Mk mobility keynote 11.12.11


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I had the privilege of being the keynote for the North American Mobility Program hosted at the University of Manitoba. Met with Business School leaders to discuss accelerating Entrepreneurship and the impact on upward mobility

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Mk mobility keynote 11.12.11

  1. 1. North American Mobility ProgramStimulating Entrepreneurship
  2. 2. Agenda What is Entrepreneurship What impacts Entrepreneurship The role of education What changes will you make?
  3. 3. What is it to be an Entrepreneur? An Entrepreneur is "one who undertakes innovations, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods". The behavior of the entrepreneur reflects a kind of person willing to put his or her career and financial security on the line and take risks in the name of an idea, spending much time as well as capital on an uncertain venture. Drucker and Knight The entrepreneur is widely regarded as an integral player in the business culture of American life, and particularly as an engine for job creation and economic growth. Robert Sobel 2/3 of World’s Billionaires are self-made
  4. 4. MK at a Glance Entrepreneur in Residence Serial Entrepreneur Marathoner Computer Science/Biology Private and Public Companies Global Executive CEO Touchpoint Strategies Bilingual Spokesperson Worked in 7 countries Customer Driven Business Canadian Expert Advisor Living in NYC Philanthropist
  5. 5. Insights on Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship does not impact an economy through higher numbers of entrepreneurs. Vital to measure:  growth, innovation and internationalization. Economies need to enable people to start businesses Countries need to encourage entrepreneurship, even when they have other work options
  6. 6. Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)2010 Report
  7. 7. Vital Elements for Entrepreneurship
  8. 8. Vital Elements for Entrepreneurship
  9. 9. Vital Elements for Entrepreneurship
  10. 10. Vital Elements for Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship needs both dynamism and stability Entrepreneurship needs a variety of business phases and types Entrepreneurship need diversity including:  women minorities and under- represented age groups Entrepreneurial mindset across a variety of stake- holders Societal acceptance/support of entrepreneurship.
  11. 11. Question for You? How do you rate your country’s performance? How do you rate your Universities performance? What’s missing?
  12. 12. US Recognized Entrepreneurial Centers San Francisco/Palo Alto = Silicon Valley Boston Austin NY San Diego
  13. 13. As long as educationalachievement keeps up with technological gains more jobs are created
  14. 14. The Impact of Education Bill Gross, Head of Pimco the world’s largest bond fund.“The US labor force is too expensive and poorly educated for today’s marketplace. There are 2 variables: our education leaves which are low and our wages which are high. Either we raise our educational levels or markets will lower our wages”
  15. 15. US Mobility Today
  16. 16. Some Solutions Bill Gates: Hire the best teachers Khan Academy started by Sal Khan  3000 videos on YouTube  80 millions views  Most math and science South Korean educational program = hard work Finnish start one year later than most countries, focus on creative thinking limited testing, hire best teachers and pay them well
  17. 17. Be the Change you want to See Teachers what impact can you have? Students what do you need? What can you contribute? How do you connect with industry, government How can you expand the North American Mobility Program? Other ideas
  18. 18. I Would Love to support YOU  MK Marsden:   512.970.7798  Twitter: @mk.marsden  LinkedIN:MKMarsden