Texas war of independence 3


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Texas war of independence 3

  1. 1. Texas War of Independence
  2. 2. Preliminary Causes of Conflict • The precursors of the conflict emerged at the end of the Mexican War of Independence • Indian raids were causing problems • Grant given to Stephen Austin to colonize Texas
  3. 3. The New Texans • Texans soon outnumbered Mexicans in Texas- Coahuila • Mexican government issues several regulatory measures to control the Texans • Texans obviously ignored or circumvented their laws
  4. 4. Growing Tension • Reasons for discontentment: slavery, government location, religion, Mexican soldiers • The Mexicans also restricted the Texans from growing cotton. • Stephen Austin went to Mexico City to talk to Santa Anna, the dictator.
  5. 5. Mexican Government • In 1835 the Mexican government began to transition to Centralism. • This new strong federal government began to anger Texans, who staged a minor revolt. • Santa Anna then reinforced Mexican military positions in Texas
  6. 6. Battle of Gonzales• Santa Anna calls to disarm the state militias • The Texans in Gonzales had a cannon that they refused to give up, so 100 Mexican dragoons rode in to take it. • The Mexicans found only 18 Texans, but the Texans ended up winning.
  7. 7. Siege of Bexar • The Mexicans retreated to Bexar amidst several minor skirmishes. • The Texans looted thousands of dollars of food, blankets, clothing, and other provisions. • Cos, in charge of 200 Mexican cavalrymen moved to the nearby Alamo mission.
  8. 8. Surrender of Cos • On December 11, 1835 Cos surrendered. • Under the terms of the treaty he was supposed to leave Texas and no longer fight.
  9. 9. The Provisional Government • After Cos left the Texans set up a intermediate government. • Sam Houston was Commander-in-Chief and Henry Smith was the Governor. • Their main goal was to resist the Mexicans so they began to set up a country
  10. 10. Santa Anna’s Offensive • Santa Anna stepped down from the Presidency to relieve Cos as head of the Army • He believed he could quell the rebellion in Texas • Santa Anna takes an aggressive foreign policy warning Andrew Jackson and the U.S. not to get involved
  11. 11. Goliad Campaign • The new bold strategy worked well for the Mexicans. After winning minor battles at Battle of San Patricio and Battle of Agua Dulce, the Mexicans defeated the Texans at Refugio. • They caught the Texans in retreat, and forced them to surrender. A week later they lined them up and killed all 300 in the “Goliad Massacre”
  12. 12. Alamo • About 180 Texans at the Alamo, commanded by William Travis faced off against 1500 Mexicans. • After a long battle all the Texans died as well as an estimated 600 Mexicans
  13. 13. Santa Anna Surrenders at San Jacinto • Santa Anna heads towards Galveston to smash the Provisional government. • The Texans meet his column and do to Houston's indecisiveness end up waiting, while Santa Anna gets reinforced. • The Texans fight outnumbered 900 to over 1200, but win effectively