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Llin E Presenation In Tuusula
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Llin E Presenation In Tuusula


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Please, somebody text me;
    ”Do you ALWAYS remember to wash your hands beforeeating?”
    +358 50 5644145
  • 2. For LifelongeLearning – caseSharingAwareness™
    Mr Tuomas Erkkilä
    Project Manager
    MKFC Helsinki College
  • 3. ShortlyAbout My Background
    M.Ed., mainsubjectmusiceducation
    Administrative studies
    Doctoralthesis ”almost” ready
    Workingexperience as musicteacher and chiefeducation officer, permanent post in town of Nokia, Finland
    On leave from there, working for SharingAwareness™projectsinceOct 2009
    Project in Finland coordinated by Apuperillery
  • 4. A Map
  • 5. Another Map
  • 6. It’sAbout
  • 7. Huge Progress, So Rapidly…
    The number of mobile users grew from 10 million in 2000 to more than 180 million in 2007. Competition among operatorsproduced a race to extend networks to cover more and more people. Coverage  increased from 4 percent of the population in 1998 to 62 percent in 2006. The widespread use of prepaid telephone service—the form of payment chosen by 97 percent of consumers in Sub-Saharan Africa—has made services accessible for the first time to low-income households.
  • 8. And Now?
    90 % population coverage this yearexpected, In Africa overall
  • 9. AntennasEverywhere, And in the Middle of Nowhere
  • 10. What Does This Mean – for LifelongeLearning?
    A dramaticchange and hugepossibilities for;
    • trulyglobalcommunication – in seconds
    • 11. completeequality in education
    • 12. accessibility
    • 13. distancelearning
    • 14. enormousneed for additionalteachertraining!
  • 15. On the Other Hand…
    Mobile and callprices are western, butliving standard and incomesgenarallylow
    Whatdoes it mean?
    For instance, choicesbetween…
  • 16. What is SharingAwareness™?
    Project in healtheducation. Teachertraining workshops given in Zambia and work beginning in Ghana Feb 8th 2010
    Pedagogical approach; ActiveLearning
    Working with teachers, in co-operation with local team leaders
    Working in and for distancelearning – whatever it might be (”Distance learning is for those who find it difficult to attend classes. Distance learning means that studying is not restricted by time and place – you can study for the most part when and where it suits you." (source;
    Development aid
    Managed by MKFC Stockholm College, Sweden
  • 17. For Example – eLearning in Practise
    Shortexamplewheneducating in Ndola, Zambia
    This is how it goes;
    Group worksactivated
    Extra material shared
    Presentations given
    Making video and producingDVD’s – in minutes
    -> For lifelongeLearning
  • 18.
  • 19. Main Problem in Development Aid Projects
    That they are projects – with a beginning and an END
    How to root the work into the society, how to raise up a localcommitment – to guarantee that the work continuesregardless of the existence of foreignhelp?
  • 20. One Answer - CAP work in Ghana
    “In a communitywherehopeseemedlost, ourchildrenwereconstantlyill, ourmothers and wifeswerealwaystired. The communitywaspolluted, wecould not sitoutside, for mosquitoesplagued the environment.
    Wehad given up hope. Butweneverthought that through the simple steps of SharingAwareness, wecouldchangeourcommunity!
    Our children are healthier, ourmothers and wifes' nowsitoutside and laugh with eachother. Our community has changed! and nowweknowifwecan, you cantoo!”
    By The Chief of Niliyungdo Bimbila District, Northern Ghana comments on localchanges for betterhealth and livingconditions, broughtout by the villagepeopletogether with the local MKFC CAP Team.
  • 21.
  • 22. SharingAwareness –
    Community Action Planreducemalariabetternutrition and healthin poorest rural villages
  • 23. Goal: Minimizing malaria and otherdiseasesWay: SharedAwareness new habits
  • 24. Health education in schools –project
    What: Teachers are educated for 1) givinghealtheducation and 2) maintaininghealthinspections in schools
    Where: In rural villages and urban areas in African countries
    When: 2009-2012
    In co-operation: KäymäläseuraHuussiryApuperillery
  • 25. Better nutrition & health through eLearning
    Supporters Total Visibility
    eLearning & mobiles:
    Community Action Plan
    Participation Observation
  • 26. Better nutrition & health through eLearning
    Supporters Total Visibility
    500-1000 people
  • 27. Better nutrition & health through eLearning
    500-1000 people
  • 28. Better nutrition & health through eLearning
    500-1000 people
  • 29. Better nutrition & health through eLearning
    Health Education
    500-1000 people
  • 30. Better nutrition & health through eLearning
    Localresources + new habits
    500-1000 people
  • 31. Better nutrition & health through eLearning
    Investi-gation New solutions
    500-1000 people
  • 32. Better nutrition & health through eLearning
    Sustainable change
    500-1000 people
  • 33. OtherExamples of eLearning-courses in MKFC
    eCitizen & ICDL
    Environment and Sustainable Development
    Social Media
    Health Care modules
  • 34. LifelongeLearning
    People willnever be leftalone with theirchallenges
    Our help is as close as the closest computer or mobile phone is. And not just theoretically, even in practise.
    Flying from Finland to Zambia takesabout 24 hours, callingthere just a fewseconds.
    1100 euros, usingskypepracticallynothing.
  • 35. SharingAwareness™ - Making it in practise
    Dividing us in groups;
    a) Short video using mobile cameras – to be placed in sharingawarenessYouTube
    b) Txtmessages – first to me, then to Zambia and Ghana
    c) Twitter – you cando it by yourself
    d) E-Mails
    Please, choose your preference
  • 36. Instructions
    Please, select the method of Your message with a pair
    I have 20 Handbooks with me, somehelpmay be foundthere. Maybe not everybodyneedsone.
    Please make a note (question, answers, regards, supports)
    by a short video, with question and answers
    by a couple of txtmessages or twitter
    By E-mails
    By facebook
    And send to (; txt +358 50 5644145 or twitter/facebook/YouTubenamed ”apuperille”
    I willplacethem to theseplaces and you will be able to seeafterwordshow the work is going. Register if you like. It’s up to you.
  • 37.
  • 38. This was a descripition of ourbattlefor human rights for lifelonglearning.
    To happen not only in ourlives and for ourincreasingknowledge, butalso in developing areas for savingmore and morelives from completelyneedlessdeaths.
    +358 50 5644145
    skype; ”sharingawareness”