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Process improvers company presentatie uk version
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Process improvers company presentatie uk version


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Get started....

Process Improvers wants to help your organization to get the most out of your Supply Chain. We have a proven track record in the world of Supply Chain Consultancy, Process Improvement, Recruitment and Executive Search. Visit our website

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Visit Process Improvers at
  • 2. About Process Improvers Process Improvers develop processes that get the best out of companies logistics activities. With advice that works and which leads to actual and measurable results. By results orientated interim-management that always takes the people that have to execute the work into consideration. Recruitment, training and development services based on our experience and knowledge of the market. Our Mission To help companies to improve their supply chain by: People Processes •  Developing the right strategy •  Matching the right people •  Implementing the right processes2 Visit Process Improvers at
  • 3. Our areas •  Consult & •  Search, train & •  Search & implement develop select interim logistics employees managers Training & development improvements Interim management Recruitment / Consultancy •  “Enthusiastic thinkers •  “Connecting •  “Direct support, who act & Doers processes & coaching & who think” people“ evaluation”3 Visit Process Improvers at
  • 4. Our supply chain approach Higher Permanent Middle Interim Control Purchase Production Storage Sales Transport & Support Strategic Tactical Scan Improve Implement Verify Operational •  Matching the right people with supply chain processes4 •  Improve and implement supply chain processes Visit Process Improvers at
  • 5. Customers by vertical High Tech Consumer Transport & Food Metal & Healthcare & Various Electronics Logistics Assembly Chemical5 Visit Process Improvers at
  • 6. Our areas …build a multi client warehouse & Consult & implement 3 customers…. Implement logistics improvements Consultancy “Enthusiastic thinkers who act and Doers who think”6 Visit Process Improvers at
  • 7. Business Case: building a multi-client DC Customer: Logistic Service Provider Objective: Building of a new distribution centre and implementation of 3 FMCG customers Multi client distribution centre, including high bay warehouse and automatic layer picking. Results: - Distribution centre ready to start within agreed scope, cost and timeline - Transition & implementation of 3 blue chip FMCG customers Lead time: 2 years7 Construction high bay warehouse Handling > 7.000 pallets/day including (45.000 pallets - 220 pallet/hr in and out). automatic layer picking…... Visit Process Improvers at
  • 8. Business Case: Strategy & Improvement of European Supply Chain Customer: Consumer electronics, audio & hi-fi equipment Objective: Improving European supply chain Result: - Defined European supply chain strategy High end HIFI equipment - Road map developed to achieve strategic objectives requiring high end service - Reorganized supply chain and organization - Implemented European Logistics control tower - Cost savings of 21% on transport - Increased visibility and quality of deliveries Lead time: 8 months8 Distribution analysis different brands leads to….. ……new supply chain strategy Visit Process Improvers at
  • 9. Business Case: Optimization warehouse location Customer: Metal company Trailer axle Objective: Determine EU Warehouse location based on transport, labour and facility cost Result: - Developed an optimized distribution solution with 2 dc’s in Europe - Analysis of transport, warehouse and labour cost Lead time: 6 weeks Process Improvers gravity tool9 Output tool in geographical analysis Visit Process Improvers at
  • 10. Our areas Search, train & Training & Development develop employees Recruitment / “Connceting people ...Experience in Supply Chain positions & processes” makes Process Improvers a reliable partner to search, train & develop employees….10 Visit Process Improvers at
  • 11. People Search offers recruitment services in logistics positions at middle- and topmanagement level specific. Strategic Some examples : Logistics Director Europe, European Transportation Manager, Global Warehousing & Distribution Manager, Director Automotive EU, 4PL Director, Director Transport, Director Operations, Logistics Manager Europe Tactical General Manager, Transport Specialist, Ocean Director RTM, QA Manager . General Manager Spare Parts, Supply Chain Manager, Transportation Manager NL, Site manager Operational Customer team Manager, Transport planner, Junior project manager, Sales representative Visit Process Improvers at
  • 12. 10 step approach 1. Company scan 10. 2. Interview Introduction & stakeholders aftercare 3. Candidate 9. Review & profile decision 4. Candidate 8. Joint scan interview 5. Candidate 7. Present interviews candidates 6. Candidate12 tests Visit Process Improvers at
  • 13. Training & development method Would you like to.. …be able to quickly respond to changes... Training & development method …have process-orientated training of your employees … …increase flexibility of staff within the workplace… …secure improved work practices and efficiency… …have a committed and inspired work force… …have suitable and vocational training… …be more effective in training new people ... …create a continuous improvement culture… …The SIPP method supports training & development of your employees13 Visit Process Improvers at
  • 14. Our areas Search, train & develop employees Interim management “Direct support, coaching & …Develop and implement a new central warehouse for helicopters spare parts…. evaluation”14 Visit Process Improvers at
  • 15. Business Case: Start up business unit returns Customer: Logistic Service Provider Objective: Set-up of reverse logistics distribution centres for a retail customer. Handling returns from retail stores to suppliers Results: - Review all logistics processes - Take over 4 locations from retailer conform plan - Recruitment of warehouse employees (350) & management (10) - Selection & development of 2 new locations for new reverse logistics distribution centres Lead-time: 8 months Zaandam Zwolle Pijnacker Tilburg15 4 reverse centres serving Handling > 4.000.000 crates / week…... returns for > 800 customer stores..... Visit Process Improvers at
  • 16. Business Case: Start up global spare parts warehouse Customer: Helicopter MRO group Objective: Design, start-up & manage a global spare-parts warehouse Results: - Fully implemented new operation in NL World wide Helicopter availability as goal - Implement customs license E-type - Performed global inventory count over 144 countries - Analyse and select logistics service providers (RFQ) Lead time: 12 months Transport of helicopter spare parts by air….. ….From 1 warehouse location (Netherlands) towards16 rest of the world y within 72 hrs world wide. A.O.G. 24 hrs….. Visit Process Improvers at
  • 17. Contact Process Improvers Nieuwe Ginnekenstraat 36 NL - 4811 NS Breda The Netherlands T: +31 (0)76 525 85 85 F: +31 (0)76 525 85 80 I : / E: info@processimprovers.nl17 Visit Process Improvers at