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Texas War
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Texas War



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  • 1. War of Texas Independence By: Mike Hour 5
  • 2. Major Players in the War
    • The Mexican President (dictator) - Antonio L√≥pez de Santa Anna
    • The Leader of The Texan Army - General Sam Houston
    • SAM HOUSTON--------->
  • 3. How the War Began
    • Texas was controlled by the Mexican government so when Mexico called for the release of all the slaves on their territory the Americans that lived in Texas became frustrated.
    • Then Stephen Austin, a Texan citizen, was sent as a diplomat to Mexico City to talk about the problems and differences between the two people. He was imprisoned for eight years. This caused the Americans to start to revolt because they were not being heard and their problems were not being solved.
  • 5. Battle of the Alamo
    • Fought in February and March 1836 in San Antonio, Texas.
    • The Mexicans sent several waves of infantry units and overtook the Alamo.
    • Of the Texas soldiers that fought in the war, only two were still alive after this battle.
    • Also, Davy Crockett was captured and ordered to be executed by Santa Anna at the end of this battle.
  • 6. Battle of San Jacinto
    • The battle only lasted 18 minutes and Santa Anna lost hundreds of soldiers while the Texans only had ten casualties.
    • This battle marked the end of the war, and the day after Santa Anna was captured and kept prisoner until he signed a peace treaty stating that the Mexican forces would leave Texas.
    • The reason the Mexicans lost so many forces was because Santa Anna did a frontal assault on the the Texan fort and would not call back his forces after they began to get slaughtered.
  • 7. Significance of the War
    • In a short summary, the Americans that moved from the coastal area to the Texas area became upset with the Mexican laws. So they started building up a rebellion and it turned into a big war that ended up giving the Americans the Texas Territory.
  • 8. EL FIN