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  1. 1. th A view of the inaugural session of the 34 DRDO Directors' Conference. (Sitting from L to R) Dr S Sundaresh, Shri Pradeep Kumar, Shri Satpalji Maharaj, Shri Pallam Raju, Shri AK Antony, Dr VK Saraswat, Gen Deepak Kapoor, and Dr KD Nayak. In This Issue H on'ble Raksha Mantri Shri AK Antony inaugurated th the 34 DRDO Directors' Conference at the Kothari Auditorium in DRDO Bhawan on 22 February 2010. Hon'ble Raksha Rajya Mantri Shri MM Pallam Raju was the Guest of Honour who also released the book, 'DRDO Emerging as Technology Generator A Recent Appraisal'. The inaugural function was attended by the Chairman, Parliamentary Standing Committee (PSC) on Defence, Shri Satpalji Maharaj, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) and Chairman-Chiefs of Staff Committee(COSC),GeneralDeepakKapoor,PVSM,AVSM,SM, VSM,ADC, andDefenceSecretaryShriPradeepKumar. - th >34 DRDO Directors’ Conference >Doctor of Science Conferred on Dr V K Saraswat >DRDO Awards 2008 2009 th >DRDO Participated in the 6 DEFEXPO 2010 >Final Operational Clearance to Project Tiger on Sea Harrier Aircraft >New Facility - STIR Facility >National Science Day 2010 >Manpower Development Activities >Visits to DRDO Labs/Estts & A MONTHLY HOUSE BULLETIN OF DEFENCE RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION Vol. 30 No. 4 APRIL 2010 th 34 DRDO DIRECTORS’ CONFERENCEth 34 DRDO DIRECTORS’ CONFERENCE th 34 DRDO DIRECTORS’ CONFERENCEth 34 DRDO DIRECTORS’ CONFERENCE
  2. 2. DRDONewsletter April 2010 H on'ble RakshaMantri said that the Directors’ Conference was an occasion for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of DRDO and also chalking out the future roadmap. He lauded DRDO for its key role in the development of many systems like INS Arihant, interceptor missiles, LCA, Akash MR-SAM, MBT-Arjun, Divya Drishti, etc. He said that the private sector needs to be motivated to invest in the Defence sector synergetically. DRDO will also need to be globally competitive, forward looking, and receptive. He ensured that the Government will continue to provide full support for DRDO in terms of functionalautonomyandresources. Hon'ble Raksha Mantri Shri AK Antony addressing the gathering Hon'ble Raksha Rajya Mantri Shri MM Pallam Raju releasing the compendium –`DRDO Emerging as Technology Generator'. Also seen are Hon'ble Raksha Mantri, Chairman Parliament Committee on Defence and Scientific Advisor to Raksha Mantri. H on'ble RRM in his address mentioned that DRDO has grown from a mere inspection agency in 1960s to a technology giant spearheading flagship programs like IGMDP, LCA, MBT, AEW&C and EW Systems to fulfill the tactical and strategic needs of the Armed Forces. He said that DRDO has dual responsibilities, namely design and integration of systems and to develop and nurture critical technologies. He further informedthatDRDOhasdeliveredmanyimportantsystemstothe Armed Forces for strengthening the strategic defence of the nation.HestatedthatneedofthehouristotransformIndiafroma position of major importer of defence hardware to be a world leader in the state-of-the-art defence systems and technologies. The Defence Procurement Procedures will significantly enhance theroleofprivateindustryindefence. Shri Satpal Maharaj appreciated the DRDO labs for carrying out excellent scientific work for the development of new technologies and systems. Chairman, PSC on Defence recalled his recent visits to some Delhi-based DRDO labs and also to the DRDO pavilion at DefExpo 2010 and conveyed that he was highly impressed to know that DRDO has developed many technologies, not only for the Armed Forces but also for the society. He assured thesupportofparliamentariansforallDRDO'sendeavours. Shri Pradeep Kumar, Defence Secretary, in his address conveyedthatitisanimportantoccasionforDRDOtotakestockof accomplishments and future requirements to move forward in setting new goals for 2010 and the years ahead. Shri Kumar appreciated the role of DRDO for its significant contributions in majorprogrammes.HeexpressedhissatisfactionforDRDOefforts in the area of futuristic technologies and systems such as sensor technology, laser gyroscope, hypersonic propulsion, MEMS & nano-technology, stealth technology, and high energy laser for directedenergysystemsandactivearmour. General Deepak Kapoor in his keynote address spoke of two recent trends namely internationalisation of R&D and globalisationofinnovations.ThereisaneedforinvestmentsinR&D for encouraging technological innovations and adapting/absorbing technology for self-reliance. He also commented that the theme of the Directors' conference, 'Collaboration in Global R&D Environment' was very apt. He also cautioned that though collaboration allows access to greater resourcesandexpertise,theaspectofInformationSecurityhasto be taken care of. He said that there is a need to increase the country's R&D investment, which today is only 0.9 per cent of our GDP. He also mentioned that world over private sector has proved tobereliablepartnerintheareaofdefenceproduction.Hence,the private sector R&D of our country should be now leveraged for defence applications through the changes brought about in DefenceProcurementProcedures. 02
  3. 3. MhvkjMhvksMhvkjMhvksU;wtySVj April 2010 Dr VK Saraswat, SA to RM in his theme address thanked the Government for the extended support to DRDO. Dr Saraswat spoke on the marked increase in the participation of private sector; and DRDO's initiative to commercialise defence technology for civil sector t h r o u g h F I C C I . H e emphasised that in today's scenario of technology d e n i a l , g l o b a l R D collaboration is an effective way to bridge technology gaps and meeting time frames. The Conference recognised the pioneering contributions of DRDO scientists in different technology areas through Young Scientist of the Year and Best Performance Awards. A Film on DRDO was screened on this occasion. Chief Guest Dr MS Swaminathan, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha and Chairman, MS Swaminathan Research Foundation, delivered an illuminating talk on 'Biodiversity Feedstock for a Climate Resilient Food and Security System'. There were six technical sessions namely, New Horizon in Aeronautics, Global Perspective in Naval R&D, Global R&D Collaborations, Future Developments in Land Systems, Defence R&D Initiatives in Internal Security and Energy and Space and Cyber Security. Eminent personalities Dr R Chimbadaram, Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India; Shri Shiv Shankar Menon, National Scientific Advisor to the Prime Minister of India; Dr K Kasturirangan, Member, Planning Commission former Chairman, ISRO; Shri GK Pillai, Home Secretary; Air Cmde (Retd) R Gopalaswami, former CMD, BDL; Prof. N Balakrishnan, Associate Director, IISc, Bangaluru; Air Marshal NV Tyagi, AVSM, VM, VSM, Deputy Chief of Air Staff; Vice Admiral Ganesh Mahadevan, AVSM, VSM, Chief of Materials, Indian Navy; Shri RK Singh, Secretary (Defence Production); Mr Jean Massot, Sr VP, Sales Marketing, SNECMA Commercial Engines, France, and Lt Gen Dalip Bhardwaj, PVSM, VSM, Director General Mechanised Forces graced the technical sessions with their talks along with SA to RM, CCs R&D, and Directors of DRDO laboratories.. & & & 03 th A view of the 34 DRDO Directors' Conference in progress at Metcalfe House DRDO Technology Day Awards Function was held on the second day of the Conference (23 February 2010). Hon'ble Raksha Mantri distributed the DRDO Scientist of the Year Award and several other awards during this ceremony. A detailed Interactive Session was held on the third day covering issues of Technology Management, Project Management, Production & ToT, Finance Management, User Interaction, Civil Works & Estates, and Human Resource/APAR concerning DRDO. This session brought out entire canvas of Defence Research through presentations and discussions. In the concluding session, SA to RM remarked that collaborations are everywhere and at every level such as Scientist–Scientist collaborations, Lab–Academia collaborations, Lab–Industry collaborations, International collaborations, and so on. This year, there has been a lot of progress in DRDO programmes in many areas like INS Arihant, Ballistic Missile Defence, Agni-III, LCA variants for Air Force Navy, Kaveri engine (suitable for Medium Combat Aircraft and UCAVs), Nirbhaya engine, production of Rohini Radar and 50 MBT-Arjun tanks, Pinaka, NBC vehicle, lightweight composite armour, submarine escape suite, life- support systems, and H1-N1 detection kit. Strategic programmes have brought DRDO a lot of visibility. However, expectations from DRDO are continuously rising and there is a need to do better. He concluded that a balance in system development and technology development is the key towards sustainable competence. &
  4. 4. DRDONewsletter April 2010 04 Degree of Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) conferred on Padma Shri Dr V K Saraswat, Scientific Advisor to Raksha Mantri & Secretary, Department of Defence R&D and DG R&D on: 14 November 2009 by Dr MGR Educational & Research Institue, Chennai, in recognition of his contributions in the field of Ballistic Missiles Systems, Radars, C41 Systems and conceptualising and establishing facilities for thedevelopmentofMicroandNanoSensorsfor futureavionics. 09 January 2010 by Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat, in accordancewiththe resolutionoftheSenateat theSeventhConvocation. SA TO RM CONFERRED DOCTOR OF SCIENCESA TO RM CONFERRED DOCTOR OF SCIENCESA TO RM CONFERRED DOCTOR OF SCIENCESA TO RM CONFERRED DOCTOR OF SCIENCESA TO RM CONFERRED DOCTOR OF SCIENCESA TO RM CONFERRED DOCTOR OF SCIENCESA TO RM CONFERRED DOCTOR OF SCIENCESA TO RM CONFERRED DOCTOR OF SCIENCE
  5. 5. MhvkjMhvksMhvkjMhvksU;wtySVj April 2010 05 DRDO AWARDS 2008 SILICON TROPHY TITANIUM TROPHY NAVAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGICAL LABORATORY, VISAKHAPATNAM DEFENCE INSTITUTE OF HIGH ALTITUTE RESEARCH, LEH The Naval Science and T e c h n o l o g i c a l Laboratory (NSTL), Visakhapatnam, has made outstanding contributions in the d e s i g n a n d d e v e l o p m e n t o f Torpedoes, Mines, Fire Control Systems, Decoy, and Stealth Technologies. NSTL has indigenously designed and developed Torpedo Advanced Light Mk I, Processor-based Ground Mine, Processor-based Advanced Exercise Mine, Fire Control System for R-Class ships, large number of Warship Technology Stealth Products and Decoy Launchers which have been inducted into the Navy. NSTL has also evolved itself into a world class Centre of Excellence for Hydrodynamic studies of surface and sub-surface platforms. In recognition of its outstanding contributions in the field of `Underwater Technologies', Silicon Trophy 2008 for the Best Systems Laboratory is awarded to the Naval Science & Technological Laboratory, Visakhapatnam. Defence Institute of High Altitude Research (DIHAR), Leh, Ladakh, has been making e x c e l l e n t R & D contributions in specialised areas leading to technology developments for high altitude environments. The development of anti-oxidant herbal supplement and Broiler sheep for the troops deployed in high altitude areas of Ladakh are live examples. Vermicompost and CIPC technologies developed for the region will boost organic crop production and round-the-year availability of potato in the region. In recognition of excellent contributions the Titanium Trophy 2008 for the Best Science Laboratory is awarded to Defence Institute of High Altitude Research, Leh. D r P r a h l a d a , Distinguished Scientist & Chief Controller Research & Development (CC R&D), DRDO HQrs and his team f r o m d i f f e r e n t participating laboratories h a v e s u c c e s s f u l l y configured the medium-range mobile surface-to-air missile system Akashto meet the operational requirements of the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force. The system incorporates unique technologies necessary to meet the operational requirements. Dr W Selvamurthy, Distinguished Scientist and CC R&D (LS&HR), DRDO HQrs has made invaluable contributions in the field of biomedical sciences leading to the development of various life-support technologies, which have eventually culminated in enhancing the fighting efficiency of the Armed Forces in extreme operational conditions. His recent path breaking research, i.e., the application of nitric oxide and oxygen for the treatment of HAPO has saved the lives of more than 500 troops. He has developed a new prophylactic method of using carbozen gas (5 per cent CO + 95 per cent O ) for protection against noise-2 2 DRDO AWARD FOR PATH-BREAKING RESEARCH/OUTSTANDING TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT TECHNOLOGY LEADERSHIP AWARD
  6. 6. DRDONewsletter April 2010 06 induced hearing loss among crews of battleships and tanks. His outstanding R&D contributions in biomedical sciences have immensely benefitted not only the Armed Forces but also have provided valuable spin-off benefits to the society at large. Shri S Varadarajan, Outstanding Scientist and Director, Electronics & Radar Development Establishment (LRDE), Bangaluru, has led the laboratory to successfully complete development of various radars like Multifunction Phased Array Radar for Akash, Weapon Locating Radar, Medium-range Surveillance Radars for Air Force, Navy & Army, Battle Field Surveillance Radar Short- range , Low-level Lightweight Radar for the Army and the Air Force and Maritime Patrol Airborne Radar for the Navy. He has played lead role in active array radar technology, laying the foundation for the series of active phased array multifunction radars to be realised in the near future. Shri Avinash Chander, Distinguished Scientist and Director, Advanced Systems Laboratory (ASL), Hyderabad, has made invaluable contribution in the design, development, a n d i n d u c t i o n o f indigenous Agni system. In the context of the several technology control regimes, the exemplary planning and leadership roles played by Shri Avinash Chander has been instrumental in the realisation of this strategic superiority of the country. Shri PS Subramanyam, Distinguished Scientist, and Programme Director (Combat Aircraft) & Director, Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), Bangaluru, has m a d e p i o n e e r i n g contributions in planning and executing LCA programme and has been instrumental in bringing out the smallest and lightest multirole world class supersonic combat aircraft Tejas. The programme, currently in its critical stages of weaponisations and user-associated trials, is being led by him. Dr AS Pillai, Distinguished S c i e n t i s t & C h i e f Controller Research & Development, DRDO HQrs, CEO & Managing Director of the Indo-Russian Joint V e n t u r e B r a h M o s Aerospace and his team was responsible for successful design, production, and integration of the most advanced BrahMos Supersonic Cruise Missile. Shri K Tamilmani, Outstanding Scientist and Chief Executive, Centre for Military Airworthiness a n d C e r t i f i c a t i o n (CEMILAC), Bangaluru and h i s t e a m h a v e comprehensively devised the certification norms for Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), IJT, and Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH). The team carried out airworthiness evaluation of Mig-27, Jaguar and Sea Harrier upgrades, and also certified indigenously developed raw materials for aircraft systems, equipment, and FOL items. D r V C P a d a k i , Outstanding Scientist and Director, Defence Bio- engineering & Electro- medical Laboratory (DEBEL), Bangaluru, and his team have successfully SPECIAL AWARD FOR JOINT VENTURE AGNI AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN SELF- RELIANCE SHRI K TAMILMANI & TEAM DR VC PADAKI & TEAM
  7. 7. MhvkjMhvksMhvkjMhvksU;wtySVj April 2010 07 developed various sub-systems, viz., Oxygen reducer with feeder, Mixture reducer, Automatic demand valve, Pressure-release safety valve, Valve chest, Canister, Breathing bag, and Hydrosuit of Submarine Escape Set. Shri L Sobhan Kumar, Sc 'F' and his team from Research Centre Imarat (RCI), Hyderabad, have m a d e e x c e l l e n t contributions in design, development, testing, q u a l i f i c a t i o n , a n d productionisation of the Electro Hydraulic Servo Valve (EHSV), a very critical element, for the country's prestigious aerospace programmes like PRITHVI, AGNI, LCA, PSLV and GSLV, leading to a giant leap towards self-reliance in this field. Dr AK Sikder, Sc 'F' and his team from High Energy M a t e r i a l s R e s e a r c h Laboratory (HEMRL), Pune, have made significant contributions towards the development of a synthesis process and scale-up of most powerful high explosive (Cl-20), energetic binder (Glycidyl azide polymer), insensitive explosive (NTO), lead free primary explosives (NHN) and other high energy materials (HEMs), which have potential applications in current as well as futuristic armament and missile systems. Dr G Athithan, Sc 'G' and his team from Centre for Artificial Intelligence and R o b o t i c s ( C A I R ) , Bangaluru, have designed and developed the high performance network traffic analysis technology NETRA which brought out a series of SHRI L SOBHAN KUMAR & TEAM DR AK SIKDER & TEAM DR G ATHITHAN & TEAM innovative solutions for meeting the requirements of users for high-speed traffic analysis, leading to self-reliance in the traffic analysis segment of information security technology. Shri GSN Raju, Sc 'G' and his team from Electronics & Radar Development Establishment (LRDE), B a n g a l u r u , h a v e developed of medium range 3-D Surveillance Radar, that has been inducted by the IAF to serve as the backbone of the Indian Air Defence. Shri PM Soundar Rajan, Sc 'G' and his team from D e f e n c e A v i o n i c s Research Establishment (DARE), Bangaluru, have m a d e s i g n i f i c a n t contributions towards successful upgradation of Mig-27 aircraft into a potent modern fighting machine with state-of-the-art sensors and Avionics in a cost-effective manner. Shri S Sundaresh, Sc 'H' and his team from C o m b a t V e h i c l e s R e s e a r c h a n d D e v e l o p m e n t Establishment (CVRDE), C h e n n a i , h a v e meticulously executed production and quality assurance through multi-level multi- disciplinary technological interactions with production DRDO AWARD FOR PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE SHRI GSN RAJU & TEAM SHRI PM SOUNDAR RAJAN & TEAM SHRI S SUNDARESH & TEAM
  8. 8. DRDONewsletter April 2010 08 agencies, QA agencies, EME, and the users ensuring successful completion of Accelerated Usage-Cum-Reliability Trials (AUCRT) thereby, leading to operationalising of regiments of MBT Arjun. Dr T Balakrishna Bhat, Sc 'G' and his team from Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory (DMRL), Hyderabad, have achieved complete self- reliance in design, p r o c e s s i n g , productionisation, and quality control of a variety of armour technologies for a wide range of protective applications like main battle tanks, infantry combat vehicles, and helicopters. This team has expanded the limits of capability and understanding to provide our soldiers, the vehicles and the platforms with indigenous advanced armour materials and modules. M/s Sree Ramcides Chemicals (P) Ltd, Chennai, has successfully absorbed the technology of DEPA a multi-insect repellent spray and cream formulations developed by D R D E , G w a l i o r . B y enforcing and launching the product, the firm has helped in providing protection against the mosquito vectors transmitting malaria, dengue, chikungunya, and filariasis. The products are being widely used in southern and eastern parts of the country. M / s C o n c o r d Electroceramic Industries, Delhi, has developed acoustic sensors used in l i g h t w e i g h t a n d heavyweight torpedoes. DR T BALAKRISHNA BHAT & TEAM M/S SREE RAMCIDES CHEMICALS (P) LTD, CHENNAI M/S CONCORD ELECTROCERAMIC INDUSTRIES, DELHI DEFENCE TECHNOLOGY ABSORPTION AWARD The firm has constructively participated in research and development by quick turnover of various design versions of the sensors designed by NSTL and has also taken initiative to improve ceramic compositions to give better performance in terms of characteristics and met tight tolerances required for the underwater Torpedo Projects. The sensors fabricated by the firm have been used in lightweight and heavyweight torpedoes. Prof SR Chakaravarthy, IIT Madras, Chennai, has been closely associated with m a n y t e c h n i c a l collaborative projects in DRDO's development projects. He has made invaluable contributions in the design and development of Agni-III motors, propellant formulation and production of nano aluminum. His scientific understanding and practical approach has been instrumental in realising the critical performance standards. Smt G Vijaya Durga, Sc 'E', Advanced Numerial Research & Analysis Group (ANURAG), Hyderabad, has made outstanding contributions in the design and development of Application Specific Integrated Circuits, Digital Signal Processors, and System-on- Chip, which are being successfully used in the systems developed by other laboratories of DRDO. Dr RB Srivastava, Sc 'G', D e f e n c e R e s e a r c h Laboratory (DRL), Tezpur, h a s d e v e l o p e d technologies relating to health, hygiene, and energy security of the ACADEMY EXCELLENCE AWARD SCIENTIST OF THE YEAR AWARD PROF SR CHAKARAVARTHY
  9. 9. MhvkjMhvksMhvkjMhvksU;wtySVj April 2010 09 Armed Forces in north-east region and made commendable efforts in developing comprehensive business plan for Life Sciences Group of Laboratories of DRDO. He has also made significant contributions in the development of bio-resistant coating for war equipment, evolving new concepts in microbe- metal-interaction and unveiling a new fungal species for the biodegradation of the polymers. Dr Amarjit Singh, Sc ‘G', High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL), Pune, has made t h e o u t s t a n d i n g contributions in the development of advanced and futuristic gun propellants, pyrotechnics and smokes, and other energetic High Energy Materials. Shri BHVS Narayana Murthy , Sc 'F', Research Centre Imarat (RCI), H y d e r a b a d , h a s successfully designed, developed, and delivered onboard computers, missile interface units, and INS computers for various missile projects. He has also developed onboard mission software for implementing guidance and control functions and also implemented novel fault-tolerant schemes. Dr Amol A Gokhale, Sc 'G', Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory (DMRL), Hyderabad, has made sustained efforts in accomplishing weight- reduction options to advanced defence systems through lightweight alloy-based products development and innovative casting technologies. Shri R Kanakarajan, Sc 'G', Naval Physical & Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL), Kochi, has made significant contributions in the development of state-of-the-art SONAR systems at NPOL. He has demonstrated managerial and technical skills of the h i g h e s t o r d e r i n coordinating the project teams of NPOL, BE, and the Navy. Submarine Sonar System developed under his leadership has already been inducted under a special project. Dr Arun Kumar Gupta, Sc 'G', Instruments Research & D e v e l o p m e n t Establishment (IRDE), Dehradun successfully developed Holographic Sight for Small Arms and Integrated Optics Chip for Fibre Optic Gyro. He has also made significant contributions in the development of advanced laser and photonics technologies, devices and systems for strategic defence applications. Sh KPS Murthy, Sc 'F', Armament Research & D e v e l o p m e n t Establishment (ARDE), Pune, has successfully designed and developed Monolithic, Tandem, and Submunition Warheads; and contributed in the development of critical technologies for Fragment Generators and shaped charge warhead, leading to self-reliance in the field of missile and rocket technology. Shri M Mohankrishna, Sc 'F', Naval Science & Technological Laboratory (NSTL), Visakhapatnam, h a s d e s i g n e d a n d developed first of its kind Infrared Signature- suppression Devices, which has been accepted for induction in the Indian Navy's latest stealth ships. The system significantly reduces the infrared signature levels of these naval platforms.
  10. 10. DRDONewsletter April 2010 10 Shri SS Nagaraj, Sc 'F', Electronics & R a d a r D e v e l o p m e n t Establishment (LRDE), Bangaluru, h a s m a d e outstanding contributions in radar signal processing, radar system engineering, and system integration. The multifunction phased array radar Rajendra with innovative signal processing solutions has been accepted for induction by Indian Air Force. He has also established and operationalised the Long-Range Tracking Radar that has potential for use in Anti Ballistic Missile Defence role. Shri TN Yadgiri R a o , S c ' G ' , D e f e n c e E l e c t r o n i c s R e s e a r c h Laboratory (DLRL), Hyderabad, has made key contributions in indigenous development of Electronic Warfare Technologies, leading to productionisation and induction of indigenous EW Systems. Shri Jitendra J Jadhav, Sc/Engr 'G', Aeronautical D e v e l o p m e n t Agency (ADA), Bangaluru, has d e s i g n e d a n d developed state- of-the-art Open System-based Safety-critical Weapon Management System. The product has significantly reduced the development/maintenance costs and also minimised the risk of obsolescence. Smt Tessy Thomas, Sc 'F', Advanced Systems Laboratory (ASL), Hyderabad, has made outstanding contributions in the development of guidance systems for the Agni Missile System giving the system a highly accurate strike capability at long ranges. Her contribution has enabled the Agni-III system to meet the high performance accuracy over the wide range brackets, thrust, and weight uncertainties. S m t N a b a n i t a Radhakrishnan, Sc 'F', DRDO HQrs has made outstanding contributions in the development of A i r c r a f t - M o u n t e d A c c e s s o r y G e a r b o x (AMAGB) for LCA and in coordinating the first ever economic assessment of Defence R&D products. Dr Sudhir Kamath, Sc 'F', Microwave Tube Research & Development Centre (MTRDC), Bangaluru, has m a d e s i g n i f i c a n t contributions in the design and development of High Power X-band Coupled-Cavity Traveling Wave Tube and Microwave Power Modules, a strategic item in airborne radar, and electronic warfare systems, thereby leading to self-reliance in this critical area. Dr Anurag Srivastava, Sc 'F', Defence Materials & Stores Research and D e v e l o p m e n t Establishment (DMSRDE), K a n p u r , h a s m a d e valuable scientific contributions in the field of Protective Textiles, leading to the development of NBC Protection systems. Prof (Dr) MP Kaushik, Sc'G', Defence Research & Development Establishment (DRDE), Gwalior, has made outstanding contributions in the design and development of lethal and non-
  11. 11. MhvkjMhvksMhvkjMhvksU;wtySVj April 2010 10 lethal chemical agents. He has distinguished himself in the multi-step synthesis of organophosphorus, organoborane, bio- organic compounds of medicinal importance. He has successfully identified three novel potential anti-malarial compounds and the active molecules were established as a new generation `Anti-malarials'. Mrs Meenakshi Gupta, Sc 'F', Centre for Fire, E x p l o s i v e a n d Environment Safety (CFEES), Delhi, has made outstanding contributions in the realisation of products and systems in the areas of fire safety and engineering for applications in important and strategic defence facilities, including development of state-of-the-art fire sensor and water mist technology for fire protection. Sh BM Shivashankar, Sc 'G', Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR), Bangalore, has successfully developed and fielded state-of-the- art mobile cellular communication systems, namely Radio Local System (RLS) and Radio Trunking System (RTS) that enables stable, reliable, and improved performance of CNR. Dr R Muralidharan, Sc 'G', Solid State Physics Laboratory (SSPL), Delhi, has made significant contributions in the indigenous development of materials for high electron mobility transistors for MMIC being employed by GAETEC. SPECIAL AWARD FOR STRATEGIC CONTRIBUTION BEST INNOVATION/FUTURISTIC DEVELOPMENT AWARD BEST POPULAR SCIENCE COMMUNICATION AWARD SHRI JC KAPOOR & TEAM DR K SEKHAR & TEAM DR UPDESH KUMAR & TEAM Shri JC Kapoor, Sc 'G' and Director, Centre for Fire, E x p l o s i v e a n d Environment Safety (CFEES), Delhi, and his team have efficiently executed the special programme of safe and complete destruction of highly toxic and hazardous chemicals. Dr K Sekhar, Outstanding S c i e n t i s t & C h i e f Controller Research & Development (CCR&D) DRDO HQrs and his team have developed a novel, effective, and eco-friendly attracticide with a lure- and-kill property for the surveillance and control of dengue and chikungunya transmitting mosquito Aedes aegypti . Laboratory and field studies have confirmed the efficacy of the formulation, which can be used as a component of Integrated Vector Surveillance Management Programme. Dr Updesh Kumar, Sc 'E', Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR), Delhi, and his team rendered yeoman service in popularising the application of Military Psychology. They have published two books, viz., 'Recent
  12. 12. DRDONewsletter April 2010 11 DRDO AWARDS 2009 Development in Psychology' and 'Suicidal Behaviour: Assessment and Diagnosis' (in press) and six manuals. Besides this, a number of news items and editorials have been published in national newspapers. DRDO AWARDS 2009 Shri I Balasundar, Sc 'D', Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory (DMRL), Hyderabad, has m a d e o u t s t a n d i n g contributions towards establishing technology to produce high pressure compressor discs and shaft front compressor and developing severe plastic deformation techniques. Shri Anil Raj Singh, Sc ‘D', Laser Science & Technology Centre (LASTEC), Delhi, has m a d e s i g n i f i c a n t contributions in the development of High Power Solid State Laser Systems and Laser Disk Cooling technologies. Shri Kiran Akella, Sc 'D', Research & Development Establishment (Engrs), [R&DE(E)], Pune, has made invaluable contributions in technology development for lightweight composite armoured vehicle hulls with integral ceramic-composite armour. Smt M Sumathy, Sc 'D', Microwave Tube Research & Development Centre (MTRDC), Bangaluru, has m a d e s i g n i f i c a n t achievements in the area of design and development of advanced Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) circuits , Virtual Cathode Oscillator (Vircators), and microwave devices. Shri Priya Suresh N, Sc 'C', Defence Avionics Research Establishment (DARE), Bangaluru, has m a d e o u t s t a n d i n g contributions in the design, development and sub-system integration of Multi-octave High Performance RF and Antenna Subsystems for Airborne Electronic Warfare (EW) Systems for MiG Aircrafts and design realisation of a Mult- channel Radar Threat Simulator for the in-house test and evaluation of EW systems. Shri Prasiddha Nath Dwivedi, Sc 'C', Research Centre Imarat (RCI), Hyderabad, has made outstanding contributions for Endo-atmospheric Tactical Ballistic Missile interceptor 'AAD' missile in several areas. Shri K Ajith Kumar, Sc 'C', N a v a l P h y s i c a l & Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL), Kochi, has made significant contributions to the Seabed Array project by innovative method of configuration and design of seabed array structures and electronics capsule, ensuring prevention of structure sinking in the sub-sea. Shri Prasad Borannavar, Sc 'C', Electronics & Radar Development Establishment (LRDE), Bangaluru, has made significant contributions in the design, development, implementation, and proving of the state-of-the-art versatile,
  13. 13. MhvkjMhvksMhvkjMhvksU;wtySVj April 2010 12 programmable Wideband Airborne Radar Receiver with Range Signature (RS) and Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR) features. Shri Ramesh Kurva, Sc 'C', High Energy Materials R e s e a r c h L a b o r a t r y (HEMRL), Pune, has made significant contribution towards the development of composite propellent compositions for programmes like Agni, K-15, AD and PJ-10, resulting in delivery of flawless motion for various missile programmes. Ms Bolla Padma, Sc 'C', Defence Electronics Research Laboratory (DLRL), Hyderabad, has m a d e s i g n i f i c a n t contribution in the design, development, integration and testing of the state-of-the-art DSP-based narrow band monitoring receiver and several critical sub-systems of Mission Mode Programme DivyaDrishti. Shri Rajeev Shukla, Sc 'C', Defence Electronics Applications Laboratory (DEAL), Dehradun, has m a d e s i g n i f i c a n t contribution in design and realisation of indigenous software-defined compact and low-power modem hardware for Satcom and data-link applications. Dr Pradeep K Gupta, Sc 'C', Defence Research & D e v e l o p m e n t Establishment (DRDE), Gwalior, has made significant contributions towards synthesis and optimisation of up-scaling fentanyl and other non-lethal incapacitating agents. Shri Ashvini Kumar Patil, Sc 'D', Aeronautical D e v e l o p m e n t Establishment (ADE), Bangaluru, has successful by designed, developed, i n d i g e n o u s l y manufactured, and transfer of technology (ToT) of the Servo Actuation System. Shri MSR Chandra Murty, Sc'C', Defence Research & Development Laboratory (DRDL),Hyderabad, has m a d e i n v a l u a b l e contributions in modelling and simulation of complex flow and heat transfer problems using Computational Fluid Dynamics tools related to various propulsion systems of missiles developed by DRDO. Shri Ajay Mishra, Sc 'C', Instruments Research & D e v e l o p m e n t Establishment (IRDE), Dehradun has successfully established facility for the design and development of Periodically Poled Lithium Niobate (PPLN) chips that are basic components for nonlinear frequency conversion devices. Dr Suresh Kumar, Sc 'D', A d v a n c e d S y s t e m s L a b o r a t o r y ( A S L ) , Hyderabad, has made excellent contribution in the development of multi-directionally reinforced Carbon Silicon Carbide (C-SiC) composite process technology.
  14. 14. DRDONewsletter April 2010 13 BEST PERFORMANCE AWARD Shri Sanjay Nathaniel, Asstt Accounts Officer, Defence Research & D e v e l o p m e n t Establishment (DRDE), G w a l i o r , h a s b e e n conferred the Best Performance Award 2009 for his outstanding contribution in the area of office automation, implementation of 6th CPC report and management of related activities. Shri GVS Bhanu Prasad, Accounts Officer, Defence Electronics & Research L a b o r a t o r y ( D L R L ) , Hyderabad, has been conferred the Best Performance Award 2009 for his relentless efforts in meeting the targeted milestones and excellent financial management. Ms TN Rajeshwari, Private Secretary 'A', Research & D e v e l o p m e n t Establishment (Engrs) {R&DE (E)}, Pune, has been conferred the Best Performance Award 2009 for demonstrating exemplary qualities in discharging her duties for the past twenty years as Private Secretary to the Director. Shri Hoshiar Singh Kalsi, Senior Technical Asstt 'B', Defence Electronics Applications Laboratory (DEAL), Dehradun, has been conferred the Best Performance Award 2009 f o r h i s s i g n i f i c a n t contributions towards system integration, performance evaluation, field data collection and system validation of mm wave imaging sensors. Shri Darshan Lal, Admin Asstt 'B', Defence Institute of High Altitude Research (DIHAR), Leh L a d a k h h a s b e e n conferred the Best Performance Award 2009 for his significant contributions in maintenance of accounts, office records, budget planning, and assistance in organising international conference. Shri R Vasudeva Rao, Admin Asstt 'A', Centre for Airborne Systems, Bangaluru, has been conferred the Best PerformanceAward 2009 for his significant contributions in establishing an automated and computerised AEW&C Programme Office and handling the management information flow in an exemplary manner. Shri Ajay Kumar, Senior Technical Asstt 'B', Snow & Avalanche Study Establishment (SASE), Chandigarh, has been conferred the Best Performance Award 2009 for his significant contributions in developing Statistical Dynamical Model to predict meteorological parameters and imparting training to a large number of troops along Line-of- Control of Drass-Kargil Sector and Siachen Glacier on Avalanche Safety and rescue methods. Shri K Ramprasad Rao, Technician 'A', Research C e n t r e I m a r a t ( P r o g r a m m e A D ) , Hyderabad, has been conferred the Best PerformanceAward 2009 for his significant contributions in preparation of the design drawings, maintaining the configuration control, and the software for the missiles being developed for Programme AD.
  15. 15. MhvkjMhvksMhvkjMhvksU;wtySVj April 2010 14 Shri Shashi Kant Singh, Senior Technical Asstt 'A', D t e o f M a t e r i a l Management, Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO HQrs), New Delhi, has been conferred the Best Performance Award 2009 for his significant contributions in formulating and standardising recipes for 18 different types of vegetarian/non-vegetarian food products. Shri Marutirao Satapa Patil, Technical Officer 'C', High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL), Pune, has been conferred the Best Performance Award 2009 for developing composite propellants for various rockets and missiles like Pinaka, RZ-61 Pechora, and Akash Booster as well as transfer of technology to the Ordnance Factory, Itarsi. Smt Tripty Datta, Data Entry Operator 'D', Naval Materials Research Laboratory (NMRL), Ambernath, has been conferred the Best Performance Award 2009 for her outstanding contributions towards streamlining, updating, and maintaining technology management documents and planning and coordination records as well as compiling history of NMRL. Shri Mohinder Singh B a n g r a n i a , P r i v a t e Secretary 'A', Instruments Research & Development Establishment (IRDE), Dehradun, has been conferred the Best Performance Award 2009 for providing excellent support to the Director in his techno-managerial work on administrative and project matters and managing the secretarial work in a highly efficient manner. S h r i S M a n i y a m , Technical Officer 'C', Combat Vehicles Research & D e v e l o p m e n t Establishment (CVRDE), Avadi, has been conferred the Best Performance Award 2009 for his significant contributions towards freezing the design of Chassis Automotive System after associating him in all the trials to get valuable user inputs, leading to acceptance of 14 production units of MBT Arjun. Shri Rajesh Bhalla, Store A s s t t ' C ' , D t e o f Management Services, DRDO HQrs, New Delhi, has been conferred the Best Performance Award 2009 f o r h i s s i g n i f i c a n t contributions in streamlining the procedures for maintenance of stores at the HQrs, thereby, establishing a well-synchronized methodology for stores management. Shri N R Ramesh Chand, Technical Asstt 'C', A d v a n c e d S y s t e m s L a b o r a t o r y ( A S L ) , Hyderabad, has been conferred the Best Performance Award 2009 f o r h i s e x c e l l e n t performance in handling the movement of large solid rocket motors over long distances in a safe and secure manner. Shri Hempal Punia, Senior Technical Asstt 'C', Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR), Delhi, has been conferred the Best Performance Award 2009 for his significant contribution in the development of Computerised Pilot Selection System. His contribution in terms of designing the prototype hardware has helped in accomplishing the project successfully.
  16. 16. DRDONewsletter April 2010 16 th Aeronautics, Missiles, Armaments, Life Sciences and NBC, andDRDO participated in a big way in the 6 DefExpo 2010 held Combat Vehicles and Engineering.during 15-18 February 2010 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. DRDO was also the official sponsor of DefExpo India 2010. DRDO, which is a self-reliant and self-sustaining organisation, connects not only the three Services, i.e., theThe DRDO pavilion was spread over an indoor space area of Army, the Air Force, and the Navy, but also brings together the1199 sq m and an outdoor space area of 1000 sq m. There were academia, the industry, and the user services.11 outdoor exhibits and nearly 220 indoor exhibits. The design of the DRDO Pavilion was based on the Triskelion Spiral symbol, which is an ancient solar symbol that represents the unity of the three elements (land, air, and water) in one super entity - the Sun. The Outdoor Exhibits were PINAKA Launcher, UAV-Nishant without launcher, DAKSH-ROVs and NETRA UAV, MBT Arjun, Rohini Radar, Data Centre Vehicle, NBC Water Purification System on ALS, Shourya, PAD with launcher, Akash launcher, and Group Control Centre. The theme of DRDO pavilion of the DefExpo 2010 was 'For Military and Paramilitary'. In this context, a special stall on Low-intensity Conflict Technologies was also setup, apart from the regular stalls on the clusters' activities which are Electronic and Computer Sciences, Naval Systems, Hon'ble Raksha Mantri Shri AK Antony inaugurating the DefExpo 2010 in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi Hon'ble Raksha Rajya Mantri Shri Pallam Raju on his visit to the DRDO Pavilion during DefExpo 2010 th DRDO PARTICIPATED IN THE 6 DEFEXPO 2010th DRDO PARTICIPATED IN THE 6 DEFEXPO 2010 th DRDO PARTICIPATED IN THE 6 DEFEXPO 2010th DRDO PARTICIPATED IN THE 6 DEFEXPO 2010
  17. 17. MhvkjMhvksMhvkjMhvksU;wtySVj April 2010 17 was associated with the programme right from the conceptual stage and a structured approach was adopted for design and evaluation of the modification, which lead to successful certification and clearance of the upgraded aircraft for Services use in a record time. The aircraft modification and clearances for developmental trials were planned in a phased manner encompassing System Integration and Testing, Aero- Mechanical Certification and Live Firing of the Missile. A thorough hazard analysis was carried out in the beginning to ensure flight safety, right from the development stage. The new Radar and Radome configurations were specially analysed for lightning threat and existing protections were considered adequate. The equipment qualification tests and the system integration checks on the rig and also on the aircraft were a The Final Operational Clearance for Project Tiger, the Limited prerequisite for flight clearance. Pending completion of full Upgrade of Sea Harrier was delivered to the Indian Navy by Shri qualification tests, and the equipment clearances were issued K Tamilmani, Chief Executive (Airworthiness), CEMILAC, in a based on Safety of Flight (SoF) considerations to expedite the meeting held at HQNA, Goa, on 31 December 2009. trials. Certain limitations noticed during qualification tests were considered acceptable for progressing the trials and wereThe Indian Fleet of Sea Harrier aircraft is more than two fully resolved prior to clearance for Services use.decades old. There was an urgent need to upgrade the aircraft to make Sea Harrier Fleet a potent force. The decision to With limited size of Sea Harrier Fleet, the availability of the upgrade was driven by operational compulsions and economic aircraft for development trials was scarce and aircraft down considerations. The upgrade programme has provided time had to be minimised. The add-on systems were thoroughly Enhanced Mission Accuracy, Beyond Visual Range Capability, evaluated on the system integration rig for interface Better Man-Machine Interface, and Net-Centric Warfare and compatibility and functionality but dynamic conditions of Data Debrief Facility to the Fleet. With significant improvement flight could not be simulated on the rig. Therefore, the system in Air- to- Air capability, the Fleet is expected to cope with the was also evaluated on Flying Test Bed prior to clearance for present and future perceived threats for the next decade or so. integration on the Sea Harrier aircraft. The aircraft modification was cleared only after the design had sufficientlyThe certification of a project of this nature was a matured and configuration was frozen on the flight test bed.challenging task in spite of the vast experience of RCMA (Aircraft), CEMILAC in handling similar projects. The Sea Harrier The upgraded aircraft has been thoroughly flight evaluated is a bought out aircraft for which no design details are available and certified to meet the Operational Specifications. The new and the original aircraft designer was not associated in the store configuration(s) have been evaluated and cleared to fully programme. Under these circumstances, novel techniques had exploit the combat potential of the Sea Harrier aircraft during to be evolved for data generation, and their validation prior to day and night operations from shore and sea. their use in the actual design. The RCMA (Aircraft), CEMILAC Shri K Tamilmani, Chief Executive (Airworthiness), CEMILAC handing over the FOC to the Indian Navy FINAL OPERATIONAL CLEARANCE TO PROJECT TIGER ON SEA HARRIER AIRCRAFT FINAL OPERATIONAL CLEARANCE TO PROJECT TIGER ON SEA HARRIER AIRCRAFT FINAL OPERATIONAL CLEARANCE TO PROJECT TIGER ON SEA HARRIER AIRCRAFT FINAL OPERATIONAL CLEARANCE TO PROJECT TIGER ON SEA HARRIER AIRCRAFT
  18. 18. DRDONewsletter April 2010 18 NEW FACILITY INAUGURATION OF SYSTEM TEST AND INTEGRATION RIG FACILITY The System Test & Integration Rig (STIR) Facility at Centre for Airborne Systems, Bangaluru, was inaugurated by the Hon'ble Raksha Mantri Shri AK Antony on 02 February 2010. STIR facility helps to carry out the ground integration and checkout of all systems and subsystems of the Airborne Early Warning Control (AEW C) System before these are integrated in the aircraft. It is essential to test functionality and performance of each subsystem of the AEW C Mission System, first on the ground to minimise the flight testing cost, time, and risk involved. & & & Inauguration of the STIR Facility,CABS,Bangaluru Sitting (L to R) Dr D Banerjee, Hon'ble Raksha Mantri Shri AK Antony, Dr VK Saraswat, Shri Raj Kumar Singh,and Dr S Christopher Dr Prahlada, DS & CC R&D releasing the DRDO Science Spectrum 2010 DRDO PAYS TRIBUTE TO SIR CV RAMAN ON NATIONAL SCIENCE DAY DRDO PAYS TRIBUTE TO SIR CV RAMAN ON NATIONAL SCIENCE DAY Remembering Sir CV R a m a n o n t h e National Science Day is a befitting tribute to the great Indian Physicist and the Nobel Laureate, who d i s c o v e r e d Scattering of Light and the Raman Effect th in 1928. Hence, 28 February is an important day for science, and the scientific community, and is observed as the National Science Day in India every year. The objective of the celebrations is to generate scientific-minded citizens and this event offers an opportunity to bring issues of science on to centre stage. DRDO labs/estts also organised various programmes related to science at their respective labs/estts on this day. As part of the programme, one scientist from each lab/estt delivered a talk on the thrust area, and was presented a medal and a certificate by the Director of the respective lab/estt on behalf of SA to RM. In an effort to popularise the benefits of scientific knowledge, various programmes like quiz competitions, essay NATIONAL SCIENCE DAY 2010 competition, poster making, exhibitions, and lectures were organised by the Defence Science Forum, Delhi. There was active participation from scientists, officers, and staff of DRDO. Defence Science Forum, organised National Science Day 2010 at Dr Bhagavantam Auditorium, Metcalfe House, Delhi, on 26 February 2010. The celebrations started with the welcome address by Shri AK Maini, Convener, Defence Science Forum. The National Science Day Oration was delivered by Prof A K Ghatak, IIT, Delhi. Later, Dr Prahlada, DS & CC R&D, Chief Guest of the function released the 'DRDO Science Spectrum-2010', which was compiled and edited by DESIDOC, Delhi. He presented the Science Day Awards to the scientists of Delhi-based DRDO Labs/Estts for the Science Day Orations delivered at their respective labs/estts. Dr AL Moorthy, Director, DESIDOC, briefed about the papers included in the Compendium. Dr Rajeev Vij, Secretary, Defence Science Forum proposed the Vote of thanks. Dr Prahlada, DS & CC R&D delivering the Science Day Address to the DRDO community
  19. 19. MhvkjMhvksMhvkjMhvksU;wtySVj April 2010 19 HEMRL, Pune High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL), Pune, conducted a course on Advanced Engineering Practices during 11-15 January 2010. The course covered many advanced engineering practices being used globally. A total of 14 lectures were organised during the course with faculty from ARDE, AVTS Aundh, and HEMRL, Pune. The lectures covered different aspects of manufacturing, industrial automation, inspection and quality control. Advanced manufacturing aspects - CNC programming and operation, NC and CNC systems, welding, plastic processing, heat treatment - were covered. Recent developments in the areas of industrial automation PLC, and oil hydraulics were also covered. Advances in inspection and quality control were discussed in the lecture on inspection and metrology. Engineering drawings, workshop calculations, preventive maintenance, safety, and calibration of instruments were also discussed. The CEP was inaugurated by Dr Amarjit Singh, Sc 'G', Offg. Director, HEMRL, and the valedictory function was graced by Dr A Subhananda Rao, Distinguished Scientist and Director, HEMRL. The course was conducted by the Mechanical Engineering Division of HEMRL. Shri A Apparao, Sc 'G' was the Course Director and Shri PS Kumbhar, Sc 'E' was the Course Coordinator. LRDE, Bangaluru The National Safety Day was celebrated at Electronics & Radar Development Establishment (LRDE), Bangaluru, on 04 March Release of Proceedings during the Inaugural function of CEP by Chief Guest Dr Amarjit Singh, Offg. Director, HEMRL 2010. Shri S Ravind, Sc 'G', Off. Director presided over the function. Shri S Shrinath, Retd Chief Safety Officer, Mysore Paper Mills, Bhadravati, was the Chief Guest and Shri Narendra Kumar, Officer-in-Charge, Fire Brigade, ADE was the Special Invitee. A pledge on National Safety was administered by Dr RV Narayana, Sc 'G', Chairman Works Committee on the occasion. The Chief Guest and the Special Invitee enlightened the employees about the importance of safety norms and the need to observe them. The Chief Guest in his address highlighted that 98 per cent of the accidents are purely man-made resulting out of unsafe actions or working conditions, which can be eliminated by resorting to simple precautionary measures. Sharing the experiences of the exact causes of accidents shall bring down the recurrences by improving the safety standards. Video films on various aspects of industrial safety were screened. Later, a fire-fighting demonstration was conducted by the Karnataka State Fire and Emergency Service. ISO 9001-2008 CERTIFICATION The Centre for Fire, Explosive & Environment Safety (CFEES), Delhi, has been certified as ISO 9001-2008 Institution by STQC Certification Services, Deptt. of Information Technology, New Delhi, with effect from 23 December 2009. A view of the Fire Safety Demonstration at LRDE MANPOWER DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES
  20. 20. VISITS TO DRDO LABS/ESTTS HEMRL, Pune Lt Gen Dalip Bhardwaj, PVSM, VSM, DG Mech. Forces on 11 February 2010. Dr KM Reddy, Sc 'G', GD (ESM) explaining about DCMAWS to AVM AK Singh, AVSM in MSWS lab Dr A Subhananda Rao, Distinguished Scientist and Director, HEMRL, presenting momento to Lt Gen Dalip Bhardwaj, PVSM, th VSM, DG Mech. Forces on 11 February 2010 at HEMRL Printed & published by Director, Defence Scientific Information & Documentation Centre (DESIDOC), on behalf of Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO), Delhi - 110 054 Telephone: 011-239 2471; Internet URL: www.drdo.org/pub/nl: Fax: 011-2381 9151; E-mail: director@desidoc.drdo.in ISSN:0971-4391 funs'kd] MslhMkWd }kjk Mh vkj vks dh vksj eqfnzr ,oa izdkf'kr izdk'kd% MslhMkWd] esVdkQ gkml] fnYyh-110 054 nwjHkk"k% 011-2390 2471] QSDl% 011-2381 9151 bZ-esy% director@desidoc.drdo.in R&DE(E), Pune Shri G Elangovan, DS & CC R&D (R&M), R&DE (E) on 07 January 2010. The editors thank all the DRDO Newsletter correspondents for their contributions. izeq[k lEiknd Editor-in-Chief izeq[k lg lEiknd Assoc. Editor-in-Chief lEiknd Editors eqnz.k iwoZ vfHkdYiu Design & Pre-press eqnz.k Printing forj.k Distribution MkW v y ewfrZ Dr AL Moorthy 'kf'k R;kxh Shashi Tyagi fuR;kuan ch B Nityanand vfurk , Anita A ,l ds R;kxh vatu dqekj nkl SK Tyagi Anjan Kumar Das ,l ds xqIrk gal dqekj SK Gupta Hans Kumar vkj ih flag RP Singh CFEES, Delhi AVM A Javeed, VSM, Assistant Chief of Air Staff, Vayu Bhawan, New Delhi, on 28 January 2010. DARE, Bangaluru AVMAK Singh,AVSM, ACAS (WPNS), on 18 February 2010. Shri G Elangovan, DS & CC R&D (R&M) showing keen interest on the facility