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The revolution of_1800
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The revolution of_1800

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  • 1. The Revolution of 1800
  • 2. Wait, there was a revolution in 1800?
  • 3. Naw, I would have at least heard of it... I mean, I am in APUSH...
  • 4. Well, it wasn't a revolution, per se...
  • 5. At least by the standards set by the then-ongoing French Revolution.
  • 6. But it was an important change in the way politics runs in the United States.
  • 7. Today, when you vote for President, you vote for a Presidential nominee and a Vice-Presidential nominee, right?
  • 8. Well, when the Constitution was framed, that wasn't the case.
  • 9. Electors (of the Electoral College) actually cast their votes for President and Vice-President into the same box. Whomever came out with the most was President, and the second-most got to be Vice President. President Vice- President
  • 10. Which led to a problem... If a Presidential candidate tied with his running mate, under the original Constitution, the House of Representatives would decide the election...
  • 11. And if said running mate happened to be the extremely ambitions Aaron Burr... Well, things get complicated...
  • 12. While campaigning for the Presidential Election of 1800, Thomas Jefferson chose Aaron Burr as a running mate.
  • 13. The Democratically-aligned electors worked it out to where Jefferson would receive one more electoral vote than Burr, and everything would be good...
  • 14. But someone screwed up.
  • 15. And Jefferson and Burr ended up tied...
  • 16. So the election went to the House. vs.
  • 17. Now, one could assume that being Vice President would be good enough for most people, right? Not for Aaron Burr.
  • 18. Burr attempted to, through a large campaign effort in the House, win the Presidency from the intended President, Thomas Jefferson.
  • 19. The Federalists initially wanted to undermine Jefferson, who was one of the main reasons the Federalists were losing power, but they eventually decided that he simply wasn't as bad as Burr.
  • 20. Burr still got to be Vice President, and ended up killing Alexander Hamilton (who convinced the Federalists to elect Jefferson).
  • 21. At this point, no one in his right mind wanted to ever have to go through this kind of mess ever again. So someone took some action and proposed the 12 th amendment.
  • 22. But that story belongs to Asim.