Indian removal 2


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  • $20,000 was set so they could learned to read and write, and learn new forms of agriculture.
    Andrew Jackson believed heavily in expansions so they would be forced to relocate the indians.
  • The five main tribes that were forced to move and march on the trail of tears.
  • Indian removal 2

    1. 1. Indian Removal
    2. 2. Before Relocating o There were more than 125,000 Native Americans living in the forests. o Washington believed that Native American tribes were separate nations. o The government set $20,000 for the Native Americans.
    3. 3. Civilizing o Many white Americans thought that the Indians could be civilized. o Missionaries were sent to help make the Indians Catholics. o These missionaries also built schools to educate men, women and children.
    4. 4. Indian Removal Act o Congress passed this in 1830. o The 5 most civilized tribes had the some of the most difficulties.
    5. 5. The 5 Tribes Cherokee Seminole Choctaw Chickasaw Creek
    6. 6. Trail of Tears • In 1830 many tribes started the transition of moving. • The Choctaws made the trek from 1831-1833. • The Chickasaw made the trek in 1832. • The Seminoles started to make the trek in 1832. • The Cherokees started making the trek in 1835. • The Creeks made the trek in 1836. • These 5 tribes went to Oklahoma, which was the designated Indian territory.
    7. 7. Timeline 1828 1830- Congress voted to give funds to Andrew Jackson. Also the Indian Removal Act was passed. 1831- Cherokee Nation v. Georgia. 1832- Worcester v. Georgia. Also the Black Hawk War happened in 1832. 1835- Government starts a war with the Seminoles. 1836- After their independence from Mexico, Texans assert that the Indians had no right to be on Texas Land. 1838- Federal Troops forced 15,000 Cherokees into detention camps. 1845- Texas is annexed as a state. They tell the government that Indians have no right to the land and demand help to remove the 25,000 Apaches off of their land. 1831 1832 1835 18451836 1838
    8. 8. After Relocation • Cherokee are the one of the most spread out of all the tribes. They have reservations in the Eastern, Southeast, Upper Plains, and Lower Plains states. • Chickasaw are located in the Eastern, Southeast, and Lower Plains states.
    9. 9. After Relocating continued • Choctaw are located in the Southeast and Lower Plains states. • Creek are located in the Southeast and Lower Plains states. • Seminole Indians are located in the Southeast and Lower Plains States.
    10. 10. Eastern Southeast Lower Plains Upper Plains
    11. 11. Citation • Pictures rd.jpg • Information The Indian Removal Act by Mark Stewart The American Pageant