Galloway library annual report 2013


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School library annual report from The Galloway School in Atlanta, Georgia

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Galloway library annual report 2013

  1. 1. Galloway ML/UL Library Annual Report June 2013 Prepared by Marcia Kochel, Head Librarian Annual Report, Page 1
  2. 2. Highlights and New Initiatives Redesigned summer reading for UL and ML. UL students now participate in self-selected book clubs. All ML students and teachers are reading Wonder by R.J. Palacio and teachers will be doing related activities all year. Collaborated with teachers at all grade levels (5th-12th) on information literacy skills and research Developed a research process and corresponding webpage Began providing digital audiobooks through Catalist Continued to encourage 8th grade readers by doing booktalks quarterly for outside reading; also added new 8th grade genre lists for dystopia, nonfiction, biography, and historical fiction Three student book clubs had record student participation Sponsored first-ever ML reading bowl team Held first annual National Poetry Month Poetry Reading for UL Good News Circulation for the library as a whole continues to grow each year in spite of the increase in digital books. (Stats include EL, ML, and UL.) 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013 23337 19332 17950 13592 Total Library Circulation by Year Annual Report, Page 2
  3. 3. Circulation Stats Total Print Items: 22,921 Average Age of Collection: 1999 Total Circulation (teachers and students pre-k-12): 23,337 ML Circulation: 3,104 UL Circulation: 851 Digital Reading Library Kindles: 12 Kindle Circulations: 121 Kindle Books in Collection: 112 Digital Audiobooks on Catalist in 2012-2013: 61 New Audiobooks Added in June: 42 Digital Audiobook Checkouts: 150 since April 2013 BrainHive eBooks: A digital collection of over 4,000 eBooks available to Galloway families Annual Report, Page 3 5th 929 6th 892 7th 642 8th 641 By Grade Level 9th 352 10th 107 11th 310 12th 82 By Grade Level 5th and 6th graders circulate the most, but 7th and 8th graders are hanging in there. Circulation drops dramatically in UL and most of it is for 9th and 11th grade research projects. I would love to see more UL students reading for fun.
  4. 4. Highlights of 2012-2013 LibGuides We use LibGuides as our platform for creating research guides for classes at Galloway. Our guides give students all the information they need to successfully complete research projects, including direct links to the best databases and web sites. Most popular LibGuides used by students for research: 7th grade geography, 8th grade science: alternative energy, 5th grade history research projects, 11th grade American Studies CTR, UL Spanish resources, 5th grade science: mammals, 10th grade English: Biblical allusions. Online Presence The Galloway Library Student Center website is updated frequently to reflect what is happening in the library and in classrooms. It includes the following The Galloway Library News blog Ms. Kochel’s Book Blog Book Club updates A photo gallery Links to our databases, LibGuides, and NoodleTools. Annual Report, Page 4 Page views this year: 42,642!
  5. 5. Curriculum and Instruction The UL/ML library serves students from 5th through 8th grades. One of our main goals is to teach research and information literacy skills in collaboration with teachers of all disciplines. Some examples of the library instruction that we do include website evaluation, citing sources in MLA and APA styles, advanced Google searching, using the Creative Commons for copyright free media, and using Google Docs and Noodle Tools for collaboration. When classes visit the library we frequently assist them in using the library’s databases and teach them how to find resources in print and on the internet. Some major areas of collaboration this year include the following 5th grade research projects—art history, mammals, Civil War, and more (Amy Zupancic and I share 6th grade instruction) 6th grade history “Library 101” lessons about copyright, library searching, and comparing databases 7th grade English/Social Studies research and blogging 8th grade research projects—poets, alternative energy, the Civil Rights Dinner Party, and more 9th grade science annotated bibliography project— includes an introduction to scholarly journals via our science databases and Google Scholar 10th grade English research—Biblical Allusions paper 11th grade American Studies Conceptual Trace Report 12th grade senior comp research—this year focused on periodicals and scholarly resources Annual Report, Page 5
  6. 6. A Community of Readers Annual Report, Page 6 Double Dog DEAR ML Advisors read books chosen by their advisees Library Aides Fabulous UL library aides worked all year on special projects WebCasts Students were invited to webcasts with JK Rowling and Taylor Swift Author Visits Peter Lerangis spoke to 5th and 6th graders Author Skypes ML students skyped with Laura Rsau, Roland Smith, and Neal Shusterman Book Bling We gave out a lot of beads on ML Book Bling Day All Night Read In 47 ML students spent the night in the library National Poetry Month UL students enjoyed a poetry reading in April Reading Bowl Team ML students competed in a reading bowl for the first time
  7. 7. Community Building Annual Report, Page 7 Love Your Library We celebrated Valentine’s Day with free hot chocolate Summer Checkout ML and UL students checked out up to 25 books over the summer Spring Break Photos ML students have fun reading over spring break Wonder First-ever ML All-School Read kicked off in May No More Bummer Reading New UL summer book clubs make summer reading more enjoyable Staff Summer Book Clubs Faculty and staff get summer book clubs as well
  8. 8. Book Clubs Annual Report, Page 8 UnboundBookClub We met every Monday afternoon all year with 36 fifth- seventh grade students regularly attending (a record-setting number). We read and discussed lots of books and did many book-related activities. Sponsors include Dana Eisenman, Jill Starkman, Amy Zupancic, and Marcia Kochel. UntitledBookClub We met monthly all year at lunch/recess in Ms. Chapman’s room with about 10 seventh and eighth grade students regularly attending. This group has strong opinions about books which leads to lively discussions. UnnamedBookClub We gathered monthly beginning in the winter with 9th and10th graders who used to be members of the Untitled Book Club and wanted to keep talking about books. We met with Ms. Chapman and had fun discussing our reading and making plans to expand in UL next year.
  9. 9. Leadership Professional Development and Involvement Member of Georgia Peach Book Award for Teen Readers Committee (3-year-term) Attended Georgia COMO Conference (Council of Media Organizations) and presented with Georgia Peach Teen Book Award Committee Attended American Association of School Librarians (AASL) Fall Forum on Transliteracy Kennesaw State’s Children’s and Young Adult Literature Conference Attended Atlanta Area Technology Educator’s meetings (AATE) Attended Georgia Independent School Librarians meetings (GISL) BrainHive eBook beta tester and member of BrainHive advisory board Contributions at Galloway Part of Professional Development Committee; designed PD website and application process Member of FACT2 Committee and Tech Team Wrote successful application for Galloway to be on the National Historic Register Taught two ML electives: Human Rights and Great Scots Digital Magazine Chaperone for UL hiking excursion 6th grade advisor and part of 6th grade team meetings and immersion Recipient of Harvest Award for work against human trafficking New Research Process Together with Peter Emmons, developed a research process with corresponding website based on Barbara Strip7ling’s Information Literacy model. Shared with social studies teachers this year, planning to expand its use next year. Annual Report, Page 9
  10. 10. Goals for 2013-2014 Middle Learning Work more on systematically integrating research skills and the new research process. Be more proactive about approaching teachers and planning with them. Continue to work with social studies teachers but expand to harder-to-reach subjects such as math and science. Build relationships with new English and social studies teachers. Upper Learning Plan with 9th and 10th grade English for setting the stage for high school research skills. Approach more teachers to get involved with integrating technology and with copyright issues. Build relationships with new social studies and science teachers. Encourage UL students to read more for pleasure. Long Range Planning Start a formal process to plan for the 21st Century Library (including changes to ML/UL library space and making EL a more technology-rich, interactive program). Annual Report, Page 10