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Marketing on twitter to drive business revenue

Marketing on twitter to drive business revenue



How to make money on Twitter and the marketing best practice you need to use.

How to make money on Twitter and the marketing best practice you need to use.



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    Marketing on twitter to drive business revenue Marketing on twitter to drive business revenue Presentation Transcript

    • Marketing on Twitter to Drive Business Revenue
      Muhammad Karim, 2011
    • What is Twitter Good For?
      Driving Brand Revenue or Brand Awareness?
      Driving Brand Awareness and Consumer Engagement
      Driving Brand Revenue
      Short Term
      Long Term
    • But How Do You Drive Revenue in the Short Term with Twitter?
      Depends on how big a following you have. If you don’t have a big following  Build one.
      With a Big Following…
      Drive Off-line Promotions  In-store.
      Drive On-line or Off-line Marketing Campaigns
    • So Let’s Stick with What Twitter is Great At…
      Brand Awareness and Consumer Engagement.
      Now let’s see how we can use best practice to make the most from TWITTER.
    • Best Practice
      1. Research Your Consumers Before Engaging
      • Know how your customers use Twitter. - Use http://search.twitter.com and see what conversations are happening around your brand/product/category. Know what your consumers are saying about you.
      • If you don’t get any results around your brand or product, you may have the opportunity to now start the conversation yourself!
      • Or… Twitter may not be the right channel for you. If your consumer’s aren’t there… should you be?
    • Best Practice
      2. What Are Your Organisational Objectives/ Goals?
      • What do you want to do with Twitter? Make Sales? Use it as a channel for Customer Services? Promote Content?
      • You Need to know what you’re using it for before dedicating budget and resource to it.
    • Best Practice
      3. Create a Branded or Personal Profile
      Here you can go with either a Branded Profile with the company logo, or a personal profile linked to the company.
      • A specific Brand profile with the brand logo is needed for all marketing activity and consumer engagement on a personal level.
      • Employees engaging with consumers on a personal level can also engage with consumers as part of the brand but these personal profiles should identify the company along with the employees personal name.
      Note: Don’t use your personal profile for Business!
    • Best Practice
      4.  Build your Equity and Credibility
      • This is all about building a reputation as a trusted source of information around your brand/product/industry.
      • For your customers to believe and engage with what you have to say, they need to trust you.
      • One Way Marketing Messages and Communication doesn’t work in this channel. If you’re disengenuous, people will ignore you.
    • Best Practice
      5. Tracking Metrics and Conversation Trends
      • I’d recommend investing in Radian6 or Nielsen Buzz Metrics to track sentiment, twitter conversations, trends, etc.
      • This makes your Twitter activity more quantifiable.
      • You can track metrics like “How much money Twitter has saved your brand”.
    • Best Practice
      6. Less Structure is Better
      • You need to make your Twitter presence personal and more human. Remember that you are talking to People.
      • Too much structure and a rigid way of operating can push your consumers away and see you as disingenuous.
      • Always have someone available to manage your Twitter account.
    • Best Practice
      7. Listen before Talking
      • Don’t just jump right in and expect everyone on Twitter to welcome you with open arms.
      • Take time to sit and listen to what your consumers and community are saying.
      • Then engage with them on their level.
      • Get personal with Twitter followers by @’ing them personally with answers about your brand or product. – 9/10 times they will follow you.
    • Best Practice
      8. Be Authentic, Believable and Clear
      Cicero in  On Duties in 44BC set forth the following rules, which are VERY relevant for Twitter…1. Speak clearly.2. Speak easily, but not too much, give others their turn.3. Do not interrupt.4. Be courteous.5. Deal seriously with serious matters, gracefully with lighter ones.6. Never criticize people behind their backs.7. Stick to subjects of general interests.8. Do not talk about yourself.9. Never lose your temper.
    • Best Practice
      9. Branding Basics
      • Use your business logo as your avatar.
      • Customise your twitter page.
      • Link to your website.
    • Best Practice
      10. Start the Conversation
      • Proactively engage your followers.
      • Ask broad open-ended questions to engage the majority of your followers.
      • Give people ideas or thoughts on your industry.
      • Speak about things are YOUR users would care about.
    • Good Case Study (@JetBlue)
      • Quick
      • Human
      • Solved the Problem.
    • Bad Case Study (@HabitatUK)
      • Unfocused
      • Using popular Hashtags (#) to PROMOTE PROMOTEPROMOTE.
    • Bad Case Study (@HabitatUK)
      The Reaction
    • Common Mistakes
      • Auto DM’s, Auto follow, Auto response.
      • Not replying to queries on Twitter.
      • Only tweeting Links and not having a conversation.
      • Too much Retweeting.
      • Over-Following – Quality not Quantity.
      • Tweeting too much – Be Timely.
      • Speaking like a Corporation instead of a person.
      • Sponsored Tweets – No Value.
    • Useful Twitter Apps
      I’ll keep it simple, if you want more… Google “Twitter Apps”… there are new app’s coming out all the time.
    • Any Questions?
      Muhammad Karim
      Email: muhammad@karim.co.za
      Twitter: @mkarim