Lewis and clark 2


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Lewis and clark 2

  1. 1. President Jefferson recently purchased the Louisiana territory from France Jefferson wanted to find a waterway that linked the Columbia and Missouri Rivers
  2. 2. Jefferson elected his own Personal secretary, Meriwether Lewis for this expedition Lewis was then sent to Philadelphia in 1803 to be taught in medicine, zoology, botany and celestial navigation Lewis picked his superior officer William Clark to help him on the trip because he was a good sailor and could help keep journals
  3. 3. The crew consisted of four dozen men and were called the Corps of Discovery The crew doesn’t set sail until the official ceremony of the US receiving the territory They launch out of Campwood, St. Louis in the summer of 1804
  4. 4.  The year 1804 was the first year of the expedition and the only causality was suffered on August 20th  Charles Floyd appendix burst  Teton Sioux tribe threatens to end the expedition  Conflict resolved before fighting occurs  November 4th a French trader is hired as interpreter and his wife Sacagawea is also hired  The crew winters in Fort Mandan
  5. 5.  Sacagawea gives birth to her son  April 7th , Lewis sends back half the crew with artifacts and new knowledge of the unknown territory  The first grizzly bear is seen  The expedition names the three forks of the Missouri, Gallatin, Jefferson and Madison  The crew arrives in Shoshone territory
  6. 6. Chief is Sacagawea’s brother The crew goes through the mountains and almost starve They come out of the mountains in Idaho The crew crosses the Columbia and winters York, Clark’s slave and Sacagawea were allowed to vote on this choice
  7. 7.  The crew makes its final stop at Fort Clatsop, named and presented to the Clatsop Indians  The crew stays with the Nez Pearce while waiting for the snow to melt  After the mountains the crew splits into groups  Lewis and his party camp with 8 Blackfeet soldiers but the Blackfeet try to steal their horses, 2 soldiers were killed  September 23, 1806 they reach St. Louis
  8. 8. Many Indian tribes that came into contact with Lewis and Clark are welcomed by Jefferson America has a better understanding of what lies in the new territory Friendly relations made with new tribes, if the expedition wasn’t successful it could have led to a bloodier removal Many new animals and plants seen like Buffalo and Prairie Dogs Proved a path was possible to the Pacific
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