Career PortfolioClient Service and Project Management Professional                            Mary Jo Kasper              ...
Client Service and Project Management ProfessionalWith over 25 years of successful Client Service and Project Management e...
Delivering Results                          Mary Jo Kasper brings over 25 years of Client Service and Project             ...
Key ClientsMARY JO KASPER has managed relationships with these major brands:
TestimonialsSheila Burke (Client)Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity“Mary Jo was a valuable partner when she...
MARY JO L. KASPER           nd11230 22        Street NE l St. Michael, MN 55376 l 612.817.8716 l maryjok123@yahoo.comSUMMA...
MARY JO L. KASPERARCHWAY / Director, Account Management                                                    2007 – 2010Perf...
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Mary Jo Portfolio Final 1.20.12


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Mary Jo Portfolio Final 1.20.12

  1. 1. Career PortfolioClient Service and Project Management Professional Mary Jo Kasper 11230 22nd Street NE St. Michael, MN 55376 612-817-8716
  2. 2. Client Service and Project Management ProfessionalWith over 25 years of successful Client Service and Project Management experience, I bring aninsightful, comprehensive and purposeful approach to building exceptional client relationshipsthat drive revenue and build long standing partnerships.My project management leadership skills and managing a team of project managers throughnew client integration on boarding process increased departmental satisfaction by over 33%.By creating and utilizing standard project management methodologies and developing aconsistent process, I established a powerful repeatable best in class execution process.Combining my Client Service background along with my Project Management leadershipincluding my in-depth industry experience and skills compliments each other to meet thechallenge of the most difficult clients and projects.I am a proven leader in B2B and B2C, Direct Response fulfillment and Project Management.Mary Jo Kasper
  3. 3. Delivering Results Mary Jo Kasper brings over 25 years of Client Service and Project Management leadership experience working with companies such as Kraft Foods, Nestle, General Mills, Procter & Gamble, Lowes, inComm, Subway, Darden Restaurants and TracFone. She has served as Director, Client Integrations | Director, Account Management | Account Manager and delivered results through reducing costs by elimination of non-strategic expenses; effective strategic leadership and increase profitability and revenue through creation and implementation of strategic account planning.Key Accomplishments: Accountable for annual revenue budget of $11 million and $1.5 million EBITDA contribution; provided monthly updates including variances, risk and opportunity. Sold new business and received commission for new client resulting in $250K in revenue and $100K in EBITDA contribution. Only Account Director assigned to Client Service task team after RESOLVE acquisition to develop operational best practices across the organization. Designed and developed internal shared service quarterly report card distributed to executive management to ensure all client service levels were met and exceeded by geography. Created and led the development of performance review matrix for positions within the Client Service department. Receive exceptional performance reviews and maintain “A1” player 9-box status. Annual employee engagement team score average was 4.22 compared to company average of 3.56. Developed and led Client Service learning series to create alignment of client goals and initiatives for the upcoming year.
  4. 4. Key ClientsMARY JO KASPER has managed relationships with these major brands:
  5. 5. TestimonialsSheila Burke (Client)Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity“Mary Jo was a valuable partner when she acted as the Account Director on our business. We often discussed ourbusiness strategy and ensured that we created alignment and a true strategic partnership. I appreciated her ability toleverage the right talent at Archway to partner with us to get whatever project we needed done. She energized andled her team to provide outstanding leadership and service to us.”Bob Adkinson, Chief Operating Officer “Mary Jo is a very client-focused leader, and ensures that her services are perfectly aligned to the customer needs.She demonstrates strong leadership while winning new business, defining and integrating new clients, measuringand reporting service levels, and negotiating contract terms. In addition, she has strong attention to detail andensures that the internal processes run with efficiency and quality. Mary Jo has a passion for running her businesslike its her own, and leaves her fingerprints along the way.”Kathleen Carter, VP Business Development “Mary Jo is a dedicated, results-driven leader with great management skills and a passion for delivering andexceeding both client and company goals. Mary Jo is not afraid to take on the difficult and complex projects andengages cross functional team members to deliver best-in-class solutions. She is eager to learn new skills andchallenges others to do the same - she seeks critical feedback and is always looking for ways to improve herself andthe processes she deploys. She is a positive influence on the organization and a sincere delight to work!”Megan Effertz, VP Marketing “Mary Jo provides great leadership to her ever growing team and takes the time to coach and develop them which inturn provides our clients with excellent service. She goes above and beyond in her role to expand the channels ofcommunication, demonstrate value and improve processes. She always puts the client at the forefront and works toexceed their needs everyday in new and innovative ways.”Jill Johannsen, Account Manager “Mary Jo is a proven leader in the organization. She engages her team to strive for high-quality results and exceedcustomer expectations. Mary Jo also incorporates the company’s mission statement into her daily communications.Because of her dedicated management style and cognizance of work-home life balance, she has continually builtsuccessful teams that grow top line sales and increased employee engagement throughout the many facets in theorganization.”Melanie Fern, Account Representative “Mary Jo Kasper hired me at Archway in 2006. Mary Jo is one of the strongest women I know both professionallyand personally. She gives you what you need to succeed and always encourages the best out of you. She issupportive in your professional development and always has your best interest at hand. Mary Jo’s clients respect herand look to her as a key role in their accounts. I am proud to be part of one of the many teams she created atArchway.”
  6. 6. MARY JO L. KASPER nd11230 22 Street NE l St. Michael, MN 55376 l 612.817.8716 l maryjok123@yahoo.comSUMMARYAn accomplished Client Service and Project Management Director who brings an insightful,comprehensive, and purposeful approach to building exceptional client relationships that drive revenueand build long standing partnerships. Delivers proven leadership managing resources, budgets, andtimeframes and guiding a team of project managers through successful new client integration. By creatingand utilizing standard project management methodologies and developing a consistent process, has builta reputation for establishing a powerful repeatable best in class execution process.EXPERTISE Client & Customer Relationship Management Innovative Client Solutions & Industry Expertise Effective Project Management Team Leadership & Coaching Distribution / Order Fulfillment Cross-Organizational Collaboration Continuous Quality Improvement Data Management SystemsPROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEARCHWAY / Director, Client Integration 2011Directed new business integration process across entire Archway network and provided client services,operations and systems development for major clients in automotive, consumer packages goods,pharmaceutical, and the food and beverage industry. Supported sales and account management teamsduring the selling process and start-up phase. Led a team of 4 project managers and orchestrated customized solutions for key strategic clients including Johnson & Johnson, Procter and Gamble, TracFone and SuperValu. Developed custom technology processes, automated operational solutions along with robust reporting to meet all business objectives. Focused on initiatives to drive waste out of marketing supply chain including reducing transportation costs, leveraging technology, identifying cost-effective delivery methods and optimizing the process every step of the way Spearheaded TracFone and Decimet Sales Inc through the integration process resulting in the project delivering within scope, timeline and budget. Led discovery meetings with key stakeholders to define scope of program and processes to support web-based inventory management services allowing the client to maintain 24-hour, virtual control of inventory management in real-time Instituted standardized project management methodologies and launched a SharePoint website to create consistent processes to manage all aspects of order entry, delivery fulfillment, reporting and documentation. Trained over 100 employees for timely rollout. Developed executive weekly dashboard to monitor key customer benchmarks tracking all five project management phases (initiation, planning, execution, monitor and control and closing) with a strong focus on risk management and operational margins.
  7. 7. MARY JO L. KASPERARCHWAY / Director, Account Management 2007 – 2010Performed oversight of Client Service function, implementing a consultative approach with clients;identifying additional opportunities with existing clients; analyzing competitor marketing efforts anddiscovering new opportunities in the industry. Championed a new initiative presented by COO to project manage a client invoicing review across the organization, resulting in over $495K additional billable revenue. Led team of 3 Account Managers and 18 supporting Client Services representatives developing solid client relationships with 15 key accounts including inComm, Subway, Nestle, General Mills and Darden Restaurants and other clients in the Food and Beverage and Retail industry. Successfully maintained and grew P&L of more than $11 million in annual revenue. Added significant revenue growth for one retail client of $4.3 million over a three year period by adding additional services and also managing their client distribution center in Atlanta, GA. Achieved 100% client retention over an 8 year period.ARCHWAY / Account Manager 2002 – 2007Led team of 6 Client Services representatives to develop and maintain strong and trusting clientrelationships, producing profitable P&L growth, while exceeding client expectations. Created and worked with Shared Service leaders to develop quarterly report card for each internal supporting department and reported to the executive team to ensure targeted client service levels were being achieved across all geographies. Sustained profitable gross margin and EBITDA contributions. Consistently received exceeding expectations client reviews.GAGE MARKETING / Account Manager 1990 – 2002 Managed profitable P&L for multimillion dollar clients including Procter & Gamble, Kraft Foods and General Mills. Recommended and implemented several departmental improvement initiatives and established best practices which were executed across all divisions.PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTGraduate, Archway Leadership AcademyCompleted 10 months of professional coaching sessions with Jim EarleyStrengthfinders Assessment: Top 5 – Relater, Arranger, Self Assurance, Responsibility and InputRegular participation in online seminars and industry trade showsEDUCATIONBusiness & Marketing Studies, North Hennepin Community College, Brooklyn Park, MNPMP Certification, Project Management Institute – in progress, April 2012