Tecumseh & the prophet 5


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Tecumseh & the prophet 5

  1. 1. Tecumseh & the Prophet
  2. 2. Intro • Tecumseh & Tenskwatawa were two brothers from the Shawnee Indian tribe. They did not get along as brothers and had very different views on how to handle their tribe and the oncoming white onslaught. They had many struggles wit one another during their life.
  3. 3. Tecumseh • Born in 1768 • Name means ‘Shooting Star’ • Mother abandoned him at age 11, raised by his brother Chiksika and sister Tecumpease
  4. 4. Tenskwatawa • Born in 1775 • Originally named Lalawethika (The Rattle) • Mother abandoned him at age 4, raised by many siblings
  5. 5. Tecumseh • Trained by Chiksika as a warrior • First battle in 1782 against George roger Clark’s army • Tecumseh fled from battle
  6. 6. Tenskwatawa • Unathletic / no physical gifts • Siblings refused to teach him skills • Lost an eye • Turned to alcohol • Trained to be a medicine man, but failed when his mentor passed
  7. 7. Tecumseh • Learned to never run in battle • Victorious in next battle vs. army of Arthur St. Clair • Quickly became Shawnee’s most trusted leader • Tribe gave up land after a loss in battle, didn’t sit well with Tecumseh
  8. 8. Tenskwatawa • Fell into trance while smoking his pipe • Body was prepared for burial, he was thought to be dead • Awoke claiming to have been visited by Master of Life • Was told to tell tribe to convert to traditional ways • Changed name to Tenskwatawa (Open Door)
  9. 9. Tecumseh • All tribes should unite to drive away whites • Land belonged to all Native Americans wholly, shouldn’t be separated by tribe • Toured the Midwest in search of tribes to unite • Created the town of Prophetstown
  10. 10. Tenskwatawa • Natives should revert to traditional life to please the Giver of Life • Relinquish all white-made products(iron cookware, guns, alcohol, etc) • Natives should unite under Giver of Life • Created the town of Prophetstown
  11. 11. • Established in 1808 • “Home base” for Shawnee resistance against white settlers • Formed by Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa • West of Appalachians • Tribes from across the nation met there
  12. 12. Tecumseh vs. Tenskwatawa • While recruiting allies in the south, Tecumseh left the Prophet with orders not to attack oncoming American troops. The Prophet claimed to have received a message from the Giver of Life. It said to attack the white men, so Tenskwatawa led “his troops” into what would be called the Battle of Tippecanoe.
  13. 13. Battle of Tippecanoe • Lead by William Henry Harrison for America and Tenskwatawa for the Shawnee • Americans suffered more casualties but won the battle • Prophetstown was destroyed and the natives were pushed back • This victory helped get Harrison elected as eventual President of the United States
  14. 14. Fallout • Tecumseh lashed out at Tenskwatawa for not following orders, which lost him a lot of support. The two continued to struggle back and forth, but they would never come close to holding off the Americans. Tecumseh was killed in the Battle of the Thames in 1813. The Prophet sought to take over his brothers troops, but they remembered his mistake at Tippecanoe and refused to join him.
  15. 15. The End of the Prophet • The Prophet continued to seek power among the Shawnee, traveling from place to place attempting to gain followers. He ended up in his own village with a family. He died virtually forgotten in 1836.
  16. 16. Tecumseh’s Curse • Tecumseh, after the Battle of Tippecanoe, placed a curse on the American presidency- all presidents elected during a year ending in 0 will die in office.
  17. 17. Proof of the Curse • 1840- William Henry Harrison, dies of Pneumonia • 1860- Abraham Lincoln, assassinated in Ford Theatre • 1880- James Garfield, shot at a railroad station • 1900- William McKinley, shot during his second term • 1920- Warren G. Harding, died of a heart attack • 1940- Franklin Delano Roosevelt, cerebral hemorrhage • 1960- John f. Kennedy, assassinated while riding on a motorcade