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Report about International Conference & Startups Exhibition "42"

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Conference "42"

  1. 1. Conference& Startup ExhibitionSummaryof the Eventand Report
  2. 2. Contents Targets of the Event 3 Event in Numbers 4 Startup Exhibition 5 Jury and Expert Council 6 Projects 8 Organizers, Sponsors, Partners 9 Participants’ Reviews 11 Thank you Notes 13 Links to Photos and Video Materials 14
  3. 3. The Startup Exhibition and International Conference “42” – thenewest off-line venue for interaction of sturtups and venturecapitalists - was held in Moscow on May 29, 2012. At the Event,entrepreneurs presented their projects to international VentureCapital Investors and the VC Investors selected the startupprojects of interest for funding.Targetsof the Event● To create a permanent and effective platform for entreprenuersand investors for communication and networking.● To integrate Russia in the international system of venture capitalas a full-fledged member that has great potential.The Event gathered more than 500 entrepreneurs, VC Investors, business-angels, representa-tives of investment funds and authorities, leading experts in the area of new technologies fromRussia, the CIS countries, Europe and the USA. The main day of the Event, May 29, offeredtwo Events: the Conference and the Exhibition where 50 startup projects from high-tech, IT,biotech, clean-tech, the Internet and pharmaceutical industries were presented. 3
  4. 4. Eventin Numbers500+ visitors from Russia, the CIS, Europe, the USA. Among them: VC Investors, business-angels, representatives of investment funds and authorities, leading experts in the area of new technologies50 startup companies from Russia and Europe170 startup participation requests were filed180 startups participated in the Conference130 investors were present at the Conference300 tweets about the Conference were viewed by 50 000+ Twitter users 350The Conferencewas mentioned on the social networks and viewed by estimated 80 000 users 10000The official site of theConference was visited by viewers from Europe and the USA 20000The site of the Confe-rence was viewed by visitors from Russia 500The Conference wasmentioned more than times on media websites and in blogs60 representatives of media at the Conference 4
  5. 5. StartupExhibitionThe Startup Exhibition featuring 50+ projects gained the status of a communica-tion platform for representatives of the startup projects and investors. The gath-ering of participation request was launched 6 months before the Event tookplace. More than 170 requests from companies working in the sectors of high-tech, IT, biotech, clean-tech, the Internet, pharmaceuticals, physics and chemis-try were filed.Project AssessmentCriteria● A project to be considered had to be not older than three years;● A project had to be developed to a startup or second phase. No projectsat the seed stage were accepted;● Such project had already been invested in or financed with own capital;● Financial data, technology, uniqueness of the idea and technologies applied,the team of the developers, the business model utilized and the developmenttrends for the project were analyzed.Despite the rules of the Event, all startup projects that had sent their participa-tion requests were allowed to take part in the Contest.Thirty projects made it to the semifinals. They were later divided into two groupsand simultaneously pitched before the Jury.Six projects made it to the finals with just one of them being pickedas the Winner. 5
  6. 6. Juryand ExpertCouncilThe list of the Jury members judging the finals: David Waroquier Fadi Bishara Mangrove Capital Partners The founder of the BlackBox accelerator Alain Caffi Lidia Tsarenko Ventech Capital CEO of Premium Telecom Maksim Godzi Aleksandr Rhea the Director of the InCube CEO PwC accelerator business-incubatorThe Jury judging the Semifinals: Frederic Laziou Mikhail Opera Capital Tykutchinskiy Partners Development Director in the Claster of Energy Effective Technologies of Skolkovo Fund Vyacheslav Aleksey Tukhnov Voronov The leading partner of Allianz Manager of the Professional РОСНО Services and Consulting Depart- ment of GlobalTechInnovations 6
  7. 7. Aleksey Fomichev Ekaterina Director of Projects of Sberbank’s Terentyeva Center for Technological Director of Technology and Research Innovations Center of PwC Aleksey Sizov Maksim Medvedev Manager of Projects of The founder and managing Sberbank’s Architecture and partner of AddVenture Seed Future Development Department Fund Dinar Nasyrov Director of High-Tech Projects at IT-Park technoparkThe list of the Expert Council: Vyacheslav Anton Belousov Voronov Investment Analyst of Softline Manager of the Professional Venture Partners Services and Consulting Depart- ment of GlobalTechInnovations Aleksandr Pavel Belov Serebryakov Marketing Director, Technopark Project Coordinator, Technopark Ingria Ingria Aleksandr Zhurba Marina Kuznetsova CEO, TexDrive Business Analyst, eVenture Capital Partners Andrew Gershfeld Aleksandra Senior Analyst of ABRT Venture Rasskazova Fund eVenture Capital Partners 7
  8. 8. Finalists (The Winner) Excursiopedia Global search engine and booking service locating and booking sightseeing tours or travel packages for those who like adventures, explorations and lead active style of life. The company was awarded a PwC consultation certificate. TicketForEvent An online service for registering and booking electronic tickets to virtually any event. NataSystems An unique advanced technology of global channels WAN that decreases the overall load by 65-90%. Marabaka A site that features a variety of manuals on assembly of different original items. With the target audience being children and teenagers, these manuals are created based on comics. PinPoint A service for creation of personalized maps by placing, naming, describing, commenting new landmarks, tagging them and creating theme groups. RocketStart This service for creation of colorful promo-pages will do the work within a couple of minutes. It is based on templates, accompanied by descriptions, contacts and links to social networks.The list of semifinalists:Agora, Wizee Shopping, Travelata, YouDo, SkyDNS, Hubbub, Nalogia, DrugDrugu, Myragon,LoyaltyPlant, Primerlife, Tutorion, VAST, Uniqhand, 1minute, Chistopol, A7, Kartinka,,Yotru, LikeHack, Freshle Mentor, Aparator.The list of exhibition attendees:Livediscourse - constructive discussions, CNC-Post, iTransfers, Boostmate, NormaSahar,GNSS Land Infrastructure, IRUSSCAN, Parkinson pre-diagnosis, IZOVAC, Nanokorund, Syn-tezin, World4Board, DiscountMobile. 8
  9. 9. Organizers,Sponsors, Partnersспонсоры, партнёры Organizers: ДОВАТЕЛЬ ЛЕ СК С И С Й И Й У НЫ Н ИВ ЦИОНАЛЬ ЕРС ИТЕТ НА Sponsors: Event-partners: Strategic Partners: Media-partners: Innovative Partner Educational Partner In collaboration with: Partners: Official Social Network First Mobile Advertising Partner 9
  10. 10. Media-partners 10
  11. 11. Participants’Reviews“Ventech has been very active in Russia since 2008 both in direct investment and corporate developmentfor our European portfolio companies. We have been amazed by the fast take off of the Internet and morebroadly technology sectors in Russia. 42 Conference has been able to gather all this entrepreneurialgeneration in one place, proposing great discussion panels, a unique selection of start-ups, and above allenabling incredible network opportunities. Every body was there, entrepreneurs, local and internationalVCs, established Russian internet players, state agencies and foundations. I was delighted to be part of itfor Ventech.” — Alain Caffi, Ventech Capital “The Conference turned out to be highly productive for our project It was a great opportu- nity for our young company, just taking its first steps on the market, to be exposed to such an intense inter- est from the participants of the Conference “42” Not only we met interested investors and were featured in . a publication on TheNextWeb, the Conference also helped us to expand our knowledge of the effective ways of attracting investors. I had taken part in a range of similar events, but can tell you now, that my participation in the Conference “42” was the most successful endeavor with the highest yield of results. We hope that the personal connections we have established at the Conference will help us to further advance in the development of our young business. Thank you to the organizers and participants!” — Dmitry Yanin,“When selecting and helping startups prepare for their investor pitch our experts noted the fact that thelevel and the quality of technology startups has significantly improved over the last year. Hopefully, this isnot only due to high professionalism of the Organizing Committee of 42 Conference but also a sign ofmaturing venture industry in Russia. It was also good to see at the conference many new players inventure and technology industry in Europe, the US, and CIS who were not as active in the life of Russianinnovation ecosystem before. On the whole, 42 Conference has proved to be a significant milestone in theevolution of the Russian venture ecosystem as a full-fledged global player.” — Arthur Baganov, CEO at Global TechInnovations “Our pilot project was a great success! We see the most important achievement of the Event in that the organizers were able to bring together so many well-developed, highly qualified startup projects, as well as the most prominent Russian and foreign investors under one umbrella. We also think that it was the right decision to coincide the date of the Conference “42” with the dated of DLD Moscow 2012. The business incubator “Ingria” is planning to continue its presence at the Conference. We are willing to offer any assistance in the organization of the Event, the casting of the participants and preparation of the materials for further events. Such events can be deemed extremely useful for the market, as they help to set up an effective network of connections between startups and investors that being the first and the most important step in building long lasting business relationships. Thank you for the invitation!” — Pavel Belov, Chief Marketing Officer, “Ingria” Technopark 11
  12. 12. “The 42 Conference was great, it is great to see that the dynamic start-up community in Moscow and Russia is managing to attract international interest, which was clearly there when one looks at the high- profile international participants. It is more and more becoming professionally organized and international events like the 42 Conference event play an important role in this. I think it is crucial that the whole start-up ecosystem can connect regularly because ideas are one thing but finding the right contacts, team partners, media relationships and investors are what make ideas become succesfull companies. We at certainly look forward to come back next year to the event for the panels and the networking. It is awesome and we are honored that we won the start-up contest to which I believe over 100 start-ups applied and in the end 30 qualified for live presentations. I was positively surprised by the quality of the participants and their ideas and companies. I want to dedicate the price to our team, they rock and its their hard work which deserves this award. Thank you again for a great day in Moscow and I hope that this successful event will attract even more interest in the Russian start-up environment and that next year more international press will be present since already some big investor names from the Valley and Europe were already there this year, as can be seen by the jury members of the contest and the inter- national attendance list. Spasibo (Thank you) 42 Conference!” — Yulian Patzelt, Chief Marketing Officer, Excursiopedia“Since our project had participated in numerous events at an international level, our experience can be agood measure of grading success of the 42 Conference: in terms of number and rank of the participants,the Event exceeded anything we had seen before! The participants of the Event were not only realexperts, but also the people in charge of their business. That made our interactions meaningful and prom-ising; the presentations of the startup companies had been arranged in such a way, that it was clear toeverybody what projects deserved to go to the finals; the Jury, judging the startups at the Conference,engaged not only renowned practicing investors, but high-ranked scientists with expertise with theoreticalbackground. Such a team was bound to yield reliable results; all the startups shortlisted for the finals werenot simply pitched, but given an opportunity to make full-scale presentations on the stage; even ratherconventional premises where the Conference had been set up did not undermine its importance. On thecontrary, they helped to create a more relaxed, casual environment where every startup project had equalexposure to the VIP participants; our overall rate of satisfaction with the Conference is very high! It will beour pleasure to keep you posted on the development of the business deal that had stemmed from ourparticipation in the 42 Conference!” — Mikhail Babich, “For its first edition, the 42 Conference was a real success and perfectly designed as an efficient platform where capital meets ideas. Well done to the organizers.” — David Waroquier, Mangrove Capital Partners“The 42 Conference was a great platform to better understand the Russian Internet and digital mediaecosystem. The region seems to be really active and things happen everyday.” — Frederic Laziou, Opera Capital Partners “The 42 Conference and Startup Exhibition became a turning point in the whole Russian startup ecosys- tem development. For the first time we could see the high-level projects and bright venture capitalists from all over the world together in Moscow. The organizers created a communication platform that really works and has already proved its effectiveness. Pretty sure Russia will become a full-fledged player in a global startup-ecosystem.” — Kristo Ovaska, StartupSauna, founder 12
  13. 13. Thank youNotesOn behalf of the Organizing Committee, I would like to thank thepartners and sponsors of the Conference “42” With their strenuous .efforts, for the first time in history of Russia, it became possible to bringtogether on one stage Russian and foreign venture capitalists, as wellas the most advanced startup projects.It is due to your support that such a breakthrough became a reality. Weare sure that the results of the Event will have a long-lasting effect onRussian internal business environment.We were pleasantly surprised with the level of startup projectspresented for casting on one hand, and willingness of European andAmerican venture capitalists to attend the Event on the other hand.This is yet another sign that Russian market is evolving and attractingstronger interest on the part of local and global communities of inves-tors.The help of the regional partners who were promoting the Event,shortlisting the participants and helping with the setup deservesspecial appreciation! It is with their support the best of the best projectswere hand picked and presented at the Exhibition and for the Contest.In addition, of course, our thanks to the entrepreneurs whose interestin the Event generated that unique atmosphere of equality and whoseprojects displayed the advanced achievements and great potential ofthe Russian startup market and its business environment.We will do everything possible to make further events even moresophisticated by developing the network and improving the organiza-tion. We will be happy to continue our mutual explorations of businessopportunities. We will also be happy to welcome the participants andguests of the Conference “42” and entrepreneurs form all over theworld at the next Event in the year 2013. Evgenia Ovchinnikova, co-founder, coordinator +7 950 012 4662Collaboration Issues: Mikhail Kulakov Anna Startseva Press and Media inquiries Startups selection coordinator coordinator +7 964 329 6771 13
  14. 14. Links to photoand video materialsOfficial page - http://42conf.comFollow us on Facebook - us on YouTube - at Picasaweb - Committee70/2 Obukhovskoi Oborony Prospect, office 437 ,Saint-Petersburg, Russia.Phone number/fax: +7 812 313-10-85, ext. 14