What Does it Take to Rank Among the Remarkably Successful?

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Traits Every Effective Person Has in Common …

Traits Every Effective Person Has in Common

I’ve spent many years studying successful people and have identified the skills, talents, and characteristics that enable them to succeed. When learning about these individuals, I often notice that they all have common traits, which lend to their success. I’ve captured these into the top things that all of them share. If you can think of others, please leave them in the comments.

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  • 1. Do you have what it takes to rank among the remarkably successful? Discover the habits of the most remarkably successful people, and find out why those habits work.
  • 2. Successful people know that it doesn’t come easy and often fail more than they succeed.
  • 3. Successful people are always learning and push themselves out of their comfort zones. While many people think that when they finish college, they are done being a student, successful people continue learning.
  • 4. Successful people are enthusiastic and are excited by what they’re doing, and that excitement is contagious. They draw people to them because these people want to work with them, be with them, and do business with them.
  • 5. Successful people create not consume. While most folks are watching TV, reading emails, or listening to iTunes, successful people are building new tools, PowerPoint’s and coming up with great ideas.
  • 6. Successful people have ambition. It’s in their blood to accomplish something. They have motivation, commitment, and pride. You won’t find a successful person that doesn’t have a burning desire to succeed. Be assured, they’re willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
  • 7. Successful people set goals they can achieve. They wake up to a planned day, while everyone else is scrambling to figure out what to do next. Their goals are big, very specific, yet achievable and are aligned to their strengths.
  • 8. Successful people take accountability for themselves and their actions. They don’t rely on other people to make it happen. In other words, they look inward for the solution, while using existing assets. When they mess-up, they own up to it and immediately consider ways to avoid making the same mistake.
  • 9. Successful people make it happen. Luck is about hard work over time and positioning for success. “You won’t randomly get lucky and successful people know that.”
  • 10. Successful people are more excited about the journey than the pay-off. They ignore “get rich quick schemes”. Most are focused on building sustainable careers through hard work, risk taking and creativity.
  • 11. Successful people create change instead of being influenced by it. They don’t wait around to be influenced by economic trends. They create trends and make it happen.
  • 12. Successful people ask the right questions to those who can deliver the right answers. They know they need to solve problems by tapping into their networks. They don’t hesitate to email or call the best person who can answer their questions.
  • 13. Successful people are able to adjust to changes in the marketplace. They are willing to change themselves to stay current in the business world. They know that if you get lazy and ignore trends, that you will be left in the dust. They are frequently coming up with new ideas, seeking out the next big thing and getting new skills.
  • 14. Successful people go beyond what’s asked of them. They always take on more.
  • 15. Successful people know how to communicate their story effectively. Ask a successful person what they do, and they will let you know very concisely. They are very confident and persuasive.
  • 16. Successful people have a dream and a well-defined purpose. They know what they want and aren’t easily influenced by the thoughts and opinions of others. They have staying-power.
  • 17. Successful people know who they are and their place in the world. They are confident and can lead themselves, as well as others. “They have their own vision and mission and seek to bring it to life on a daily basis.”
  • 18. “Successful people know exactly when they should change employers, start a company or fold their company. “
  • 19. Created by Michael Kaplan