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Library (english)

  1. 1. The Library follows CDU (Setting in order by subjects according to the Classification Decimal Universal) • List of colours that identify the classification of CDU: • 0 – Generalities • 1 – Philosophy • 2 – Religion • 3 – Social Sciences • 5 – Mathematics, Social Sciences • 6 – Applied Sciences • 7 – Arts and Sports • 8 - Linguistics, Literature • 9 – Geography, Biology, History
  2. 2. Biography Literature
  3. 3. Geography Monograph
  4. 4. Filosophy and Psychology
  5. 5. Religion School Manuals
  6. 6. Arts Aplied Science
  7. 7. Social Science Natural Science
  8. 8. Quemical Studies Generalities
  9. 9. Portuguese Language and Literature Mathematics and Natural Science
  10. 10. NewspapersNewspapers • In our library we have newspapers for example theIn our library we have newspapers for example the RecordRecord and theand the PúblicoPúblico..
  11. 11. WeekliesWeeklies Região SulRegião Sul Jornal das Letras ( Arts andJornal das Letras ( Arts and Ideas)Ideas) Correio de LagosCorreio de Lagos O AlgarveO Algarve Sitied on sofas of theSitied on sofas of the library you can read thelibrary you can read the newspapers, magazinesnewspapers, magazines and booksand books
  12. 12. MagazinesMagazines • ExércitoExército • SábadoSábado • BrotériaBrotéria • Super InteressanteSuper Interessante • VisãoVisão • FinisterraFinisterra
  13. 13. GamesGames • In our library we haveIn our library we have games such as:games such as: • ChessChess • DraughtsDraughts • PuzzlesPuzzles
  14. 14. AudiovisualsAudiovisuals • The kinds of films that exist in our library are: • Movies of suspense, horror, action, drama, biography • Science fiction • Documentary
  15. 15. AudiovisualsAudiovisuals • The kinds of films that exist in our library are: • Comedy, made by schools, light entertainment, compilations ESJD, educational and promotional films
  16. 16. Types of DocumentaryTypes of Documentary • The documentaries available in our library are: • Historical, Political, Animal Life, Geographical, Cultural.
  17. 17. Types of music availableTypes of music available • The types of music that exist in our library are: Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Classical
  18. 18. ComputersComputers • There are about six computers connected to the Internet in our library.
  19. 19. Types of CD's available:Types of CD's available: • There are interactive dictionaries, geography, history, encyclopedias.
  20. 20. How can you request the booksHow can you request the books and the audiovisuals to takeand the audiovisuals to take home?home? After filling the form.After filling the form.
  21. 21. Material requisitionMaterial requisition • You can request all the material inYou can request all the material in the library.the library. • There is material that can only beThere is material that can only be request in the library.request in the library. • The deadline for requisition is oneThe deadline for requisition is one day and the fine is 10 centimes perday and the fine is 10 centimes per
  22. 22. Requisition *The books in general can be request for 10 days, and the school manuals only can be request from one day to another. *The requisition is done in the library on a special form.
  23. 23. AreasAreas In the Library there are areas to :In the Library there are areas to : • StudyStudy • WatchTVWatchTV • Search the InternetSearch the Internet • Read magazines, newspapers andRead magazines, newspapers and booksbooks • Play Chess and other gamesPlay Chess and other games
  24. 24. ExhibitorExhibitor • Book of the MonthBook of the Month • Theme of the MonthTheme of the Month • Contest ActivitiesContest Activities Our oldest book isOur oldest book is from the yearfrom the year 1542:1542: Ioannis,Ioannis, Ioannis Despauterii NinivitaeIoannis Despauterii Ninivitae, Antuerpia, Apud Ioannem, Antuerpia, Apud Ioannem Hillenicum in Rapo, 1542.Hillenicum in Rapo, 1542.
  25. 25. HighlightsHighlights Boards with ActivitiesBoards with Activities ExhibitionExhibition
  26. 26. Reception serviceReception service There are two librarians, their jobsThere are two librarians, their jobs are:are: • Put the books in their places.Put the books in their places. • Do catalogues.Do catalogues. • Attend the public.Attend the public.
  27. 27. What can I do in the School Library? • In the school library we can listen to music while reading.
  28. 28. In the School Library we can watch a movie.
  29. 29. We can surf the net. Each Student can bring his/her portable computer/ lap top. We can also be in a warm area.
  30. 30. In the School Library we can: -Study. -Take out problems/doubts with the teachers. - Work in peace. -Do group work.
  31. 31. In our School Library we can request magazines, books of all types and read an interesting book.
  32. 32. In the School Library we can play draughts, chess and battle ship. In peace we can concentrate better.
  33. 33. Our School
  34. 34. 12º I – Curso de Técnico de Comércio School Year: 2009/2010