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Top Tips for SEO by Kyle Craig - For business owners and managers for running a successful seo campaign
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Top Tips for SEO by Kyle Craig - For business owners and managers for running a successful seo campaign


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. 10 Things Every Business Owner Needs to Know About SEO If you don’t understand these basic things, you could end up penalized, or worse, banned, from the search engines
  • 2. Who should read this?
    • This presentation is for the business owner, manager, and website owner who is looking to get…
          • … higher rankings in the search engines.
          • … more traffic to their website.
          • … higher quality customers.
  • 3. Will this work on all Search Engines?
    • These principles are modeled after general search engine behavior and should work on all sites
    • But, keep in mind, each search engine has it’s own tricks and quirks
  • 4. Rule 1: Don’t try to trick the algorithm
    • Don’t use black-hat or grey-hat methods
    • You may get short term results
    • Eventually your site will be penalized or banned
  • 5. Corollary to Rule 1 – There’s plenty of opportunity for legit methods
    • Using legitimate, white-hat methods are a much stronger strategy
    • It will take longer, but your ranking will persist longer and with a higher score
  • 6. Rule 2 – Strategy vs. Tactics
    • Don’t focus on a single tactical step
    • Instead, focus on your overall strategy
    • A good start.. Answer - “My site will be known for xxx and in the business of yyy ”
    • From that simple statement, you derive your strategy for keywords, links, and all else
  • 7. Rule 3: SEO is not a fix for a poor site
    • Architecture and content is an important factor in ranking
    • A poorly designed site can hurt your rankings
    • Straight from Matt Cutts: “ Site architecture, how you make links and structure appear on a page in a way to get the most people to the products that you want them to see, is really a better way to approach it then trying to do individual sculpting of PageRank ” 
  • 8. Rule 4: SEO does not exist in isolation
    • Rankings come from multiple activities
    • Include Linking + Content + Architecture + Keyword research + Analytics into your plan
  • 9. Rule 5: Know your keywords
    • Do LOTS of keyword research and track them carefully
    • Keywords are the single most important way that your customers will find you
    • Good keyword research will result in higher ranking for relevant (read:better) customers
  • 10. Rule 6: It’s not just about you, but also who links to you
    • Remember when your Mom said “Don’t hang around that bad crowd?”
    • Low quality or spam sites that link to your site will bring you down in the rankings
  • 11. Rule 7: Rankings take time
    • High rankings do not come overnight
    • Black-hat methods may get high rankings for a short time, but you’ll eventually be demoted, penalized, and possibly banned
  • 12. Rule 8: Local wins
    • To make the rankings more relevant, Local optimizations are a major influence
    • This piece is often overlooked!
    • Don’t ignore this aspect!
  • 13. Rule 9: Content on your site is directly related to the traffic it brings
    • This one is easy:
      • No content = No Traffic
      • Non-relevant content = No Traffic
      • Duplicate content = No Traffic
  • 14. Rule 10: Know your end goal
    • Always keep your end goal in mind
    • Is your goal…
      • To get visitors?
      • To make more sales?
      • To get more sign-ups?
      • To get traffic?
    • Always keep your goal in mind when you are planning your SEO activities
  • 15. Who is Kyle Craig?
    • Kyle Craig advises businesses on their marketing efforts. He analyzes existing campaigns and finds new opportunities for improving results, expanding marketing share and making sales. He works on lead generation, content production, publicity, and online marketing strategy.  Kyle has worked with over 30 clients and over 50 product launches and campaigns. Today, he focuses on the most important aspect of the marketing campaign - getting inside the customer's head and deciphering the buying process.