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Office Overview Presentation June 1st 2012


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Xerox Office Strategy

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  • Productivity is not embedded in software code and business improvement doesn’t come in a box. In fact, printing is only part of the equation: What about adding value to document content? What about storage and distribution? What about automating work processes? It’s not just about finding better ways to print, it’s about finding better ways to work. At Xerox, we’re committed to helping you get the most out of your budget and dedicated to delivering business improvement. To do this, we have to reinvent our business models. Xerox is not only committed to helping you make this journey, we’re experiencing it ourselves. Over the years, we’ve had to transform just about every part of our business: Our cost base Our go-to-market strategy Our channel structure Our offerings—and more. In making this transformation, we’ve moved from: Stand-alone to networked systems Black-and-white to colour Technology-only to technology and services Direct sales alone to direct-plus partners
  • We deliver this innovation to you through three paths to real business results: Services, Technology and Mobility. You’ll learn about a suite of services that can reduce your document costs by up to 30 percent. You’ll hear how you can take advantage of the power of our colour technology for the cost of black-and-white. And do it with 90 percent less waste. And we’ll share ways to make working on-the-go simpler, more convenient and secure. Our goal is not only to amaze you with new breakthroughs, but—more importantly—demonstrate the need to constantly reinvent and transform companies and businesses everywhere.
  • Let’s begin with the wide range of services we offer—services that can help you increase productivity and save time and money, all while protecting your critical information and meeting your sustainability goals.
  • When you look at your office print process today, including every aspect of your operation—from buying the printer, installation, networking, break-fix, supplies, right through to disposal—you truly have a major undertaking when it comes to managing your own print. So what does all that cost? Analyst firm IDC estimates that the total cost of print equates to 3 to 5 percent of your total revenue. So a $10 million company could spend $500K on print alone. Now, even if you think that’s high, cut that figure in half, and it’s still an enormous cost. The bottom line is that office print management represents an enormous opportunity for cost savings and is an area worth exploring for immediate and long-term benefits. Source: IDC
  • So what are some of the most common challenges we’ve heard time and time again? In IT, we often hear about security concerns and the need for better information about the devices on your network. Some IT professionals also complain about having to support multiple manufacturers and spending too much time troubleshooting print , which leaves little time for other projects. CFOs and CEOs are looking for ways to improve the bottom line. End-users and administrators are often burdened with making calls for service and supplies and want to be removed from the process. They also want their company to be more environmentally responsible by reducing the volume of paper and consumables used. Last but not least, accounting departments are tired of the number of invoices, number of suppliers and, again, the costs. They also see the tremendous impact this entire process has on productivity.
  • We can help you overcome these challenges and meet your goals with Xerox Managed Print Services. That term, “Managed Print Services,” refers to a full range of services, including: Multi-vendor device management and asset optimization. Supplies and consumables management, including auto supplies replenishment. Break/fix services and proactive monitoring right through to Reporting and billing. All of which are enabled through a complete change management process. [OPTIONAL:] What do we mean by change management? Let me explain. Optimizing an office’s print infrastructure is typically a major project. Drawing on our organizational expertise, we provide end-user support, training and ongoing communications throughout implementation. Our office printing solutions provide the path to reduce the disruption to your day-to-day business. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years and after implementations all around the world, it’s this: successful implementation and ongoing optimization play a critical role in maximizing the benefits for you.
  • Here’s another statistic for you: according to analyst firm InfoTrends, “Companies can save 25 to 30 percent of that cost by utilizing a Managed Print Service.” Remember the stat we opened with? The average company spends 3 to 5 percent of their revenue managing their documents. Think about what that number could mean to your business when translated to an expense line in your budget . . . and what you could achieve by adding between 1 and 3 percent of your revenue either back into your bottom line or to fund initiatives that will help grow your business. But the big question is . . . How? Where are the savings coming from? The savings come from a combination of benefits associated with Managed Print Services. Let’s take a deeper dive into those now. Source: InfoTrendas
  • So now that you know a little bit more about the services we offer and the benefits they bring, let’s talk about the implementation process. It consists of four main steps or stages: Assess, Design, Implement and Manage . We start with the Assess phase, where we leverage some unique tools to measure, quantify and determine the cost of your current print infrastructure processes and supply chain. Using this, we establish a Total Cost of Ownership (or TCO) baseline. We realize that no two office environments are the same and that each has their own set of varying needs. So Xerox has a wide range of assessment approaches and tools to help discover as much information about your business as possible in the shortest amount of time. Each of these tools can stand alone as a single assessment resource or be used in combination for a very broad assessment. We’ll look deep and wide so we can see the whole picture. We collect information on the number and type of network devices in your environment, including output volumes, usage profiles, traffic patterns and demand cycles. And we carefully identify all manual document processes that are slowing down your business. Our approach to assessment, because of all these advantages, can also help position you for the future as demands for less paper and more flexibility for your workforce increase. After we assess your situation, we design an office print policy in conjunction with your staff and identify opportunities to improve performance, operations and costs. This is followed by implementation—a critical part of the process. Again, we rely on our long history of expertise as we help your staff and end users adapt to the new solution so your implementation works from day one. Last but not least we manage your new solution, which includes reviews and detailed reporting that shows our performance vs. SLAs, print trends, under- or over-utilized devices, volumes, spend and more. [Optional:] Let’s take a look at how one customer is benefiting from Xerox Managed Print Services. [Play either City of Rochester or City of Dallas video]
  • That brings us to the innovative technology behind our office solutions.
  • In 2009, more than 2 TRILLION pages were printed in offices worldwide. Now, almost everything we create in business today uses colour—whether it’s a company logo or a bill with the payment date highlighted in red. Intuitively, we know that colour sells, attracts attention, creates a positive image, increases comprehension and gets your messages noticed. More and more, people are understanding the advantages of printing and copying in colour. In 2011, we asked business people about their attitudes toward colour printing. Here are some of the highlights of our findings: People are 54 percent more likely to read a document or marketing piece if it’s printed in colour. 76 percent of people believe they can find information faster if it’s presented in colour. 69 percent of people better understand new ideas when they’re presented in colour. And 56 percent of people agree that the number one reason to print in colour is to reinforce professional appearance. Despite the plentiful and obvious reasons for printing in colour, many offices restrict access or put up a barrier to colour printing. Source: April 2011 Xerox Color Survey conducted online by Harris Interactive among 2,124 U.S. adults with 781 employed in an office.
  • But why restrict colour printing? By far, cost has been a barrier to putting this practical reality into practice. According to InfoTrends, the number one reason colour printers aren’t used in many offices is because colour products cost more than black-and-white devices. Colour pages can cost more than black-and-white pages. Companies are also afraid that if they install a colour device, costs will skyrocket out of control as employees start printing personal photos on company devices. The next tier of obstacles to using colour was lack of speed, employee misuse, reliability and volume. We understand that ability to manage colour costs is critical. And we’ve created an innovative technology that truly changes the way you pay for colour.
  • It’s called the Xerox ColorQube. Engineered using game-changing technology, ColorQube is not just another family of colour products. It changes the thinking around colour printing entirely, and solves page cost, speed and reliability issues. One of the ways it does this is through Xerox’s exclusive solid ink technology. Solid ink is an alternative to traditional toner. As you can see in this image, solid ink sticks are cartridge free. [Hold up solid ink stick.] What’s the big benefit? Well, for one it simplifies maintenance. Replacing inks in the ColorQube is as simple as opening a top tray and dropping in a new ink stick—and this can be done while the machine is running. No downtime or calls to the help desk to refill toner. The next big advantage to the ColorQube is that you only pay for the colour you use. The ColorQube actually detects how much colour you use on a printed page and you only pay for what you use. It’s absolutely innovative . . . and simple for you. We offer this via three-tiered pricing for your colour usage. Most MFPs today are sold on standard cost-per-copy plans that charge a fixed rate for colour pages. That means you pay for a full-colour page even if the only thing that’s in colour is a URL or small company logo. With our three-tier billing system, or Hybrid Colour Pricing, you will be paying only for the colour you use and you will see your colour printing costs tumble. Finally, the Xerox ColorQube can greatly help your sustainability initiatives by radically reducing waste. I’ll tell you more about this aspect in just a minute. There isn’t just one single ColorQube, though. It is a family of products, enabling you to choose the affordable colour printing solution that’s right for your operation: The ColorQube 9300 is a workgroup multifunction printer designed for enterprises that print high volumes of colour and need to be able to print legal size or A3 documents. The ColorQube 8570 and the Phaser 8560 are typically used by small and medium-sized business customers who aren’t printing high volumes of documents. On the other hand, the ColorQube 8870 is for larger companies, most often over 500 employees, who print high volumes of A4/letter-sized colour documents and who are seeking ultra-low colour operating costs over the life of the product.
  • Businesses that use ColorQube have found a new freedom to use colour. That’s because we designed it with real businesses in mind—real businesses who often limit colour printing because of costs. I mentioned this in the previous slide, but I want to delve a little deeper and ensure you didn’t miss it. Xerox makes colour affordable for your office by ensuring that you pay for only the colour you use. We do this through our three-tiered Hybrid Colour Plan with flexible colour billing. The ColorQube will automatically analyze the colour used in any given document—whether it’s a print or a copy. It does this by scanning the document to determine the area coverage by colour for each page. Pages with small amounts of colour—such as a URL or small company logo—are classified as “Useful Colour” pages and are billed at the same price as black-and-white pages. Pages with moderate amounts of colour are classified as “Everyday colour” pages and are billed at less than half the price you would typically pay for a colour page. Documents that have large amounts of colour are classified as “Expressive colour” pages and will continue to be charged at the current colour machine rate. This strategy is all about enabling you to save money printing colour output without sacrificing quality. Simply pay for the colour that’s actually used in typical office documents. There’s no need to print in draft mode with lower print quality to get lower prices. The Hybrid Colour Plan delivers full quality output and lower prices—and the only factor that determines which meter is incremented by a given printed page is the number of colour pixels used in printing that page. How much could all this help you save? Up to 55 percent on your colour prints . . . meaning for the first time, you can print colour for the cost of black and white. Yes, I said colour for the cost of black and white. And no one else can match it. If you’re printing a page with a blue URL or a small logo, you pay the exact same as you would for a black-and-white page. It’s absolutely revolutionary. Let’s take a look at the difference ColorQube is making for a health insurance provider. [Play Medical Mutual video.]
  • Want to know what else is impressive and revolutionary? The sustainability advantage the ColorQube has over laser devices. It produces 90 percent less packaging and consumable waste than a comparable laser device. Just take a look at this picture: 90 percent less waste—now, that’s a meaningful improvement worth pursuing! And think about it—it’s not just less waste, it’s less you have to recycle. Less hassle, really. Based on printing 12,500 pages per month over a four-year period, ColorQube produces just 40 pounds of material that needs to be recycled or eliminated. A comparable laser device creates 334 pounds. And throughout it all, the ColorQube delivers superb image quality in every output, particularly on inexpensive and recycled media.
  • So, we’ve covered how our services and innovative technology can benefit your business—from increasing productivity to reducing costs. Now, let’s talk about how our latest mobile offerings will help you keep up with today’s on-the-go workforce.
  • Did you know that by 2013, one out of every three people in the global workforce will be considered mobile? 1 Use of mobile technologies is absolutely exploding. In the United States, there will be over 300 million mobile phone subscribers by 2013, with 134 million accessing the Internet via smartphones. 2 And over 75 percent of the workforce will be mobile. 3 75 percent! That’s a 34 percent increase in the global mobile worker population by 2013, totalling more than 1.9 billion in 2013. 4 For those of you in the audience from IT, you may be wondering how you are going to support all these mobile workers using all kinds of mobile technologies, from smartphones to iPads, for business. Sources: 1. IDC Mobile Report 2010 2. InfoTrends “ Mobile Knowledge Workers: Emerging Opportunities” 2010 3. IDC Mobile Report 2010 4. IDC, Worldwide Mobile Worker Population 2009–2013 Forecast
  • We have been supporting mobile workers for a long time, making it easy to print from their laptops as they move from place to place, office to office, with the Xerox Global Print and Mobile Express Drivers. These drivers are free of charge, and with them you can easily print from your PC to any PostScript device. The Global Print Driver is universally compatible with most printers and the Mobile Express Driver actually finds the printer for you. Since our drivers have launched, people have downloaded more than 1 million copies. And PC Magazine included the Xerox Mobile Express Driver on its 2011 list of “Best Free Software.”
  • Another way we help keep the mobile worker productive is with the Xerox Mobile Print Solution. This enables you to print simply, conveniently and securely from your mobile device to a Xerox multifunction printer: You’ll be more efficient and productive. You can maximize the tools already in hand. It enables you to focus on real business, on the go. You can release documents trapped in your mobile device. Best of all, it’s easy as 1-2-3: Simply email your document. You don’t have to decide where you want it to print until you are ready to pick it up. In response, you receive a confirmation email with a secure confirmation code. To print, select Mobile Print on your Xerox-enabled multifunction printer (MFP), enter the confirmation code, select the documents to print, and the output settings (duplex, collate, staple, etc.) right in the MFP. OPTIONAL: In fact, I’d like to share with you one customer’s story on how the Xerox Mobile Print Solution is keeping workers productive. [Play Brickell video]
  • Office Overview Presentation June 1st 2012

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