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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  • 1. Unit 03 assignment week tow Social entrepreneurship and ENO Social entrepreneurship is the work of social entrepreneurs we believe that social entrepreneurs are those exceptional individuals who dream up and take responsibility for an innovative and untested idea for positive social change. And the social entrepreneurs are those who carving our uniqueness in the business world by responding to the social economic and environment problem that affect us all. One of their jobs is to producing environmental friendly products also they are not afraid to take little risk. First we did reverencing about the last lesson to remember their ideas they gave to me and to find what they know about entrepreneurship. Later we start the new lesson I tell them about the social entrepreneurship and what is his main idea? Social entrepreneurship is to share knowledge of the developed world with developing whether that is building water pumps or creating distance learning programs it all come down that very simple passage. And their main ideas are:  The idea behind social entrepreneurship is that people find opportunities to create and develop businesses designed to help remedy a social problem and be successful financially.  A social entrepreneur won’t measure success solely by profits their contribution to society is what really matters. Than after I explain what is social entrepreneurship and what it’s main idea, I ask the class what is the most problem facing our environment and if they have any solution? In the next day they started to give me their answer some say air pollution, water pollution and other say waste, trash plicate pages. I ask them can they give me simple solution that can help our environment. They start to give me their idea • Recycle things around your house • Adopt apiece of the earth like a park or a street corner or your school yard and keep it clean
  • 2. • Start a recycling program at the school to cut down on waste (like changing the bottle of water and use it to keep your pen to pencil or your things, also changing plastic bags in some thing else) • Reduce use only what you need it is one easy ways for you to help reduce the trash you create and save natural resources. The process We are going start from our school to present some simple solution: Group one They deiced to be responsible to clean their school some say I will clean the classroom and give other student advice and also clean the schoolyard before and after the break time. Group tow “We going to recycle some of the produ water in simple things that we can use school”. Group three “We are going to take care for the plant in our school yard give advice to other student to never cut any plant or do some things that hurt it and give them advice about how to take care about plant”.
  • 3. Conclusion Helping kids figure out how to make different in to the world need to start early age, they needs ways to understand how to get involved in causes that can have a positive impact, teach them basic skills around organizing friends and raising money to help other will be worth the effort who going to lead non profit in the future. Also it is important to teach kids how to recycle form an early age, kids needs to know the environmental impact their carbon foot print will have on the world that they will providing one skids, with the environment reduction they need will help to ensure the future of our planet. .
  • 4. My favorite place! School id; AL BARAKA SCHOOL Name: Anwaar Ahmed “I have many favorite place but one place that I enjoy it with my friends is my school yard it is the place I meet my friends from other classes during break time it is the place my teacher take me and my class mate to play and sometimes study I really I like this place and also care about it so I am including the group in my class that take caring the school yard environment because environment induction is important form early age so we should start from our school be this is the first place that teach me how to react with world ,I love my school it is my favorite place”. (Anwar Ahmed)