Increase Your Chances of Advancing: Becoming "Ready" for the APR Readiness Review

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Presented by:
Michael Tullier, APR
Public Relations Society of America Teleseminar
February 4, 2009

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  • 1. Increase Your Chances of Advancing:Becoming “Ready” for the APR Readiness Review
    PRSA Teleseminar
    February 4, 2009
    Michael Tullier, APR, 2008 Chair
    Universal Accreditation Board
  • 2. Why become accredited?
    reinforces profession as
    illustrates commitment to career and profession to employer, clients, colleagues
    leads to advancement and raises for some
    instills personal pride and professional achievement
  • 3. Two-part process
    Readiness Review
    “job interview” environment
    discuss questionnaire and review portfolio
    results in “advanced” or “not advanced”
    Computer-based Examination
    multiple-choice format
    blend of textbook knowledge and situational experience
    180+ scored and beta questions
  • 4. Readiness Review KSAs
    Communication skills: interpersonal, delivery mechanisms, speaking, interviewing, writing/editing and listening
    Management skills and client focus
    Multi-tasking, initiative, time management and flexibility
    Teaches others
    Presentation skills
  • 5. Computer-based Exam KSAs
    RPIE four-step process (30%)
    Ethics and law (15%)
    Communication models and theories (15%) 
    Business literacy (10%)
    Management skills and issues (10%) 
    Crisis communication management (10%)
    Media relations (5%) 
    Using IT effectively (2%)
    History and current issues (2%)
    Advanced communication skills (1%)
  • 6. The Accreditation timeline
    review/approval takes about two weeks
    Readiness Review
    budget 15 days for Readiness Review panel to review questionnaire
    notification of panel decision sent within two weeks
    can repeat in 90 days
    Computer-based Examination
    complete within one year of approval date
  • 7. The Meaning of “Ready”
    The Readiness Review is meant to
    evaluate KSAs in 16 specific competency areas that cannot be effectively judged in the computer-based Examination
    help candidates determine an appropriate course of study to prepare for the computer-based Examination
    assign a verdict of “advanced” or “not advanced” to provide admission to the computer-based Examination
  • 8. Readiness Review Components
    Panel chair and two panelists
    all APRs who lack conflicts of interest
    professional, conducive, private environment
    reflective assessment of career achievements and goals
    includes public relations plan
    material evidence of the public relations plan described in the questionnaire and other public relations work
  • 9. Ensuring Success
    Perfect your presentation
    how you present is being scored too
    Paint a good picture of yourself
    thorough questionnaire answers allow panelists to better understand you
    Cover the basics in your portfolio
    use work samples to demonstrate PR plan
    use the professional and/or volunteer work described in your questionnaire
    outline role of others in team projects
    Go low-tech
    technology/projection not permitted
  • 10. Panelists’ Roles
    prepare by reviewing candidate questionnaire
    serve as impartial, confidential evaluators
    devote undivided attention to candidate
    preside efficiently over one- to two-hour review
    Post-Readiness Review:
    role model
  • 11. Post-Readiness Review Resources
    Help after the Readiness Review
    APR Study Guide
    Short Bookshelf
    APR-branded professional development
    Online Demo Examination
    APR Online Study Course
    Local mentoring by APRs
    Local study groups
  • 12. A candidate’s perspective…
    Elin Nozewski, APRAccount Manager, Airfoil Public RelationsDetroit, MichiganAccredited 2006
    Question-and-answer session to follow Elin’s remarks
  • 13. If you have questions…
    Michael Tullier, APRDirector of External RelationsAuburn University College of
    Elin Nozewski, APRAccount ManagerAirfoil Public
    Kathy MulvihillAccreditation ManagerPublic Relations Society of