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Carousel Industries, The data center power and cooling experts.

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Ci Physical Infrastructure Carousel

  2. 2. To stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing business world, companies must update the way they view the value of their investment in Physical Infrastructure. In order to make adequate business decisions, it’s no longer enough to only consider the availability and up front cost factors. Agility, or business flexibility, and low total cost of ownership have become equally important to companies that will succeed in a global, ever-changing marketplace. The Carousel Physical Infrastructure Division goal is to provide a Consultative approach for our Customers, by employing - a Best of Breed and Best Practices methodology to Plan, Design, Implement, Manage and Service our customers’ Physical Infrastructure needs. Yesterday’s designs + today’s requirements = tomorrow’s data center disaster Data centers around the globe consume an estimated 50 billion kW-hours of electricity each year. Power costs could easily overtake hardware costs in the next few years, possibly by a large margin. Finding ways to optimize energy efficiency is of critical importance to data center managers. In a perfect world, data centers would operate at 100% efficiency. However, this is neither practical or possible. A 100% efficiency would mean that the IT equipment used all of the electricity that you put into the data center. In a typical data center, only 30% of the electricity is used by the IT equipment. The remaining 70% is consumed by chillers, UPS systems, computer room air conditioners, power distribution units, and other infrastructure components. Data centers typically draw more than twice as much power as their IT loads require, of which a significant portion can be avoided. Data Center Efficiency Complexity of the data center is growing every year... demand is increasing at an exponential rate. • Consolidation and Moves • Virtualization • Acceleration • Network Optimization • Faster Speed • Blade Technology • More Processors • Right Sizing • Enhanced Applications The result is that data centers are consuming more power and generating more heat. These factors have created significant inefficiencies in the amount of power and energy that data centers consume. Today 50% of data centers have insufficient power and cooling to meet the demands of high-density equipment. • 20-30% annual increase in energy costs over the last 5 yrs. At the same time, data center energy has doubled • Data center electricity consumption doubled from 2001 to 2006, and will do so again by 2011 • Through 2009, energy costs will emerge as the second-highest operating cost (behind labor costs) in 70% of data facilities worldwide FOR MORE INFO CALL 800.401.0760
  3. 3. PHYSICAL INFRASTRUCTURE Carousel can bring it all together • Over 60+ years in combined experience in the Physical Infrastructure Space • One Partner • One Channel • One Project Manager (Experience with 2000+ site roll outs) • Broad Expertise (IP Experience to Master Electrician) • Design Capabilities In-House (IDF to Data Center Design) • Strong relationships to leverage vendors • Expansive warehouse for stocking In House Design Capacity • Vendor Agnostic • Monolithic Costs – high volume purchasing power and all OEM direct relationships. Carousel has a dedicated in-house physical infrastructure team ready to design, implement and • In-House State-of-the-Art Network Operations Center manage your entire physical infrastructure. Our physical (NOC) (7X24, 365) for Remote Monitoring infrastructure design team will assess your current infrastructure and recommend a cost effective and Network Operations Center efficient solution that meets your business needs. All recommendations will be based on TIA-942 The Network Operations Center (NOC) is the nerve (Telecommunications Industry Association), NFPA center of Carousel’s services operation. The NOC is (National Fire Prevention Association) code 72E & 75 responsible for monitoring both Voice, Data Networks Standard for the Protection of Information Technology and Physical Infrastructure that is staffed by Tier 2, 3, Equipment, ASHRAM Thermal Guidelines for Data and 4 converged engineers. Carousel uses SmartPoint Processing Environments, EIA-310-D Cabinets, Racks, monitoring to pro actively monitor your entire data Panels and Associated Equipment, NEC (National infrastructure 24/7. Electrical Code) Standards and Gartner Best Practices. CIPI Design Capabilities include: • Power Assessment • Cooling Assessment • Space Allocation & Optimization • Cable Management • Fire Suppression • NOC Design and Build Out including Initial Design • AutoCAD Layouts • 3D Color Rendering • Building Structural Project Management Process • Site Selection Carousel’s industry experienced project managers • Data Center Security are trained to guide your project through the implementation and roll-out. They will be your single • Operations point of contact that will coordinate all of the multiple • Business Continuance and Operations vendors. To create the best possible business outcome with the lowest exposure to risk, Carousel Industries • Custom & Standard Build Rack Solutions fosters a teaming approach during each phase of • Best Practices the project life cycle. Teaming means that both the client and Carousel Industries will have joint tasks and responsibilities. Teaming also may incorporate contractors such as electricians, plumbers, mechanical, engineering, carpenters, riggers, movers and other third parties when appropriate to develop a design consensus.
  4. 4. Why Carousel? The challenges organizations face today • Multi vendors in the Physical Infrastructure space • Consolidation of the Data Center • Interoperability between vendors • Staying future proof – latest technological advances • Multi Channel - Vendor Direct, Vars, Distributors, MFG Reps, Design Firms, Consultants, Mechanical and Electrical Contractors, GCs • Different and varied solutions • Varying and unknown expertise • Varying and tiered costs - multiple layers What is Physical Infrastructure? Physical Infrastructure is the foundation upon which IT and telecommunication networks reside. It is the “backbone” of the business, as its elements provide the power, cooling, physical housing, security, fire protection, and cabling which allow the information technology to function. Physical Infrastructure investments are made because they directly and indirectly impact the business objectives of increasing revenue, reducing costs, and better utilizing assets. The key to achieving high business value is standardization, modularity, and scalability. The PI industry must be taken out of its old “craft industry” mind-set where two different facilities have two totally different designs and two totally different sets of unique problems. Systems must be modular and scalable to match the ever-changing needs of data centers, increase their reliability, and improve the availability of the infrastructure. Our approach to quality solutions is what differentiates Carousel Industries from the competition and ensures your Physical Infrastructure needs are met. Energy Monitoring Inside every Building there’s a power system - the Equipment and Software that transforms electricity into useful results. Whether your organization is large or small, it depends on its power system to provide high quality, safe, reliable power every minute of every day. All of this complexity means it’s difficult to get a clear picture of what’s happening inside your power system. When you can’t see what’s happening, you can’t manage your power system effectively. That’s why it’s important that you have a trusted advisor monitoring your power system. Carousel can remove your burden and put you at ease knowing that we work with the best technology partners to deliver quality and reliability to our customers. Carousel has Master Electricians on staff. What makes this unique is that they all have IP and networking backgrounds. This unique blend of experience gives our technicians the ability to understand our customers Power Infrastructure and also understand how it effects their IT performance. Carousel wants to make sure you get the most out of your power system but that you are also keeping it cool and in turn effectively managing your company’s carbon footprint. Many Customers have a Go Green Directive and are always trying to reduce their carbon footprint - the challenge is they don’t have a real measurable base line to work from. With a Power Monitoring Package, we can design a system that will measure and analyze your Power from the service entrance to the desk top using an open source IP based solution architecture. We can start with a basic package that measures (real-time) your energy usage for your Data Center; isolating the UPS, Cooling and Lighting (main power consumers in a Data Center). Once the customer has a baseline for their Green Directive we take a consultative approach on how to make an impact in reducing the energy use. For more information call 800.401.0760 or email