? Get a new cell phone number? Raise your hand to get a Green Handout Required by Immigration!
  6. 6. End of Week 1(today!)Check your schedule online
  7. 7. How to check your schedule?Go to: www.shoreline.eduYou’ll need:Student ID Number 965-XX-XXXXPIN Code (Birthday) = mm/dd/yy
  8. 8. 1.Click on “Current Students”2. Find “My SCC (login required) 3. Click Quarterly Schedule
  9. 9. Grading Options
  10. 10. Quick Review from ISOPDecimal Grading (0.0-4.0)P / NC Grading (need 2.0 to pass)Student Option Grading(Decimal or P/NC)
  11. 11. Other Grading Options “W” Grade Withdrawal(“W” - dropping a class / will not earn credit / no effect on your GPA) If the “W” class puts your credit total below 12 + if you are not eligible for Vacation Qtr = Out of Status & I-20 will be terminated.  1. Question? See an Advisor
  12. 12. Limited to ONE time to count as part of 12 credit load. “N” Audit(No credit earned, no grade earned) Requires instructor’s signature
  13. 13. “Z”Hardship Late Withdrawal (Sick, Emergency, Crisis) Teacher MUST approve this grading option no credit earned / no effect on your GPA anytime AFTER February 22
  14. 14. “V”“Vanish” grade = 0.01. Can result in academic probation and dismissal. 2. Immigration: I-20 will be terminated.
  15. 15. “I” Incomplete temporary grade (Have up to 1 year to complete)must have teacher’s signed agreement
  16. 16. Scenario #1: Student has been very ill. She has beenseeing a doctor for 4 weeks and still unable to attend class.She should ask her instructor for a ____ grade.Scenario # 3: A student has a class that meets at 7:30am.She hasn’t been waking up for class so has missed most ofher classes. She will earn a ____ grade.Scenario #4: A student in ESL 100 is worried because hethinks he may not be able to pass his class. He doesn’twant a decimal grade on his transcript so can request thisother grading option _____.
  17. 17. Always Know Your Deadlines (This is YOUR responsibility.)Available in printed quarterly class schedulesIP Office Bulletin BoardAdvising This WeekeNews InternationalSee handout of “Important Dates”on ISOP Winter 2012 Blackboard CoursesiteSCC Website: Has “Add To My Calendar” feature to download to smartphone / computer
  18. 18. Fall Quarter Dates To RememberAdd: January 17- 23 = required instructor’s signature January 24-February 6 = required instructor and dean’s signaturesDrop: Through January 23 = no instructor’s signature required January 24 – February 22 = requires instructor’s signature (W grade)Pass-Option Forms = to Enrollment Services by February 13Audit = last day to change to/from “audit” = February 22Refunds:100%: January 13 by 4:00 pm50%: January 14-January 30no refund after January 30
  19. 19. ONLINE CLASSES(Limit 1 online class per every 12-credits)5 credits online + 7 “regular” credits = 12 creditsSome exceptions – see an advisor if you plan to take more than1 (one) online class per quarter.
  20. 20. Communication
  21. 21. E-NewsSent directly to your email! Important Reminders Live Links!
  22. 22. FACEBOOKFriend us: “IPadvisor”EMAILYou will be receiving emails from IP advisors!BE SURE TO Update information – Green FormsInclude your FULL name in emails please!If you are contacting all of us with the same question,please include in ONE message (not individual)IN/OUT BOARDAdvisors’ Work SchedulesAvailable online: www.shoreline/
  23. 23. IP WebsiteCheck every week for “Advising This Week”Walk-in hoursRegistration remindersUpcoming deadlinesAnnouncements
  24. 24. Advising This WeekWeekly post to IP Website Under “Program News”
  25. 25. Advising This WeekWeekly post to IP Website Under “Program News”
  26. 26. Get Connected... Get active - Get connected !! Student clubs Club Kick Off Event: Wed. Jan. 18 Volunteering: Intramural sports aspx Extra benefit = great for college applications!
  27. 27. Campus ResourcesTutoring (FOSS Bldg.)The Writing & LearningStudio Rm 1501LibraryThe Math Learning CenterRm 2201
  28. 28. Navigating Shoreline’s Website www.shoreline.eduWhen in doubt - visit the A-Z Index
  29. 29. Plagiarism
  30. 30. What YOU need to knowHandout available online at “ISOP Winter 2012” *Blackboard CoursesiteCan result in failure of the class.Can be reported to transfer university if information isrequested as part of application.Examples of plagiarism:Using your friends work and passing it off as your own.Copying work from a friend while taking a test (whether in class or for an onlineclass).Studying for an exam using questions from a friend’s test.Quoting or summarizing from another’s work (published, unpublished/website) andNOT acknowledging the source
  31. 31. Where are your Advisors?Advisors are facultyWork 9 month contract over12 month yearCheck online to see who ishereSome days during quarterbreaks will have NO Advising,but IP Office will remain open
  32. 32. Advising SyllabusWe’re here to help you, butwe need your help.Come to walk-in orappointments prepared.Fill out forms BEFORE seeingan advisorBe responsible – respond toemails, attend workshops, letus know if you’ll miss anappointment.
  33. 33. Winter Quarter “Regular” Walk-in Hours (Begin next Monday) Mondays: 10:30am-12:00pm & 2:00pm-3:30pm Tuesdays: 10:30am-12:00pm & 2:00pm-3:30pm Thursdays: 10:30am-12:00pm & 2:00pm-3:30pmSEE BLUE HANDOUT IN GREEN BINDER
  34. 34. Immigration Walk-in 2:00pm - 3:00pm Monday - Thursday
  35. 35. Academic Planning 1. major planning groups (If you’re not planning to transfer, let an advisor know.) Organized by major Learn what classes you’ll need to takeWork with advisors to create your OWN plan!
  36. 36. WHICH GROUP SHOULD by Major Planning Groups YOU ATTEND?Business Thursday, Jan. 19, 3:00pm Groups are limited in size.Science Wednesday, Jan. 25, 3:00pmEngineering Sign-up is ONLINE. Wednesday, Jan. 25, 3:00pmCommunications Friday, Jan. 20, 1:30pm Please do not be late!Psychology Friday, Jan. 20, 1:30pm Leave with a plan for yourGeneral/Undecided Friday, Jan. 20, 1:30pm 1st year at SCC! Business Friday, Jan. 20, 2:30pmArt/Design Friday, Jan. 20, 2:30pmHealth Friday, Jan. 20, 2:30pm
  37. 37. Example of Online Calendar Don’t miss class to attend your University Major Seminar!
  38. 38. Planning Groups by Major Check your email for a link to the online calendar Sign up online to attend a group (see email) Do not miss class to attend a group! Discuss your major and requirements (HSC, degree, transfer) Create a PLAN just for YOU!
  39. 39. REMINDERIndividual AppointmentsScheduled you attend a major planning group. Questions? Come see an advisor during walk-in.
  40. 40. Next Steps for NEW Students
  41. 41. Sign up online for major planning groupAttend that group!Schedule individual appointments as neededUpdate your contact information if neededRegister for SPRING quarter (March 5-9)
  42. 42. Questions so far???
  43. 43. * 5 minute break *Coming Next: Planning Guides
  44. 44. MAKING YOUR ACADEMIC PLAN START WITH A PLANNING GUIDE Many different plans are available online: LEARN ABOUT DEGREES AT SCC Some new terminology: Humanities / Social Science / Electives THEN…Sign up for a planning group by major to begin working on your OWN plan.
  45. 45. Type of DegreeGen. Ed. Core ElectivesRequirements DistributionRequirements - •Humanities•Math/Science •Social Sciences
  46. 46. Gen. Ed. CoreRequirements DistributionRequirements
  47. 47. General Education Core• ENGL 101 – 5 credits• ENGL 102 – 5 credits• Multicultural (see choices on back) – 5 credits• Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning (see choices on back) – 5 credits
  48. 48. HUMANITIESMusic CommunicationsArt LiteratureLanguage PhilosophyNeed 15 creditsAt least TWO different disciplinesMaximum of 5 credits in Performance Skills
  49. 49. Performance/Skills Humanities General Humanities
  50. 50. MATH / SCIENCE• Science #1 (lab)• Science #2• Other Math / Science • Usually a math class, but not alwaysAt least TWO different disciplinesNote: Nutrition does not count as a “science”!!
  51. 51. Other Math / ScienceLab Sciences Non-lab Sciences
  52. 52. Social Sciences• Psychology• Sociology• Geography• Economics• Anthropology• HistoryNeed 15 creditsAt least TWO different disciplines
  53. 53. SocialScience
  54. 54. Electives• Classes you elect / choose to take• Classes needed for your transfer university, and/or classes needed for your major• ESL 100 will count toward electives• PE Classes (H.S. Completion)
  55. 55. Final Steps!Check your email for link to Online CalendarSign up online to attend planning Group (see email)Come on-time for your group.Create a PLAN just for YOU!Check registration deadlines on blackboard and in greennotebookHave questions? Please see an advisor. We’re here tohelp you!