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Recognition ceremony



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  • 1. Recognition Ceremony
  • 2. What is a Master Gardener?
    First and foremost…. a volunteer.
    Commitment to community.
    Commitment to public education.
    Commitment to continuing education.
  • 3. Requirements
    24 Volunteer Hours (Certified & Interns)
    10 Continuing Education Hours (Certified)
    Guidelines expressed by the WiMGA
  • 4. Activity reporting
    Support services
    I helped with…
    Youth education
    I taught kids…
    Adult education
    I taught adults…
  • 5. at a glanceStatewide Comparison
    Milwaukee, 435
    Dane, 428
    Ozaukee, 187
    Rock, 166
    Racine, 154
    St. Croix, 139
    2009 WIMGA Annual Report
  • 6. at a glanceStatewide Comparison
    Total Volunteer hours
    Milwaukee, 18,192
    Dane, 15,434
    Rock, 10,498
    Racine, 8,822
    Ozaukee, 8451
    Outagamie, 8110
    2009 WIMGA Annual Report
  • 7. Rock Prairie Association
  • 8. Individual highlights
    Youth Education
    Julie Gibes (143 hrs)
    Mandy Fischer (141 hrs)
    Mary Berve (59.75 hrs)
    *based on information received, may not include hours turned in after deadline*
  • 9. Individual highlights
    Community Education
    Barb Converse (100)
    Barb Guse (82.50 hrs)
    Jane Brakefield (52 hrs)
    *based on information received, may not include hours turned in after deadline*
  • 10. Individual highlights
    Support Services
    Barb Guse (1372)
    John Rockenfield (325.50)
    Mary Kay Thompson (300)
    *based on information received, may not include hours turned in after deadline*
  • 11. Individual highlights
  • 12. Executive committee, 2009-2010
    WiMGA Rep.
    Anna Kokity
    Newsletter Editor
    Joanne Ekena
  • 13. Executive committee, 2009-2010
    WiMGA Rep.
    Anna Kokity
    Newsletter Editor
    Cindy Leverenz
  • 14.
  • 15.
  • 16. 2009-2010 Interns
    General Training
    60 hours of lecture training
    24 hours of required volunteer service
    Complete the final exam
    13 individuals successfully completed
  • 17. 2009-2010 Interns
    Laura Boettcher
    Sandra Czubek
    Larry Gibes
    Mary Jones
    William Maynard
    Mary Nimm
    Jane Palumbo
    Barb Petersen
    Kelly Reed
    Valorie Rheinschmidt
    John Rockenfield
    Marge Sell
    Marty Siegworth
    Sue Zimmerman
  • 18.
  • 19.
  • 20. Advanced Training: Fruits & Veg.
    Anna Kokity
    Barbara Peterson
    Beverly Feltz
    Bonny Guenther
    Carol Cartwright
    Catherine Idzerda
    Cindy Leverenz
    Deb Grams
    Joanne Ekena
    Judy Latka
    Julie Meske
    Karen Bernard
    Kelley Frey
    Kelly Reed
    Kristine Zaballos
    Mandy Fischer
    Marie Messinger
    Steve Harris
    Pamela Walgren
    Sandy Kallas
    Anissa Welch
    Shirley DiFrancesco
    Shirley Stekel
    Jim Haseman
    Theresa Noggle
    Kathleen Miller
    Robby Hagan-Severson
  • 21.
  • 22. Leadership Development
    Cindy Leverenz
    Shirley DiFrancesco
    Mary Kay Thompson
    Jenny Membrino
    Bonnie Cunningham
    Anna Kokity
    Barb Guse
    Anissa Welch
    Mandy Fischer
    Alice Cassidy
    Carolyn Bakula
    Shirley Bauer
    Laura Boettcher
    Robin Anderson
    Tammy Tucker
    Sandy Kallas
    Janice Peterson
    Deb Grams
    Jim Haseman
    Mary Nimm
    Marty Siegworth
  • 23. PHA On-Line Training
    Barb Converse
    Roberta Hagan-Severson
    Steve Harris
    Pam Walgren
  • 24. In action!!!
    Master Gardener Volunteers
  • 25.
  • 26.
  • 27.
  • 28.
  • 29.
  • 30.
  • 31.
  • 32.
  • 33. Iron Gardener Challenge
    Individual MG challenge themselves by volunteering outside their comfort zone
    Set Personal goals and measure their accomplishments
    Leadership, Community Service, Community Education, Youth Education, MGV-hosted Special events, Other interests
  • 34. Barb Guse
    “ Layout a plan, stick to it, and follow through as a team”
    Implemented High Tunnel Gardens
    Goal: Grow early value crops
    Researched high tunnel garden efficiencies
    Harvest was 6 weeks earlier by implementing high tunnel garden
    Worked with RECAP
    Taught inmates how to plant, grow, maintain, and harvest gardens
    Presentation to Winnebago County MG
    Fear of public speak, wanted to do something outside comfort zone. Support from team got her through presentation successfully
  • 35.
  • 36. Jim Haseman
    Goal: Grow 20,000 lbs of produce and distribute to needy
    Achieved: produced 15,000 lbs and distributed through WIC/Senior Markets
    Worked with and help successfully implement numerous programs: Rock Haven Hort-therapy, RBG flower project, community gardens instructor
    Created an alumni garden for RECAP and trustees (produced almost 3,000 lbs of food)
    “I worked closely with a great bunch of people this year…so many to thank for making this year our BEST.  MY THANKS FOR LETTING ME BE A PART OF IT.”
  • 37.
  • 38. Deb Grams
    Goal: Work as part of a team to expand and improve community gardens
    Scheduled education classes, set up market schedules, planted and maintained children’s garden
    Offered horticulture classes to RECAP so they were more prepared for garden season
    Gave presentation about community gardens to Winnebago County
    Overcame nervousness of speaking publicly
    “The team did such a fabulous job this year, I am proud to be a member. I plan on stepping up my contributions next year by focusing on more specific programs and following through stronger. Although we had a few minor glitches and personality conflicts, we still set some high bars to meet next year. Thanks for allowing me to be part of this special team.”
  • 39.
  • 40. Change…
  • 41.
  • 42. You are valued.You are appreciated.Keep up the awesome work!