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  • 1. Our Trip To Europe By: Kelli and Mykael
  • 2. We Left The Minneapolis Airport at 8:45 am. This Was the beginning of our European Vacation.
  • 3. We arrived in Oslo, Norway at 1:00
  • 4. Our first stop was the Natural History Museum in Oslo.
  • 5. Our next stop was Summer Skiing in Opendal.
  • 6. Day 2 was spent in Sweden.
  • 7. We Spent the afternoon in Bogensund’s Palace Park.
  • 8. Our next stop was the Ice Hotel.
  • 9. Our last stop for the day was Skeppsholmen Island.
  • 10. Days 3 and 4 were spent in London.
  • 11. The first stop in London was Big Ben.
  • 12. After Big Ben, We visited Buckingham Palace.
  • 13. During the night we visited the London Eye.
  • 14. The next day we went to go see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace
  • 15. After lunch we went and visited the Geffrey Museum
  • 16. Next, We visited Hyde Park. We Saw Peter Pan!
  • 17. After Hyde Park, We Walked around Covent Garden.
  • 18. When we were done at Covent Garden, We saw a show at the Globe Theatre
  • 19. When the show was over at the Globe Theatre, we visited the Westminister Abbey Cathedrial.
  • 20. The next few days were spent in Madrid. Our first stop was Retiro Park.
  • 21. After Retiro Park, we went to the Barcelona Zoo.
  • 22. Day 2 in Madrid was spent in Baku Waterpark!! We had so much fun!
  • 23. Next Stop In Europe Was Italy. The First thing we saw was the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
  • 24. After the Leaning Tower we visited the ancient ruins of Pompeii.
  • 25. After Pompeii, we visited Mount Etna.
  • 26. Our next stop in Rome was the Coliseum.
  • 27. Our last historic stop for the day was the Sisitine Chapel.
  • 28. Before bed, we walked the streets of Rome at night. It was very beautiful.
  • 29. Our first stop for day 2 was the Trevi Fountain. This is a beautiful fountain. We made a wish!! :)
  • 30. Next was Piazza Veneza
  • 31. After our days in Rome, We spent 3 days in France.
  • 32. We spent 2 days at Euro Disney!!!
  • 33. This was our hotel!
  • 34. We visited the Eiffle Tower on day 3 in France. :)
  • 35. After the Eiffle Tower, we went to the Notre Dame Cathedral.
  • 36. Next was the Louvre Museum. It was very interesting!
  • 37. We took a boat tour of the Seine River. :)
  • 38. Then we went to the Arc De Triomphe.
  • 39. That is the End of our European Trip. From Paris France, we took a plane to Iceland, then from Iceland back to Minneapolis. We had a Great Time! :) <3
  • 40. Flights- 5,616 Hotels- 3,041 Attraction and Travel- 1,797 Euro Disney- 494 Grand Total- 10,949