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League Final Report
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League Final Report


Published on

2008 MDC Final Report to the League for Innovation Literary Competition Committee Prepared by MJ Maxwell

2008 MDC Final Report to the League for Innovation Literary Competition Committee Prepared by MJ Maxwell

Published in: Education

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  • 1. 2007-2008 League for InnovationLiterary Competition
    Final Report
    Miami Dade College
    League for Innovation Literary Competition
    Steering Committee Meeting Salt Lake City, Utah, October 2008
    Prepared by Prof. MaryJane Maxwell, MDC Wolfson Campus
    Elaine M. Ludovici, National Coordinator
  • 2. Reginald Shepherd April 10, 1963 – September 10, 2008
    A Tribute to Our Poetry Judge
  • 3. Introduction
    Getting Started
    Money Matters
    Press Releases, Contracts, and Letters
    National Winners
    Recommendations for the Steering Committee
    Table of Contents
  • 4. Introduction
    ……What we call the beginning is often the endAnd to make an end is to make a beginning.
    Little Gidding (No. 4 of 'Four Quartets') T.S. Eliot
    Each year, through the League for Innovation Student Literary Competition, inspiring young writers, their faculty mentors, and renowned authors join together to form a community, at the heart of which lies a common thread, a passion for the written word, language, and literature
    Thank you to this year’s student writers, faculty mentors, authors and League Board Members Contest Coordinators for making the 2008 competition so exhilarating.  This anthology simply would not exist without those who believe in the power of the written word. Neither would it have been possible without the commitment and support from the administration of Miami Dade College—from the Board of Trustees and College President Dr. Eduardo Padron to Irene Munoz in Marketing and Publication and the campus presidents, especially Hialeah Campus President Dr. Cindy Miles who worked closely with our team and whose energy is boundless. Faculty, staff, and administrators from across the eight campuses worked diligently, hosting authors in their classroom and engaging their students in not only writing but sharing their creative efforts with others.
    Special thanks to literature professor, Dr. Cheryl Clark, for her vision and design concept and to art director, Pasita Andino.  Most of all, thanks to Prof. MaryJane Maxwell, lead contest coordinator who worked with eight campus coordinators, our webpage designers, etc. And thank you to Wendy Neil of the League for her guidance and support.
    Hosting this year’s contest has truly been an honor. As we come to the end of our experience as this year’s hosts, preparations are taking place  begin the competition anew. 
    Elaine M. Ludovici
  • 5. 5
    Getting Started
  • 6. The theme was conceptualized by Dr. Cheryl Clark, Professor of English at the Wolfson Campus of MDC and rendered artistically by Pasita Andino, Sr. Graphic Designer in the Marketing and Publications Department at Wolfson.
    The inspiration for the 2007-2008 Student Literary Competition came from a slab of black basalt inscribed in three ancient languages, currently residing in the British Museum. When Jean Francois Champollion decoded this most famous of literary artifacts – the Rosetta Stone – our ideas about language and writing changed forever. Truly an innovation in the making.
    Perhaps of all icons of ingenuity, writing is the greatest innovation brought to the human stage so far. A way to express ideas, challenge biases, archive the past, imagine the future. This is the true root, the groundswell of innovation
  • 7. Situated in the diverse community of Miami-Dade County, and as the host of the 2007-2008 competition, Miami Dade College made it our charge to help inspire all students throughout the League institutions to celebrate language and creativity in writing, to relish the diversity of individual styles, and the glamour of cultural uniqueness.
  • 8. The Poster
    Our student writers took the challenge – putting their words on paper– inscribing new iconic texts to communicate who we are, who we hope to become purify the dialect of our tribe
    Strategy for Success: Official poster unveiling energized faculty
  • 9. 9
  • 10. 10
  • 11. Timeline for hosting 2007-2008 League for Innovation Student Literary Competition
    Fall 2006
    October 2006:Host Coordinator attends Steering Committee Meeting
    December 2006: Budget determined and approved. 2007 Coordinators and staff determined.
    Spring 2007
    January 2007:Coordinators approved and production begins.
    Campus Contest Coordinators are notified and participate in the selection of judges for the Host College in 2007.
    Potential judges contacted, interviewed and hired. 
    February 2007: Coordinators brainstorm theme and work with graphic designer for posters and entry form.
    March 2007:Coordinators work with judges, preparing bibliographic material and possible videotape. Coordinators work to develop website.
    May 2007:Coordinators complete and send to print posters and entry forms to be sent to each member college. Website up. 
    June 2007:Coordinators send five posters and 20 entry forms to each member college.
    Fall 2007
    September 2007: Coordinators brainstorm concept of anthology: Planning Design and Visual Material.
    October 2007:Coordinators attend and present at Steering Committee meeting.
    Spring 2008
    February 2008:Anthology designed.
    March 31, 2008:Coordinators receive entries and distribute to judges 
    April 2008:Judges determine winners and send to coordinators. Coordinator sends payments to judges. Anthology finalized and sent to printer
    May 2008:League announces winners and sends prize money 
    June 2008:Anthology mailed to member colleges
    Fall 2008
    October 2008:Final report developed and coordinators present at Steering Committee Meeting
  • 12.  
    Fall 2006
    Work with Contest Coordinator to determine budget and timeline.
    Identify graphic design team for contest materials
    Begin conceptualizing Contest concept
    Spring 2007
    Develop contest theme, working with graphic designer on posters and entry forms
    Prepare posters and entry forms for production and printing
     Work with Contest and Operations Coordinators.
    Fall 2007
    Conceptualize and design anthology, working with designer.
    Coordinate anthology sections to coincide with contest plan
    Spring 2008
    Begin production on anthology.
    Anthology finalized, awaiting winning entries from judges
    Coordinate final production of anthology
    Coordinate anthology printing
    Work with contest and operations coordinator
    Production Coordinator Timeline
  • 13. Spring 2007
    Identify and contact/hire judges
    Work with judges to contract their services and prepare biographic material
    Work with technical advisor to develop website
    Coordinate mailing of posters and entry forms to each member college
    Spring 2008
    Ensure all submissions meet with contest guidelines.
    Receives entries from member colleges and distributes to judges
    Receives winning entries back from judges
    Sends payment to judges
    List of winners sent to League
    Summer 2008
    * Coordinates mailing of anthology to member colleges
    Faculty Operations Coordinator Timeline
  • 14. The Kick Off at Miami Dade College
    Wolfson Campus 10/4/08
    10:00 - 10:45 A. M. Presentation/Discussions with Students
    11:15 - 12:00 P.M. Presentation/Discussions with Students/
    Noon: Luncheon with students and Wolfson Campus President, Roland Montoya
    1:30 P.M. Interview
    5:00 P.M. Reception at Hialeah Campus
    Hialeah Campus 10/5/08
    9:00 A.M. and 11:00 A.M. Presentation/Discussions with Students/
    6:30 PM Books and Books - A Celebration of Florida Poetry - 6:30 PM Poetry Reading
  • 15. Kick Off for League for Innovation Literary Competition (Two Day Event)
    Schedule of Events and Checklist (Continued on Next Slide)
    Schedule of Events with Renowned Poet Reginald Shepherd
    Strategy for Success: Checklists Are Essential
  • 16. 16
  • 17. You are cordially invited to a reception for renowned poet Reginald Shepherd.
    We hope you will join us.
    October 4,
    5:00 - 6:30 PM
    Hialeah Campus
    Room 119
    Dr. Cindy Miles, Campus President
    Strategy for Success: E-mail custom made invitations to events
  • 18. Questions – Dr. Cheryl Clark and Prof. MaryJane Maxwell
    Interviewer for Reginald Shepherd – Dr. John Frederick (Faculty Volunteer)
    Interviewer for Alan Cheuse – Dr. John Frederick (Faculty Volunteer)
    Interviewer for Ana Castillo – Prof. Terry Albury (Faculty Volunteer)
    Interviewer for Che Rae Adams – Prof. Philip Lane Faculty Volunteer)
    Videographer – Maria Garcia, MDC Media Department
    Edited by Maria Garcia and Prof. MaryJane Maxwell
    Strategy for Success: Involve faculty and students . Our faculty and student volunteers were eager participants in the interviews of our renowned judges.
  • 19. Win an Autographed Book of PoetryBy Reginald Shepherd
    Strategy for Success
    A drawing was held, and lucky students won autographed copies of Fata Morgan
  • 20. Past Student Winners of the League for Innovation Literary Competition Spoke at Miami Book Fair International Saturday November 10th at the
    Write Out Loud Cafe
  • 21. Miami Dade College’s
    League for Innovation Literary Competition
    Award Winning Student Writers
    November 10, 2007
  • 22. The Competition Web Page
    The 2007-2008 competition Webpage was created by Andrew Nembhard, Andrew Seaga , Web designers at MDC along with consultants - artist Pasita Andino and Prof. MaryJane Maxwell
    Literary Competition HomepageAbout the CompetitionInspiration for the CompetitionSubmission RequirementsEligibilityPrizesEntry FormPast WinnersPast MDC Winners and EntriesJudgesSchedule of Visiting Authors2007-2008 Poster
    Strategy for Success: Including the competition Website on the Miami Dade College main Web page and the Department of English and Communication home page promoted student interest .
  • 23. Why is poetry your chosen genre as a writer? What speaks to you about poetry, and being a poet?
    Addressing a controversial subject, Dana Gioia asks, “Does Poetry Matter” in today’s society, to today’s students? What are your thoughts on this?
    Why is it important for young writers to enter competitions like the League for Innovation contest?
    What advice can you give young poets and young writers in general?
    Who are your main influences?
    What tradition do you see yourself writing out of, for example, the tradition of African American poets?
    You have many wonderful references to music in your poetry. What role did music play in your life as you were growing up?
    The Rosetta Stone is at the heart of this year’s theme for the League for Innovation Literary Competition. Today we often use the Rosetta Stone to symbolize the critical moments in the beginning of problem solving. What moments in your early life put you on the path to your academic and artistic achievement?
    Interview Questions for Reginald Shepherd – Poetry Judge
    Strategy for Success: E-mail questions to the visiting judge, interviewer, and videographer in advance.
  • 24. 1. What speaks to you about the stage and directing?
    2. What makes a good play?
    3. Addressing a controversial subject, do you believe drama and the theater matter to today’ students, in today’s society?
    4. Why is it important for young writers to enter competitions like the League for Innovation contest?
    5. Can you comment on your latest book "Writing Is Hard..." and Other Whiny Baby Comments-An Objective Approach to Looking at your Own Writing
    6. What advice can you give young playwrights ?
    7. Who are your main influences in the modern American theater?
    8. What do you find most challenging about developing and directing new play?  
    9. The Rosetta Stone is at the heart of this year’s theme for the League for Innovation Literary Competition. Today we often use the Rosetta Stone to symbolize the critical moments in the beginning of problem solving. What moments in your early life put you on the path to your academic and artistic achievement?
    Interview Questions for Che Rae AdamsOne Act Play Judge
  • 25. 25
    Letters, Contracts, and Press Releases
  • 26. Miami Book Fair InternationalMiami Dade College • 300 N.E. Second Avenue • Miami, Florida 33132 • 305-237-3258
    THIS AGREEMENT, entered into as of this 20th day of October 2007, by and between Miami Book Fair International, Inc., hereinafter referred to as the "BOOK FAIR," andAna Castillohereinafter referred to as the "CONTRACTOR."
    WITNESSETH THAT: The CONTRACTOR will lecture, perform, or autograph on the date(s) and time(s) specified below and on the attached document:
    DAY/ DATE:SundayNov. 11th, 2007
    TIME: 11:00 AM
    PLACE: Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus,300 N.E. Second Ave. Miami, FL 33132
    Batten: Room 2106
     DESCRIPTION OF SESSION(S):Author Reading/Autographing
     TERMS: The BOOK FAIR will meet the following terms and conditions:
    Lodging: BOOK FAIR agrees to assume lodging costs for 3 room night(s), with a check-in date of 11/9and check out date 11/12.
    Hyatt Regency Miami 400 South East Second Avenue, Miami, FL 33131 (305) 358-1234
    Continued on next page
  • 27. Incidental Expenses: The BOOK FAIR agrees to pay the CONTRACTOR a total of $150.00, based on 3 days allowance at a rate of $50.00 per day, for incidental expenses, i.e., meals taxi fares, etc. Payment of all additional expenses over and above this allowance will be the responsibility of the CONTRACTOR.
    Airfare: The BOOK FAIR agrees to provide for 1 ticket from Boston to Miami and from Miami to Boston.
    Honoraria/Authors in College Classrooms: Book Fair will pay contractor a total of $900 for 3 sessions for students as stated in the document attached.
    The CONTRACTOR agrees to furnish the BOOK FAIR with original receipts for any expenses incurred by him/her, which are eligible for reimbursement as per the provisions outlined above, if applicable.
    RELEASE: The CONTRACTOR hereby consents and authorizes BOOK FAIR and Miami Dade College (“COLLEGE”) to record and broadcast his/her presentation(s) during the BOOK FAIR activities.  The CONTRACTOR also acknowledges that such recordings may be done in various media and technological formats and that the recordings will be exclusively owned by the BOOK FAIR and the COLLEGE.  These recordings will be kept on file and used by the BOOK FAIR and COLLEGE or on their behalf for promotional and/or educational use for the BOOK FAIR, Florida Center for the Literary Arts or other COLLEGE programming.   The CONTRACTOR releases and assigns any claim by the CONTRACTOR, or by any heirs and assigns of the CONTRACTOR, any and all rights the CONTRACTOR may have to the records that contain the CONTRACTOR’S image/ likeness, voice, words and presentations recorded at the BOOK FAIR.  The CONTRACTOR acknowledges that this release shall remain in effect for the life and existence of the recorded material in whatever format created, maintained and preserved by the BOOK FAIR and COLLEGE.
    No additional engagements, except promotional or media-related, shall be planned by the author with other parties in the South Florida area from a period of two weeks prior to the BOOK FAIR through two weeks after the BOOK FAIR, unless prior authorization has been obtained from the BOOK FAIR.
    Publicity Contract
    Authors In College Classrooms Presentations
    Friday, November 9: North Campus
    5:40 p.m. English class with Professor Preston Allen
    Monday, November 12: Wolfson Campus
    10:00 a.m. Interview
    11:00 a.m. English class with Dr. Cheri Clark
    Noon: Lunch with faculty and students
  • 28. From:   Ludovici, Elaine
    Sent:    Wednesday, December 12, 2007 12:12 PM
    To:    Saumell, Linda; Tulikangas, Carol
    Cc:    Jacobs, Jeanne F; Cortes, Gina
    Subject:  Ana Castillo Visit - League for Innovation
    Dear Dr. Saumell and Dr. Tulikangas:
    Below is an email from MaryJane Maxwell to the Homestead and InterAmerican Campus Coordinators for the League for Innovation Student Literary Competition.  I’ve added some background information for you to review.  Much of it was sent to you earlier in the Fall Term, but I thought a refresher might help as we are finalizing plans with visiting authors in February.  Our own campus experience has shown that marketing the contest and coordinating the author visits “takes a village.”  MaryJane and I will provide you with as much support as we can.
    While the League for Innovation Student Literary Competition contest has been an annual event for the past 20 years, it takes on a new face and a new shape each year.  This year the contest takes on particular meaning, since it is MDC's once-in-20-years turn to host the entireInternational contest which encompasses 19 League Board member districts with 39 participating campuses/colleges in the U.S. and Canada!  The host institution creates the theme and the energy.  After the contest is over and final selections have been made, the host institution also publishes an anthology of winning works, an anthology that is certain to make us proud this year.
      On October 4th, the Wolfson and Hialeah Campuses kicked off the 2007-2008 League for Innovation Student Literary Competition by hosting a visit by on of the contest judges, poet Reginald Shepherd.  During Miami Book Fair International, two other authors and judges, Alan Cheuse (essay judge), and Ana Castillo (fiction judge) visited the Kendall and North Campuses.  
    As the contest moves along, and with the help of the campus contest coordinates, directors of student life, and students and faculty alike, we can look forward to MDC hosting a number of college-wide events to mark this notable year. In the words of Hialeah Campus President, Dr. Cindy Miles, “We hope this competition will inspire our students in Rosetta Stonetranslations of their lives and ideas into literary art and to celebrate their creative expressions.”
    The Campus Coordinators (Victor Calderin, Hialeah; Wendy Goodwin, Homestead; Emily Sendin, InterAmerican; Marta Magellan; Kendall; Preston Allen, North; and MaryJane Maxwell, Wolfson) are the true catalysts for this competition, but it will take all of us to etch in stone this memorable honor and experience as the host institution.
       I hope you will reach out to students, staff, and faculty since anyone on campus may inspire students with an interest in the literary arts or self-discovery to participate.  
      On the attached link, you will find additional information which you may wish to share with others.  (Click on the provided link and then on the poster.   Be sure to view the video-taped interview with the first visiting judge, poet Reginald Shepherd.  We video-taped two others; both should be posted soon.)
    Elaine M. Ludovici, Chairperson
    Department of English and Communication
    Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus
    300 NE 2nd Avenue
    Miami, Florida 33132
  • 29. Press Release
    Two Miami Dade College students were winners in the League for Innovation’s 2007-08 International Literary Competition. The annual competition brings together a varied group of gifted and creative writers from across the country and around the world. Four categories are open for submission: personal essays, fiction, poetry and one-act plays. Wolfson Campus’ Natalia Jimenez won first place for her poem titled “A Note for Mary” and CristianLarrocha’s one-act play titled, “Tomas, and the Death of His...” won a third place prize. Cristian is studying at InterAmerican Campus. “The winning pieces by MDC students – written here in our diverse community – are an inspiration to all students throughout the League. They celebrate language and creativity in writing, the diversity of individual styles and the glamour of cultural uniqueness,” said MaryJane Maxwell. Maxwell is a professor of English and communications at Wolfson Campus and for the third year, she served as the college-wide coordinator of the competition. Miami Dade College was also the host institution for this year’s contest and hand picked prominent authors to serve as judges. Reginald Shepherd – editor of The Iowa Anthology of New American Poetries and the author of five volumes of poetry – was selected to judge poetry submissions. Shepherd offered this advice to aspiring poets: “Read as much as you can to get a sense of what the possibilities are.” And Che’Rae Adams judged the one-act play submissions. Adams is the producing artistic director of the Los Angeles Writer’s Center and has been developing and directing new plays for almost two decades. “I look for truth and beauty in the script and the character. It needs to be a good story, it needs to move me,” she said. “It was an honor to host the event this year,” said Maxwell. “As host, the College had the opportunity to present readings, workshops and other literary events featuring the judges,” she said. “It made for a very exciting year.” The League is an international organization dedicated to catalyzing the community college movement. In their continuing efforts to make a positive difference for students and communities, the League leads a number of competitions with member colleges, corporate partners and other agencies. The Student Literary Competition is just one of many programs designed to generate interest in creative activities.
  • 30. Student storytellers come in every stripe – each as affecting as the next.
    Take, for example, LuliSzeinbulm, who wrote the hauntingly beautiful “Black Ocean,” an essay about her brother’s disappearance on a beach in her native Argentina.
    Then, there is Christopher Cody, a writer for as long as he could remember. Cody’s work is full of wit – masterfully on display in his one-act play, “Satan and Death.”
    Szeinbulm and Cody are leagues apart when it comes to style, motivation and experience. But they have one thing in common: These MDC alumni were winners of the international student literary competition of the
    League for Innovation in the Community College.
    “Black Ocean” took top honors for non-fiction in 2005, and “Satan and Death” was the first-place one-act play last year. A third MDC student, Ivan Vargas, was an honorable mention last year for his short story, “A Long Night for Samuel.”
    They offer shining examples of what students can accomplish when they are given the opportunity and support.
    And their individual successes were perfect preludes to the current year, as MDC is home-base for the League for Innovation’s 2007-2008 competition.
    “So many students don’t enter literary contests because they believe such contests are for English majors only, or creative writers,” says Elaine Ludovici, collegewide coordinator of the league competition. “They don’t realize that their own use of the written word is meaningful and, as student winners have demonstrated, quite compelling, which is why all students should be encouraged to participate.”
    Ludovici, also the chair of the English and communications department at Wolfson Campus, said the competition is open to students of all majors. They compete in four categories: personal essay, one-act play, poetry, and the short story.
    Each participating college – there are 20 nationwide and in Canada – is allowed only one entry per category, so students must first compete locally before their works reach the international competition.
    If their works make it to the finals, they are judged by published authors of each genre. The judges are Reginald Shephard (poetry), Alan Cheuse (essays), Che’Rae Adams (one-act play) and Ana Castillo (fiction).
    In their call for submission, College organizers found inspiration in the famed Rosetta Stone, a slab of black basalt, dating back from 196 B.C., which held the key to ancient Egyptian language.
    Citing T.S. Eliot, who evoked French Symbolist StéphaneMallarmé, English professor Cheryl Clark notes: “Although not all literary output can be ‘carved in stone,’ we all need reminding that ‘for us, there is only the trying. The rest is not our business.’
    “We hope all of our student writers … will take the challenge – their words on paper and on the screen – inscribing new iconic texts to communicate who we are, who we hope to purify the dialect of our tribe,” Clark adds.
    – Gariot P. Louima
    Press Release
  • 31. Money Matters
  • 32. 32
    Student Literary Competition Budget
  • 33. 33
    Student Literary Competition Budget (Page 2)
  • 34. Estimate Proposal
    October 10, 2008
    Attn: Susan Smither
    We are pleased to submit our quotation based on the following specifications:
    Title: League for innovations Poster
    Size: 15” x 20”
    Stock: 100# Somerset Matte Text
    Ink: 4/0 Process + Aqueous
    Pre-press: Furnished digital files for CTP based on our specifications.
    Proofs: Digital color approval & confirming digital blueline.
    Bindery: Trim to size
    Packaging: Bulk packed in cartons.
    Delivery: FOB Our Plant
    Quantity: 200
    Prices: $ 657.00
    Terms: Unless prior arrangements are made, 1/3 with order, 1/3 with proof, balance due on delivery.
    This quotation is valid for a period of 10 business days. Paper for this order is quoted at the prevailing rate; it’s subject to change and will be billed at the delivered rate. We reserve the right to review all artwork for conformance to the specifications stated herein. The specifications stated herein supersede any and all prior written and/or verbal specification either submitted by us or supplied by the client. Performance of the work stated herein is solely governed by the PIA industry standards.
    Upon acceptance of this quotation, please sign and return to insure the availability of press time and paper.
  • 35. 35
    National Winners
  • 36. Fiction
    Ana Castillo
    Fiction Judge
  • 37. Poetry
    Reginald Shepherd
    Poetry Judge
  • 38. Essay
    Alan Cheuse
    Essay Judge
  • 39. One Act Play
    Che Rae Adams
    One Act Play Judge
  • 40. 40
  • 41. Ana CastilloA noted poet and novelist whose career spans twenty years, Ana Castillo’s first novel, The Mixquiahuala Letters, won the American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation and established her as a leading Chicana feminist writer. Since then, she has published a dozen works of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, including Peel My Love Like an Onion, her sardonic and seductive novel which brought her widespread recognition. She has also edited many works and co-founded Third Woman, a literary magazine, for which she is a contributing editor. Ms. Castillo holds a M.A. in Latin American and Caribbean Studies from the University of Chicago and a Ph.D. from the University of Bremen in Germany.
    Short Story Judge
  • 42. Alan CheuseAlan Cheuse is the author of four novels, three collections of short fiction, and the memoir Fall Out of Heaven. As a book commentator, Cheuse is a regular contributor to National Public Radio's "All Things Considered." His short fiction has appeared in The New Yorker, Ploughshares, The Antioch Review, Prairie Schooner, New Letters, The Idaho Review, and The Southern Review, among other places. He received his Ph.D. in comparative literature from Rutgers University, taught literature at Bennington College for nearly a decade, and now teaches in the Writing Program at George Mason University and the Squaw Valley Community of Writers.
    Personal Essay Judge
  • 43. Che’Rae AdamsChe’Rae Adams has been developing and directing new plays for almost two decades. She is the Producing Artistic Director of the Los Angeles Writer’s Center and has been the Development Executive with Playhouse Pictures Studios, Co-Artistic Director of the award winning Road Theatre Company, partner in Two Girls Productions and Managing Producer for the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival. Adams has directed the West Coast premiere productions of several new plays. She has served on the faculty at UCLA Extension, the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival, and The Lankershim Arts Center and has taught acting and writing workshops at, among others, the Catholic University and The Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.
    One Act Play Judge
  • 44. Reginald Shepherd
    Reginald Shepherd died September 10, 2008, after a battle with cancer.Reginald Shepherd was the editor of The Iowa Anthology of New American Poetries and the author of five volumes of poetry, including Some Are Drowning (1994), winner of the 1993 Associated Writing Programs’ Award in Poetry. He was the recipient of a 1993 “Discovery”/The Nation Award and of grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Illinois Arts Council, and the Florida Arts Council. Shepherd’s poetry has been widely anthologized, including four editions of The Best American Poetry. He received a Guggenheim Fellowship for his writing and was the 2007 Florida Silver Medalist for Poetry. His collection of literary essays, Orpheus in the Bronx, was published in the University of Michigan Press Poets on Poetry Series in 2008.
    Poetry Judge
  • 45. 45
    The theme for the book was conceptualized by Dr. Cheryl Clark, Professor of English at the Wolfson Campus of MDC and rendered artistically by Pasita Andino, Sr. Graphic Designer in the Marketing and Publications Department at Wolfson.
  • 46. 46
    Recommendations to the Steering Committee
  • 47. General Eligibility:
    Addition of the Following
    Revisions of works which were submitted in prior years are/are not eligible. (To be determined)
    Entries must be submitted to the local coordinator only.
    Entries must be submitted to the local coordinator in two forms:
    A CD (omit disk) should contain no files other than the entry and be clearly marked with the entry title
    The upper right corner of each page of the entry must include:
    Addition of the Following
    The author's name must not appear on any page of the entry itself.
    Changes to the Guidelines for Students Form
  • 48. For Local Coordinators –
    Submit your winning entries at one time on one CD. E-mailing is another excellent option.
    Use e-mail voting charts on multi campus colleges (example on slide 54)
    National Coordinator
    Leave the national coordinator’s contact information OFF the entry form for students
    Send e-mail reminders to local coordinators and judges about upcoming deadlines (examples on following slides).
    More Recommendations
  • 49. Reminders to Competition Judges
  • 50. Reminder to Local Coordinators
  • 51. Strategy for Success: Chart for Keeping Track of Local Winning Submissions
  • 52. 52
  • 53. From: Maxwell, MaryjaneSent: Mon 4/7/2008 3:34 PMTo:Sendin, Emily; Magellan, Marta; Calderin, Victor; Allen, PrestonSubject:Reminder: Our Local Deadlines - League for Innovation Literary Competition
    League for Innovation Literary Competition   In order to work together to select our MDC  winners and survive the end of the term, we need some deadlines. If anyone has a problem with the following timeline, let me know as soon as possible.  
    Wednesday, April 9thE-mail your winning short story, play, poem, and personal essay to me  at   
    Thursday, April 10th I will be e-mailing all the campus winners to each of you along with a chart to fill out ranking your favorites in each category.  
    Wednesday, April 16th Once I get the charts back from each of you, I’ll send you all of them and we will tally the votes and break any ties.
    Wednesday, April 23rd I will compile and prepare our winning entries for submission to the national contest. Our deadline for national submissions is 4/30.  
    Working Together on Multi Campus Colleges
  • 54. Sample Voting Chart –Selecting Local Winners on Multi Campus Colleges
    Campus Coordinators
    League for Innovation
    Student Literary Competition
    Selection for National Competition
    MDC Campus Coordinators
    First Place 3 points
    Second Place 2 points
    Third Place 1 point
  • 55. Hosting this year’s contest has truly been an honor. As we come to the end of our experience as this year’s hosts, preparations are taking place to begin the competition anew. 
    Elaine M. Ludovici
    Final Report prepared by Prof. Mary Jane Maxwell