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Real estate

  1. 1. Complete Online Real Estate Business Solution. Start Your Real Estate Business in 24hrs. 1
  2. 2.  Infocus Real Estate solution is an optimal solution for starting online business site if you’re a real estate company, a real estate broker, realty agent or a real-estate professional.  The Product is well designed by keeping all the latest happenings in Real Estate Sector. It gives a pleasant and friendly look & help in search properties, whether you are an Individual who is looking to Buy or Rent Residential Property or Commercial Property, or if you are a Real Estate Broker/Agent where in you can easily advertise your properties or 3rd party parties with great details, easy to get contacted from buyers, or if you are an Builder/Corporate it can help you to promote your projects and banners on main pages.  The main aspect of our software is that it not only gives the tons of features, but also gives a professional touch to your website. The more professional your website looks more it attracts the real estate sector peoples.  Our software is far different from what others offers, as we not only just provide the Real Estate Script, but provides a complete business platform to get started in just 24hrs.  Complete notifications in Member’s Area & full SMS/Email confirmations.  You can manage the full site from Admin Control Panel. Easy to see the properties & edit them if you want.  All above mentioned, and much more showed at online demo, can make your online business successful and profitable. Our product is a ready basis for creating a professional real estate web site. If you ever need to change your site by your own needs, you can easily customize it. Continue to read more features in detail 2
  3. 3.  We have divided our Real Estate Script Feature List into the following sections for your understanding: I. Front –End Panel (For visitors & property searchers) II. City Search Features III. Locality Search Features IV. Property Detail View V. EMAIL/SMS Option. VI. Benefits for Registered Members as Individual/Broker/Builder or Corporate Account, from Member’s Area VII. Admin Panel Features (Full Controlling of your site) 3
  4. 4. A. Home Page Features & Layout Structure. 1) The Home Page of the website is created by keeping & considering all the aspects & what a visitor is looking for. Everything is well arranged at eye level. Below is the descript of each part of the home page in detail  The top of the page starts with Quick links to Home | About us | Contact us  The top header consists of your Site Logo, which is easily changeable from the Admin Control Panel.  Top Advertising here you can advertise any 3 Banners of your choice, which can be easily set from Admin panel. These 3 No.(s) of images will appear on all the pages of the site in Random Order. You can make this space for premium Advertising section & can charge good amount to make Ad Appear here.  Below this will be regular Horizontal Menus Like, Register | Search Property | List Property | Post Requirement | Advertise  Below this part, you can place Top 8-10 Cities, as Quick City Search Link. You can do the settings and selection for cities from the Admin Control Panel. Continue >> 4
  5. 5.  Next Comes Quick Property Search Box, with Swapping between Residential & Commercial Property Search.  Next comes Premium Banner Advertising Section for Builders, we named it as Featured Builders. At once a total of 20 Featured Builders can be shown, however it can be increased or decreased, but we recommend to keep 20 nos. as it looks good. The Banners will appear randomly to giving opportunity to all advertisers to have place in Home Page. All Images will be having hyperlink giving full details of builders & their property listings. Full Control from Admin Panel.  Next comes Premium Featured Projects Advertising Section, which can be used by Builders or Corporates. The Project Images will appear in excellent auto scrolling fashion with reverse too. Images will appear randomly to give equal chance to all advertisers to appear first. All Projects will be having Direct website link or any of our internal pages wherein full project details can be found. Continue >> 5
  6. 6.  Next comes Easy to Search Property by Locality Section, here you can select any 8 cities of your choice for quick locality & property search section. Visitors will get a quick look on all the localities of particular city. A simple click on any locality will reveal all the properties listed for respective locality.  Next comes the Footer Part, its designed by keeping the SEO Part of the website and getting good ranking in search engines. You can place any no. of quick city search links from the admin control panel. Clicking any particular city will reveal details of all the featured builders and brokers list for that city, plus Brokers Gallery, Builder Gallery and full list of locality, clicking same will show full list of properties for particular locality. 6
  7. 7.  City Search Options gives the clear view of all the property scenario’s to the visitor or the member. Visitor can easily see all the listed featured builders in their city, all featured projects for particular city & list of brokers for particular city. This way the site helps visitors for quick search and in short helps them to find the best property or broker.  Apart from featured builder and brokers, they can have a look on Broker’s Gallery & Builder’s Gallery.  Broker’s Gallery - Will be having list of all the brokers including featured and non- featured.  Builder’s Gallery - Will be having list of all the builders including featured and non – featured.  Below this, complete list of Localities for that city will be listed, visitor can click any locality to view the properties. 7
  8. 8.  Locality Search gives complete list of all the properties particular to it. This is page will show total no. of properties found, along with good pagination system. So that you can click next to see next 5-10 properties. All the properties will having auto serial nos.  The List will give brief descript about the property, so that if visitor is interested they can click property details for full page property details. On the right side of the property you can see quick details about the property lister’s, like Contact details with Email/SMS Options.  Apart from this, on the left side of the page, there will be ‘Refine Locality’ options giving you list of other localities of particular city with total no. of properties available. This can be a quick search for visitors if, they think of other locality in same area. 8
  9. 9.  Property Details page will give you full details about each property, like – Property Cost Area Area unit Cost Per Area Property Description SMS/EMAIL Options And Much More… 9
  10. 10.  E-mail/SMS Options, you will find in Property Listing page and detailed Property View Page.  Interested Property Buyer, can click this link, which will open a great fade effect form. Auto-Filling of all the relevant information in it regarding property. On clicking submit button, the Property Lister, will be getting Email and SMS regarding this buyer interest.  After which the Property Lister can contact the buyer.  Email/SMS option is very uniquely designed, to avoid any type of misuse of the same, like sending illegal emails and SMS etc. 10
  11. 11.  Once Logged in, Member will be welcome by My Account Section. The My Account section will comprises of following part.  Manage Account 1. Last Visit Date 2. Modify Profile: Here member can modify his current profile either from Individual to Broker or Builder or Corporate. 3. Change Password Form 4. Logout Link  My Requirements 1. Buy : Here member can see all the Buy Requirements he posted on the site using Post Requirement Link 2. Rent : Here member can see all the Buy Requirements he posted on the site using Post Requirement Link Continue>> 11
  12. 12.  Manage Listings 1. My Listings : Get complete view of all the property listings done by you. 2. Active Listings : These are listings for which member has paid the amount and are live on website. 3. Inactive Listings : These are Listings which member has posted on the site using List Property, but payment has not yet made. These listings will not appear on site. 4. On-Hold Listings : These are Listings which member has posted on the site using List Property, & Payment too has made, but its still in screening till payment is confirmed. Continue >> 12
  13. 13.  Apart from this, Broker can upload 3 logos of 55x55 px size, which will appear under Featured Brokers Images list on City Search Page. This too is paid service, and will be live on site once member makes payment for that. Continue >> 13
  14. 14.  Manage Logo’s & Projects This Section is only for Builders and Brokers to avail the premium paid facilities of the sites, like advertising banners and logos on different pages. A Member with Profile type ‘Individual’ cannot access these links, until and unless he/she modifies the account profile to either Builder or Broker. 1. For Builders : Builders an upload, modify 3 Logos, and any of which he can use on featured Builder Banners pages. There will be an options like Make your logo featured, which will take builder to payment page. Once payment is confirmed that logo will appear under Featured Builders Banner section. Apart from this, Builders can post their upcoming projects, and same way can make it featured. All Featured projects will appear on Home page in scrolling fashion and on respective City Search Pages. 2. For Brokers :Brokers can too upload 3 logos of 80x80 px size. And make any one of them as main logo. This logo will appear on broker detail page with their full description. Continue >> 14