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Edmodo vs schoology
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Edmodo vs schoology



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  • Most of the CONS for Edmodo are actually incorrect or partially incorrect.
    Students have parent access code but so do schools / teachers if using a PC and teacher access code.
    Attendance is achievable through Edmodo Apps, that is class room management apps, some of which are freely available.
    Parents can communicate but only directly to the teacher and not to the class group. This is a major plus if you have an unbalanced or an argumentative parent.
    Facebook layout is EXCELLENT for student engagement, as students already know how to use it.

    Also the positives you have for Schoology, every single one of them are a part of Edmodo too. Consequently Schoology does not even rate in comparison to Edmodo. Some may claim that Edmodo is not user friendly.... I would suggest the if you know how to use Facebook, you know how to use Edmodo...
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  • @halafawzi totally agree with you. I dislike edmodo... Very user NOT-friendly...
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  • The winner for me is Schoology!
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  • 1. Schoology vs. EdmodoThe Ultimate Showdown Michelle Cowell Technology Consultant Grant Wood AEA
  • 2. What is a Learning ManagementSystem?According to Wikipedia:a software application for theadministration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery ofeducational courses According to Teachers: a platform to assist student learning that is easy to manage, inclusive, assessable, ada ptable, transparent, safe and engaging
  • 3. The apps Edmodo Schoology• Improving but still limitations • Email or username log in• Very similar layout to webpage • Traditional mobile layout• Username log-in • Can only upload files to an• Can upload pictures to the page assignment but not to profile pictures • Can add photos or videos to• Open in another app allows posts uploading files from iPad apps to backpack (pdf worked best)
  • 4. Pros  PLC’s  Discover link allows you to search content and add to your library  Can connect with other educators – can share and communicate through messages  Communities – Facebook like communities to share ideas  Small Groups  Easier than ever with “Small Groups” button  Use small groups as actual small groups or to organize the feed into topics
  • 5. Pros  Reward Badges!!  Can use premade Edmodo badges or create your own  Learning profiles  Site layout – Very user friendly  No email account necessary  Analytics and management options available through free district account
  • 6. Cons  Students have parent access code  No attendance  Parents are observers of student’s interactions – no direct communication  Quiz and assignment options are limited  Facebook-like layout
  • 7. Pros Discussion feature!  Nested replies  Share with another course Settings for Tests & Quizes  Set time limits  Allow multiple attempts App Center Groups
  • 8. Cons District level (Enterprise) package isn’t free Can create Schoology groups but not small groups within courses Long student access codes Trickier navigation and takes more time to learn
  • 9. And the Winner is…