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Enterprise Portals 2.0 in Oracle
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Enterprise Portals 2.0 in Oracle


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Published in: Technology
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  • Windows Explorer Drag-&-drop check-in Double-click check-out Content Preview Pane Email Integrations Drag-&-drop email Access managed content Outlook & Lotus Notes Desktop Applications MS Office, etc. Enterprise Applications E-Business Suite, Siebel, Siebel
  • A secure dynamic snapshot of recent business interactions to key community assets Tracks recent activities in an application/scope – includes changes in Pages, Announcements, Documents, Discussions, and Lists Search based Honors underlying privileges provisioned for given services Supports RSS publishing
  • Key Capabilities Users can tag any artifact Tag Cloud Views for private and public tags Integrated with Search Pre-built portlets for creating, managing and viewing tags Influences expertise recommendations Benefits User-generated taxonomy (folksonomy) facilitates more effective search/navigation and easier sharing with others
  • Personal Publishing Capabilities for Users Simplified creation of personal logs and journals Supports sharing of personal opinions and ideas
  • Collaborative Authoring and Publishing Easy document creation, editing, and access Facilitates sharing of knowledge and ideas
  • Enhances Community Participation, Question Resolution & Knowledge Reuse Discussion on any WebCenter object Create forums, topics, and posts Organize by favorites, critical or popular topics Multiple Task Flows in Resource Catalog
  • Extend Process-Based Applications to the Portal Build process portals that combine process with content and social interaction Extend process and communication to partners with B2B sites BPEL Worklist integrates tasks directly within the portal Seemless view of work across many applications Aggregate Worklists from multiple BPEL processes
  • Transcript

    • 1. Enterprise Portals 2.0 Monte Kluemper Principal Sales Consultant - Enterprise 2.0 Oracle Spain
    • 2. Remember what portals looked like before Web 2.0?
    • 3. Most information was published to users by authorized content authors or technical Webmasters.
    • 4. Integrating enterprise applications was essential both for achieving ROI on the portal and for increasing user productivity.
    • 5. Portal administration often needed to be delegated to departmental owners
    • 6. The underlying portal framework had to be scalable, secure and easy to manage.
    • 7. OK. But Web 2.0 has changed all that, right?
    • 8. Wrong! Enterprise Portals still need all these things:
      • Processes for publishing content to users
      • Integration with enterprise applications
      • Delegated administration of portals
      • Enterprise scalability, security, and control
    • 9. Still, Web 2.0 has changed the expectations of users regarding how they interact with portals
    • 10. Users expect to be able to generate and upload their own content
      • Blogs
      • Wikis
      • Documents
      • Media (Photos, Video)
      • Web Articles
    • 11. They also expect to be able to provide feedback for existing content
      • Discussions
      • Comments
      • Ratings
      • Rankings
      • Tags
      • Links
    • 12. They want to be able to mashup data and components inside and outside the portal
      • Composite Apps
      • Hybrids
      • Mashups
      • Widgets
      • RSS / Syndication
    • 13. They want to be able to share and contrast information with people inside their social network
      • Profiles / Friends
      • Activity Tracking
      • Presence / IM
    • 14. And you better offer a sexy interface if you want users to use your portal as part of their daily routine and recommend it to others
      • Partial Refresh
      • Drag&Drop
      • AJAX Updates
      • Push
      • OCC Smart Clients
    • 15. So, what is Oracle doing?
    • 16. Oracle’s Enterprise 2.0 Platform Strategy is User-Centric …
    • 17. Social Networking Multimedia, Content & Docs Web Presence … infusing Web 2.0 technology and capabilities…
    • 18. Enterprise Apps Enterprise Infrastructure … into Enterprise Information Systems and Applications …
    • 19. Social Networking Multimedia, Content & Docs Enterprise Apps Enterprise Infrastructure Web Presence … to transform how we work within and across Enterprises
    • 20. Enterprise 2.0 transforms business by providing information in CONTEXT … … and by enabling PARTICIPATION
    • 21. CONTEXT is fundamental for ensuring that information can be found when needed
    • 22. Context is best defined by the user
    • 23. Documents need to be accessible from the desktop or any application
    • 24. Users can get a quick view of recent activity in a particular community of interest… … or subscribe to changes via standard syndication formats
    • 25. Once users find the information they need, they can easily tag it to ensure it becomes part of the context of a particular activity
    • 26. USER PARTICIPATION is necessary to ensure that mission-critical information gets into the system
    • 27. Blogs allow users to show off their knowledge of a particular area of the business or just express opinions
    • 28. Wikis facilitate collaborative authoring and publishing
    • 29. Discussion Forums facilitate conversations, enhancing community participation
    • 30. Integrated Worklist and Email allow users to interact with business processes
    • 31. Sounds like a great strategy…but is any of this real?
    • 32.
      • Oracle WebCenter Suite
        • Portal and community frameworks
        • Portable Web 2.0 components
      • Oracle Universal Content Mgmt
        • In-context web content management
        • Conversion, transformation, and reuse
      • Oracle Secure Enterprise Search
        • Scalable, secure search engine
      • Oracle Beehive
        • Collaborative services for the enterprise
      Oracle Enterprise 2.0 Platform
    • 33. WebCenter Suite 11g was released this summer to rave reviews…
    • 34. … and subsequent analyst reports are validating Oracle’s Enterprise 2.0 strategy
    • 35. WebCenter Suite is at the core of Oracle’s User Interaction strategy
    • 36. Enterprise 2.0 is ORACLE A user-centric platform combining enterprise apps and data with Web 2.0 technologies and capabilities to TRANSFORM the way users work.
    • 37.