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Internet Safety For Parents
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Internet Safety For Parents

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A brief overview of my talk with Parents on Monday, Sept. 17.

A brief overview of my talk with Parents on Monday, Sept. 17.

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  • 1. Internet Safety
  • 2. The Law
    • As of July 1, the Code of Virginia says that state Department of Education is to issue guidelines to schools for integrating Internet safety into their regular instruction.
  • 3. What is Internet Safety?
  • 4. What is Internet Safety?
  • 5. So what is HCPS doing about this?
  • 6. Multiple Layers
  • 7. Multiple Layers
    • Central Office
  • 8. Multiple Layers
    • Central Office
    • Central Office has created multiple websites to facilitate Internet Safety training
  • 9. Multiple Layers
    • Schools
  • 10. Multiple Layers
    • Schools
    • Everyone at school has a role: principals, guidance, SROs, librarians, and teachers
  • 11. Multiple Layers
    • Parents
  • 12. Multiple Layers
    • Parents
    • If they have earned your trust, give it to them. If not, unplug the computer and take away their cell phones and interactive gaming devices.
  • 13. Multiple Layers
    • Parents
    • If you haven’t taught them what they need to know by now, we’re all in trouble.
  • 14. Multiple Layers
    • Parents
    • Focus on teaching them to be responsible cybercitizens and to use the filter between their ears.
  • 15. Multiple Layers
    • Parents
    • Emphasize again the risks of sharing personal information and meeting strangers offline.
  • 16. Multiple Layers
    • Parents
    • Make sure they Google themselves often and report what they find.
  • 17. Multiple Layers
    • Parents
    • Teach them to use anti-virus software, to not believe everything they read online and to respect others. Check for adware or spyware often, use a firewall and teach them to come to you if anything goes wrong online.
  • 18. Multiple Layers
    • Parents
    • Ask them to help keep their younger brothers and sisters safe online.
  • 19. Multiple Layers
    • Parents
    • Remind them that you’re still around if they need your help.