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Jane Mwai

  1. 1. SUBJECT-SCIENCETHEME-CLEANLINESSSUBTOPIC-HOW TO CLEAN HANDKERCIEFSAGE-7-8 YEARS.OBJECTIVESBy the end of the lesson the learner s should be able to[A]Knowledge-clean the handkerchief.[B]Skill-clean the handkerchief practically with soap and clean water.[c]Attitude-develop interest in cleaning the handkerchief by themselves.TEACHER-What is the work of a handkerchief? Pupils gave a chorus answer.PUPILS-It is for blowing the nose.MATERIALSWater-to clean the handkerchief.Charts-One chart about their body and another about uses of water.Soap-To apply on the handkerchief then clean it.Buckets-3 bucketsPROCESSI was to use 3 buckets one for washing and the other 2 to rinse twice before hanging. The soap was forapplying the handkerchief to be washed. Take it in the two buckets one at a time then hang it and waitfor it to dry. Here is a photo of me taking them through the process in class.
  2. 2. IMPLEMENTATIONSTEP 11.I and the pupils put clean water the three buckets and arrange them well .As the pupils washed theirhandkerchiefs one by one Sheila said that she was happy to be given the opportunity to wash hersbecause the mother does not allow her to wash any of her clothes teacher I’m I too young to wash atleast my innerwear or a handkerchief.Teacher –I told her maybe the mother did not want her to get a cold out of touching water.STEP 2Rub the soap to the handkerchief and use both hands to wash it thoroughly to remove dirt. Ngunjiri aseven year old boy discussed with other pupils that surely it was not easy to wash it since he used a lotof energy for him to remove the dirt from the handkerchief .
  3. 3. STEP3Rinse the handkerchief well then squeeze it .Blessed a seven and a half year old girl told others how sheenjoyed the lesson because she had an opportunity to learn how to wash her socks when she wenthome and so she asked me teacher I’m I going to follow the same procedure to wash my soCKSTEACHER-Oh yes only you have to put some more energy for the socks to be clean since they have a lotof dust.STEP 4Hang the handkerchief for it to dry and so when we were doing it, Moses complained that we did nothave pegs to hang them and I told him since we didn’t have the hanging line and the pegs we were tohang them on the fence and they would still dry very wellNB -Due to health purposes when one pupil finished to wash his or her handkerchief he or she had topour the water for the next pupil to fetc h his or hers to wash..nbCONLUSION
  4. 4. The pupils were very happy with the activity and promised that they would never come to school withdirty handkerchiefs again because they knew how to do it by themselves and that they would follow thesteps well.REFLECTIONThe teachers were happy about the topic and decided to ask the management to buy at least twobuckets and soap for cleanliness for doing such activities washing hands or blowing bubbles. The parentswere also very happy that since we did that activity the last lesson for them to go home, the pupils wenthome with clean handkerchiefs and that they were not too small to do the activity like that and withinstructions they would do it perfectly. The community was also happy that pupils were able to beinvolved in doing an activity from school instead of waiting for parents or house helps to do it.WHAT I LEARNTThat with instructions, most pupils do it perfectly and that we should never underestimate the pupils wehave in class or at home.VIEWS ON WHAT PUPILS LEARNTPUPIL 1-Isaack 8 year old said that it was not easy especially when it came to rub thourouly he said heused a lot of energy and he was tired.PUPIL 2-Maureen a 7 year old girl said that she was happy that her handkerchief was very clean and thatshe would carry it the following day without being washed again.
  5. 5. REFERENCES1. Science in action book12. Primary science book 13.Little book article 13