The eggplant


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The eggplant

  1. 1. Cost Saving Tips TIPS FOR DAILY USE Eggplant If buying in a grocery store  Slice up and add to soups, Avoid organically grown eggplant. These are more expensive and do not differ nutri- sauces, and casseroles Slice it ½ inch thick and grill, A Superfood tionally from the other types!  Look for bake, or sauté SALES!  Leave the skin on to keep the nutrition benefits  Put it on sandwiches, chop it up and put it in stir fry, spa- ghetti sauceNutritional Content  Cook in a bit of olive oil and season to liking!  Good source of Folate - (good for a healthy pregnancy and baby development!)  The skin contains Dietary Fiber- Binds to bad cholesterol and removes it from the body! Great source of POTASSIUM, manganese, copper,  and thiamin (Vit B1), Vit B6, magnesium, and What is a Superfood? niacin—ALL are needed for a healthy body! A natural food that is especially  Contains Antioxidants, which are beneficial because of its level of cancer preventing agents! antioxidants and health-protecting Jacqueline Barnwell Jaclyn Dickriede qualities. Rachel Duque Neda Kashenian
  2. 2. Growing la nt Eggplants prefer fertile, well-drained, How to Choose a Ripe gpHistory of the slightly acidic soils. Eggplant E g The eggplant Require a warm growing season. The crop is often heavy so staking may be necessary to support the growing plant.  Choose a firm, smooth-skinned eggplant that is heavy for its size; avoid those with soft or brown spots. A few weeks before the first frost pinch off the originated in India  Gently push with your thumb—If the blossoms so that the plants channel energy into and was originally ripening existing fruit . flesh gives slightly but then bounces thought of to be Do not plant eggplants or other tomato-family back, it is ripe. poisonous. It is closely crops in the same location to  If the indentation remains, it is overripe related to the tomato. prevent plant disease. and the insides will be mushy. The growing season for the eggplant is late  If there is no give, the eggplant was summer to early autumn and it is easy Harvesting picked too early.  Make sure an to grow at home. Eggplant is a eggplant isnt dry Eggplants are harvested at their peak ripeness inside, knock on it fruit that can be used to help lower blood when they develop color, but before they lose with your knuckles. cholesterol. their shine. Seeds on over-ripe fruit turn brown. If you hear a Check for maturity by pushing on one hollow sound, side of the fruit with the ball of the thumb. If the dont buy it fruit does not spring back when released, it is mature. How to Eat Cut the stem with Keep eggplant in a cool, dry place. Avoid pruning shears and leave storing near apples, as apples give off a gas some stem on the fruit. that causes eggplant to ripen too quickly. If you require a longer storage time, Where to buy place your eggplant in a plastic bag and put it in the REFRIDGERATOR. Never eat raw egg- In the produce section plant since it contains the toxin solamine., of your local grocery store, or farmer’s market! which is destroyed by cooking.