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Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson Presentation Transcript

  • Jacksonian Democracy Kevin
  • Andrew Jackson was labeled as a strict constructionist, however he also expanded the construction of the constitution in his own mind to include more things. His policy shifted that way after time; in the beginning he was more in favor of a limited national government. Constructionist?
  • Economics Jackson favored a laissez-faire economy without banks, especially a federal one. He attempted to kill the federal bank by withdrawing federal money from it. He was successful in 1836 when the bank was closed. View slide
  • The Electorate Andrew Jackson helped enfranchise all white males by no longer requiring an individual to be propertied. This helped him win re-election against Henry Clay. View slide
  • Manifest Destiny Jackson was a proponent of the idea of manifest destiny, which is the belief that America had a right to all of the land between the Atlantic and Pacific. The conflicting idea came from the Whigs and was that we should build up our cities instead.
  • Spoils System Andrew Jackson believed that loyalty was most important when choosing people to help him run the government. He gave positions to those who had helped him get elected and who had been with him for a long time. He replaced 1/5 of the people in the white house. This wasn’t necessarily a good thing because the most qualified people weren’t the ones getting the jobs.
  • Indian Removal
    • Andrew Jackson led the policy of removing Indians from east of the Mississippi River and giving them land west of it. He hoped this would help preserve their culture.
  • Veto Power
    • Andrew Jackson helped pioneer how modern presidency would work. He used the veto to block many policies he disagreed with but had made it through congress. One of the best examples is vetoing the re-chartering of the Bank of the United States.