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Making Mobile Work For You, SIPA 2012 Washington DC
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Making Mobile Work For You, SIPA 2012 Washington DC


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Mobile development case study that chronicles a company's foray into mobile development, native app development, responsive design and mobile marketing. Highlights a publishing company overcoming …

Mobile development case study that chronicles a company's foray into mobile development, native app development, responsive design and mobile marketing. Highlights a publishing company overcoming resource, bandwidth and structural issues to deliver its content to mobile devices.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Making Mobile Work for You SIPA May 21, 2012 Mary Kay Lofurno
  • 2. Making Mobile Work for You• What we’ll cover – Introduction – WIS – Background – Challenge – SAPinsider and insiderPROFILES apps • Outcomes/Impact –WebSphereinsight digital magazine s • Outcomes/Impact – SAPinsider Event Scheduler app • Outcomes/Impact
  • 3. Mary Kay Lofurno, Director of Interactive Marketing at WIS • Online marketing since 1997 • Before that, traditional direct marketing • Areas of expertise:  Search Engine Marketing/Online Marketing  Search Engine Optimization  Web Analytics  Social Media  Database Marketing, including LTV, LFM, RFM, and LMA • MBA, Marketing, University of Hartford • Certificate in Internet Systems, Bentley University • “Marketing Geek”
  • 4. Wellesley Information Services (WIS) Subsidiary of the UCG Corporation • Conferences and Seminars • Custom Training • Online Communities • Books • Magazines • Knowledgebases • Journals • And more!
  • 5. Background: SAPinsider • WIS’s longest-running magazine • Available in print, online, and mobile app formats • Controlled circulation, free to subscribe • The premier source of information on product and service initiatives coming from SAP and its partners • Subscribers enjoy:  Strategic direction and guidance from top SAP executives  Practical advice on how to make the most of their SAP investment  Insiders’ insights on new SAP products
  • 6. Background: insiderPROFILES • insiderPROFILES is the companion magazine to SAPinsider • Launched in Q1 2010 • Also available in print, online and mobile app formats • Represents the voice of the SAP customer • Offers detailed profiles of today’s most influential business and IT leaders:  Their strategies  Their best practices  How they deploy SAP systems to achieve their objectives
  • 7. Quick Stats: Our Readership• 125,000+ qualified readers worldwide  Our readers include SAP install base customers, SAP partners, and SAP employees• 65% of readers are based in North America, 24% in EMEA, 9% in APAC, and 2% in other worldwide locations• Audience roles include senior-level management, directors, analysts, developers, and project team members  Key decision makers responsible for their companies’ strategy and technology investments• We straddle both a business and IT readership
  • 8. The Business Challenge• Market conditions • Mobile device use for the audience we serve • How do we best serve our European customers?• Organizational barriers to entry • Antiquated, homegrown CMS • Versions behind in Adobe InDesign, InCopy, and Woodwing • Limited IT bandwidth • No experience with mobile on:  Management team WHAT DO WE DO?  Product team  Marketing team We need to maintain  IT team our edge!  Art department
  • 9. Course of Action: We Waded into the Water…• Evaluated a full range of options from native app development to software tools• Chose Texterity  Digital magazine solution• Driving factors:  PDF  Authentication option  Cost  Least obtrusive solution to org challenges  Gave us a starting point It was enough to get our feet wet!
  • 10. Our Mobile Apps• Launched 4/25/2011 • Launched 10/17/2011• iPad, iPhone, Android, • iPad, iPhone, Android, and Kindle Fire versions and Kindle Fire versions• 61,444 sessions • 3,186 sessions• 14,055 new users • 1,022 new users• Geographical distribution: • Geographical distribution: North America 39% North America 50% Europe 30% Europe 28% Asia 17% Asia 11%
  • 11. Our Mobile Apps (continued)• Outcomes: • Advertiser supported, immediately 250% profitable • 50% of subscribers are new names • Instant credibility with end users and partners• Organizational benefits: • Product – Content development model shift • Marketing – Mobile marketing • IT – Mobile subscription pages • Art – Designing with mobile in mind • Management Team – Update systems, ushered in new CMS
  • 12. Next Step: Time for a Swim with Mobile AppWebSphereinsight digital magazine launch s • New product, first all-digital magazine, optimized for tablets and smart phones • Lead with the digital magazine before magazine Web site (Phase 2) • C-level executives, managers, and developers in the IBM WebSphere space • Known thought leader with an established track record in the WebSphere vertical • Content originates from our new Sitecore CMS • Content is rendered by new CMS to fit the device • Hired a development group to help us build the framework of the mobile app delivered through the new CMS
  • 13. Mobile App Outcomes: • 400 subscribers in the first week and climbing • 24,315 PVs, 1,443 Vs, 871 UVs, 10 min 30 sec TOS • Social Buzz on the UI
  • 14. Mobile App (continued)Organizational benefits: • Product – Launch innovation; digital magazine/mobile first, then Web • Marketing – Sophistication with analytics and marketing tactics • IT – More familiar with the new CMS and mobile delivery • Art – Now truly designing for new media • Management Team – The right technology in place, a roadmap for implementing mobile across all our products and services • Template developed for digital magazine (including code and installation) will be used again for other publications (shared costs)
  • 15. Wait…What about Native App Development?• Background: • Event Schedule App  Mobile Scheduler App for Event Attendees  Vendor went out of business• Course of Action: We built our own • SAPinsider Mobile Agenda • rlando • Works on Safari and Chrome• Outcome: • Attendees could download their session schedule on their phones at events.
  • 16. So Come on in … The Water is fine! Thank you! Mary Kay Phone: 781-751-8672