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Corporate Presentation

Corporate Presentation

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  • 1. PEREGRINE FALCON CONSULTANCY PVT. LTD. Delhi Tele: +091 11 27673102, Mobile : 9350760606/ 9999322002 Email : :
  • 2. ABOUT PEREGRINE FALCON Peregrine Falcon consists of a group of professionals drawn from various commercial fields with wide and varied experience. The Management team consists of Chartered Accountants, Engineers, Lawyers, Company Secretaries, Management Professionals etc. These professionals have focused themselves on catering to the needs of the management/companies in specialized niche areas.
  • 3. Objective
    • The objective of forming the Peregrine Falcon is to provide single window service to banking companies, financial institutions and corporate houses in the most efficient way at the appropriate cost levels. Clients dealing with the Peregrine Falcon are able to obtain specialized services relating to outsourcing jobs in the areas of Finance, Credit Appraisal, Loan Syndication, Management Consultancy, Due Diligence, Accounting, Taxation, Auditing etc. The emphasis is on providing outstanding services where outsourcing is beneficial for the client.
  • 4. Our USP
    •      Commitment to deliver on time.
    •        Best quality standards in the industry.
    •        Cost effectiveness.
    •        Experts in varied fields at the disposal of the client
    •        Single window solution
    •        Confidentiality maintained with utmost trust
    •         Latest techniques and methods adapted to keep pace with global
    • trends
    • Firm belief in long term relationships.
  • 5. Our Strengths
    • Good understanding of client’s requirements
    • Extensive Industry Knowledge
    • Dynamic Human Resource Services.
    • Highly qualified team with specific expertise.
    • Very specialized and dedicated staff.
  • 6. Our Team
    • Manoj Gupta, Chartered Accountant having expertise in Loan Syndication, Credit appraisal, Financial Modelling and Business Development
    • Ankush Jain, Chartered Accountant having expertise in Accounting and Taxation.
    • Poonam Aggarwal, Chartered Accountant, Handle taxation matters
    • Ankur Goyal- Chartered Accountant, Handle Credit Appraisal and Accounts
    • Shakti Chandra, B.E. (Civil) and MBA (Mkt.) having more than 6 years of experience in Construction and Marketing.
    • Manoj Kumar Gupta, Advocate, having more than 4 years experience in Legal Due Diligence.
    • Mukesh Singh Verma, Company Secretary having expertise in all Company Law related matters.
    • Roshan Lal Jain, B.E. (Civil), a retired Superintendent Engineer from Delhi Development Authority having experience of more than 38 years in Construction and Planning of Land Development.
  • 7. What you want, When you want it.
    • When delayed reports and response can translate into huge costs, reliable access to your consulting team is invaluable.
    • That’s why you just don’t hire a Peregrine Falcon team: You hire our entire firm.
    • As a client, you can always talk to the people who can answer your questions, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And when you require special expertise and knowledge, you have access to our infrastructure and our most qualified professionals.
    • The kind of reliability and responsiveness are central to Peregrine Falcon service philosophy. We provide you with what you want, when you want it.
  • 8. Effective Results, And No Surprises
    • The high level of service that our team provides is as important as the work it performs.
    • Our established standards govern every Peregrine Falcon engagement and are reflected in the quality of our results.
    • Part of our Project management methodology is to establish at the outset of each engagement a clear understanding of the deliverables, such as:
    • The actions and activities to perform,
    • 1. Schedules of tasks
    • 2. Delivery Schedule
    • 3. The type of results and benefits expected
    • 4. The total effort planned, and
    • 5. The post-implementation support details.
  • 9.
    • By understanding where you are today, we can help decide where you can be tomorrow ………….
    • Your Search for a reliable Company that can take complete care of your non-core activities ends with our participation. We offer you a complete one-stop solution for most of your business needs.
  • 11.
    • 1.       Loan Administration Services (LAS)
    • Our Credit Appraisal and Administration services are an integrated platform of fiduciary and legal services which essentially comprises of the following four distinct, but highly inter-related set of activities:
    • A comprehensive legal due diligence on the documents conferring title/security interest and assessing the risks attached to the security package based on:
    • the term set out by the Lender
    • prudential norms for such transactions which would vary between assets classes and between different geographical regions
    • Listing down the ‘gaps’ identified in course of the due diligence vis-à-vis the banks’ quality standards and advising the bank on the preferred level and degree of perfection prior to acceptance of the assets as underlying security.
    • Fiduciary responsibility for delivering quality by identifying the “best in class” sources (service providers such as property lawyers, government approved valuers, searches at ROC and Revenue officers) to complete the task in time and as per prescribed standards.
    • The Company would do a complete analysis of the due diligence reports and provide an executive summary of the same for the benefit of the bank.
  • 12.
    • 2.     Management Consultancy
    • By Management Consultancy we refers to both the industry of, and the practice of, helping organizations improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement.
    • We provide the following services:
    • Market Research, analysis and feasibility
    • Identification & evaluation of and development of value propositions with potential alliances
    • Deal structuring, negotiations and compliances Business Activity Monitoring for performance improvement & growth
    • Merger & Acquisition
    • Identification of new activity of business and expansion of existing one
    • Facilitate in setting-up & manage the new company outside India – in Mauritius, Cyprus, Netherland, Italy etc. in cost effective manner
    • Human Resource Service- Recruitment, Training, Salary Processing etc.
    • Advise on accounting and taxation matters
    • Implementation of Internal Audit System in the Organization
    • Detection of Internal Frauds and Preventive Measures
  • 13.
    • 3.      Financial Consultancy
    • Our Financials Services arm provide the following services to our clients by using
    • sophisticated techniques/methods:
    • Preparation of Project Report and Financial Modelling;
    • Debt Syndication;
    • Private Equity, Arrange Tie-up with Venture Capitalists, FDI;
    • External Commercial Borrowings (ECB);
    • Cash Credit Limits and Working capital Loans;
    • Bank Guarantee’s Limits;
    • Letter of Credit (Foreign as well as INR.) Limits:
    • Discounting of Letter of Credit (Foreign as well as INR.);
    • Investment Advise;
    • Insurance Advise.
  • 14. 4.     Recovery and Bankruptcy Services Our Recovery and Bankruptcy Services facilitates in unwinding the knots into which the bankruptcy cases often get entangled. In India, the judicial systems are very slow and often these cases take several years before they are being resolves. Due to these delays most of the banks and financials institutions are not able to recover their dues in time. Consequently these dues become non-performing assets(NPA). Our services help in releasing these funds back to the lenders expeditiously. This service is supported by personal that have spent their lifetime in the judicial system, thus being totally familiar with the intricacies of the bureaucratic system. We are offering these services on pan-India basis. We provide the complete business solution by handling the entire process wrapped with legal remedies and strategies to recover the dues. We do this while keeping in mind the business relevance of the borrower. This we believe helps in the recovery chain making our recovery process robust and effective. Further we would explore strategies to resurrect the assets to yield value to the bank i.e. merger and acquisitions, takeover and restructuring options as well as alliances with buyer of junk portfolios
  • 15.
    • 5.      Legal & ROC Services
    • We provide the following services:
    • ROC Search
    • Charge filing and modification;
    • Creation of new companies;
    • Updating records of companies in ROC;
    • Preparation of Minutes;
    • Preparation and vetting of Term Loan Documents;
    • winding- up of defunct companies;
    • Title Search Reports.
  • 16. In Peregrine Falcon the endeavour is to be of significant value add to our clients and look forward to long lasting relationships