Squared Multi Channel Plan


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Assignment for Squared Online, digital media plan for a fictional hair colouring brand.

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Squared Multi Channel Plan

  1. 1. Squarelle Tonacity Multi-Channel Plan Michael Campbell | Squared Online | September 2013
  2. 2. Executive Summary Integrated multi-channel plan Squarelle Tonacity is set to shake up the highend hair colouring market, with the promise of convenient home application combined with long-lasting, multi-tonal, salon quality colour. The challenge is to persuade the target audience of affluent but busy women that Squarelle Tonacity can deliver on its promises and provide an attractive alternative to both expensive salons and cheap home colouring. The marketing launch is essential to create brand awareness and drive trial, sales and advocacy. Digital will play a key part in this, and £400,000 has been allocated to support an integrated multi-channel plan.
  3. 3. Target Audience Rushed Rachel: Affluent professional mum Demographic Profile Busy professional female, married with young children, aged 35-45, high income, home owner. Media Habits • • • • TV: Strictly Come Dancing, Downton Abbey, Grand Designs. Press: Ideal Home, Sunday Times, Grazia. Web: Mail Online, Ocado, Mumsnet. Shops: Boden, John Lewis, Next. Attitude to Hair Care • • • Wants to look young and stylish, uses highlights to cover emerging greys. Enjoys the salon experience, willing to pay for quality style and colouring. Difficult to keep up with appointments, would consider a convenient alternative. Concerns About Squarelle Tonacity • • It could be messy and time consuming. Is it really worth the effort? Key Message: Salon quality home highlights, whenever suits you Quality Convenience Price
  4. 4. Target Audience Sarah Saver: Style savvy, but short of cash Demographic Profile Urban professional female, living with partner, no children, aged 25-35, medium income, renting and saving for a deposit. Media Habits • • • • TV: X-Factor, New Girl, Britain’s Top Model, Great British Bake Off. Press: Cosmopolitan, Stylist. Web: The Guardian, YouTube, Facebook. Shops: Topshop, H&M, Office, ASOS. Attitude to Hair Care • • • Adventurous, willing to try new styles, influenced by celebrities and by friends. Regular salon cut and colour, enjoys looking her best and feeling confident. Concerned about the cost of the salon, would consider a cheaper home option. Concerns About Squarelle Tonacity • • It might look cheap and amateurish. Will everyone know it’s done at home? Key Message: Salon quality home highlights, your style secret Quality Convenience Price
  5. 5. Strategy Attention, persuasion, trial, advocacy Our target audiences need convincing that that Squarelle Tonacity is a premium product that will look great and will be worth the effort. Inspiration, social proof and advocacy from friends and celebrities can help overcome these objections. By understanding our consumer, we can optimise the digital journey based on her needs throughout the decision making process. Appropriate media will be selected throughout to engage, persuade, support and celebrate: Desire & Awareness • Be visible – display, search & social • Be aspirational – beautiful image content Consideration • Educate and inspire – blogs, images • Overcome objections – ‘how-to’ videos Trial & Purchase • Easy to discover – always on search • Easy to trial – social support teams Loyalty & Advocacy • Show off your look – crowdsourced content • Tell your friends – community incentives Source: Matthewson, 2010
  6. 6. Tactics – Search Always on Search: be visible and encourage consideration An integrated approach to organic and paid search will enable Squarelle Tonacity to capture the attention of interested, in-market searchers: SEO based on high quality content and earned links will drive increasing traffic PPC based on competitive CPA objectives will boost traffic, enquiries and interactions Paid Search Planning • • • • • • • • • Always on Brand Campaigns – to maximise traffic from interested searches Flexible Generic campaigns – to steal share from competitors Intelligent budgeting to maximise the cross-media multiplier effect Segmented structure reflecting user needs e.g. quality, convenience, cost Tightly focused ad copy, relevant landing pages and optimised CPC bidding Utilise data to test and learn on effective messaging and calls-to-action Innovate with latest betas e.g. Video Extensions, Image Extensions Utilise Enhanced Campaigns features e.g. Click to Call and Ad Scheduling to boost CTR and conversion rate and maximise return on investment Increase reach and gain cost efficiencies by targeting Yahoo/Bing as well as Google Source: Google Keyword Planner
  7. 7. Tactics – Display Targeted Display: promote brand awareness Combine striking visuals with engaging copy and intelligent placement targeting to attract potential customers and drive brand awareness: Display Planning • • • • • • • Understand the funnel and optimise placements to maximise limited budgets. Integrate with press, outdoor and TV to portray a consistent brand message and personality Utilise remarketing across GDN and Criteo to entice non-converting users to the site Utilise contextual, behavioural, demographic and device based signals to display the right message at the right time Balance brand awareness with direct response objectives Make use of innovations in rich media ads and real time bidding Agree CPA and CPM objectives based on media agency proposals Source: Google Display Planner
  8. 8. Tactics – Video & Content Video & Content: inspire, educate & engage Engaging use of both brand content and usergenerated video will inspire trial and help reassure our audience about quality and ease of use. Partnering with hair and beauty blogs will create buzz and excitement around the Squarelle Tonacity brand. Video Planning • • • • • Integrate online content with TV creative featuring Blake Lively from Gossip Girl – our rona Create additional content, hosted on YouTube, demonstrating colour and style inspiration Run educational ‘how-to’ videos, reassuring about ease of use and convenience Run bursts of TrueView advertising to extend reach Encourage UGC, e.g. competition to ‘share the look’ Content Planning • • Partner with influential fashion bloggers to encourage trial and positive reviews Investigate affiliate programmes with receptive bloggers to promote consideration and trial
  9. 9. Tactics – Social Social Media: owned, earned and paid social Build communities on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & YouTube. Engage, inspire and encourage loyalty and advocacy – social proof and word of mouth is crucial. Offer outstanding service and support, but remember – our target audience is busy! Social Planning Owned Media: develop rich social content plan, to influence each stage of the purchase cycle. • e.g. Behind the scenes TV advert, ‘how-to’ videos’, live hangouts, Twitter chats, exclusive content Earned Media: build community hubs and encourage sharing on social networks to maximise exposure and introduce new fans • e.g. Reviews, demonstration videos, Facebook / Twitter style tips, fashion advice for busy mums Paid Media: use paid social media to extend reach and drive additional interest • e.g. Sponsored Stories and Promoted Tweets
  10. 10. Timings & Costs Detailed Tactical Plan: All channels The activity has been planned to work alongside the other channels, and maximise the multi-channel multiplier effect across the key mid weeks of the launch. Search and social channels are ‘always on’, supported by tactical bursts of display, video, and paid social to enable testing and optimisation throughout. ALL MEDIA Television BUDGET 31/03/14 07/04/14 14/04/14 21/04/14 28/04/14 05/05/14 12/05/14 19/05/14 26/05/14 02/06/14 09/06/14 16/06/14 23/06/14 31/03/14 07/04/14 14/04/14 21/04/14 28/04/14 05/05/14 12/05/14 19/05/14 26/05/14 02/06/14 09/06/14 16/06/14 23/06/14 1,000,000 Outdoor 200,000 Print 400,000 Digital GRAND TOTAL DIGITAL 400,000 2,000,000 BUDGET Search | Organic | SEO 30,000 Search | Paid | Google 118,000 Search | Paid | Yahoo/Bing 12,000 Display | Launch Campaign 92,000 Display | Retargeting 8,000 Video | YouTube | Content & Partnerships 18,000 Video | YouTube | TrueView Advertising 32,000 Content | Partnerships | Hair & Beauty Blogs 14,000 Social | Owned | Community Management 18,000 Social | Earned | Content & Partnerships 28,000 Social | Paid | Social Advertising DIGITAL TOTAL 30,000 400,000
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