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Ana patricia e carlos
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Ana patricia e carlos


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Published in: Education, Technology

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    • Films
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    • Internet
  • 3. English is the international language of many industries, including banking, computing, business, diplomacy, and even entertainment. An international treaty aimed at making communication easier made English the lingua franca .
  • 4. When we go to the cinema almost 100% of the times the films which are in display are American and spoken in English. So if someone doesn't know a single word of English the only way to know the latest story of the big screen is with the use of subtitles. I think that this fact really shows the slamming dominance of the American movie industry and how amazingly it sells.
  • 5. This kind of media is another factor that contributes a lot to the promotion of the English language. The most famous TV Networks are located in English speaking countries, like USA and UK. BBC, CNN, SKY NEWS, MTV, FOX, NBC, ESPN, Discovery Channel and others are broadcast to the entire world. This industry is one of the biggest in the world market and with that comes the growth of the English language as a world language.
  • 6. Everywhere you go the music you listen to is basically in English. If you're in the club, watching MTV, listening to the radio...,the top song of the moment is sung in English. In every country there are always people saying that national artists should sing in their language and not in English, but the truth of the facts is that the artists that sings in English are most likely to be successful and to achieve fame, basically because if they sing in English more people will understand what they are singing and will relate better to their music.
  • 7. As you browse the World Wide Web, you will find that most websites are in English or have an English translation available. This shows how influential English is in the world of technology. Since many of the technological devices created across the globe are marketed heavily in America, they are designed with English-speaking users in mind. You can see this in the design of the computer keyboard.
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