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Spanish and Apaches                          Fighting The United StatesGet Along For One                            Becaus...
Comic  Explaining The Comic  This comic shows an Indian boy at school who did not  have his hunting gear, because he neede...
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The apache indians by joshua f.


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The apache indians by joshua f.

  1. 1. The Apache Herald ILLUSTRATED WEEKLY NEWSPAPER Joshua F. IssueThursday, February 28, 1892 No. LA7The Apache Indians Joshua’s Weather ReportBy, Today’s Weather: Cloudy with anNicole Claro estimated rain of 2-4 inches In Arizona The Apache Indians moved from High: 78 Fpresent day Northern Canada and the landRussia used to own to the southwest. We donot know why they moved. The ApacheIndians hunted for food in the southwest. The Apache Indians lived in coneshaped tipis made with animal skins, or hutswith branches and grasses in which to live.They were poor starting in the 1870’s whenthe Apaches lived on reservations. Foodwas sparse because the animals would moveand the Indians could not hunt the animals.The Apaches would fight the United States,so they could live how they lived in thepast. Later on in the reservations, thegovernment employees made the Apachesforget about their old ways with farming,eventually going to school, and not lookinglike regular school children in the Apachecamps.
  2. 2. Spanish and Apaches Fighting The United StatesGet Along For One Because Living OnHundred Years ReservationsBy, Joshua F. By, One protagonist in my book is Joshua F.Conde de Revillagigo and was niceto the Apaches. He gave food and From October 1860 to 1872, the Apachesclothing to them. In Mexico, there was fought the United States because troopspeace for one hundred years. made the Apaches settle on the reservations.Conde de Revillagigo put Galvezs plan Cochise was accused of taking the wards’back into action because of giving the boy Felix. In The end result of the accusing,Apaches food and clothing.. four Americans were killed and three After one hundred years this plan Apachemade Spanish settles pay tax becoming to warriors.expensive to giving partial needs to the In 1872, Cochise and the United StatesApaches. The setlers did not want to pay Government that the Chiricahuas, whichthe tax because the money they spent were a group of Apaches would live on awould go to the Apaches. The Apaches Reservation, but still in their same territory.were furious because the supplies they In 1874, Cochise dies and the peace treatygot decreased. There was blood because by the United States government is notof how the Apaches reacted because they honored. The Chiricahuas are upset and fightgot fewer supplies. the Americans again. The new Apache leader, Geronimo and warriors fight theJoshua’s Critic Corner Americans. Geronimo caught many timesBy, Joshua F. and escaped. He could not survive, so he surrendered . The Apaches have now been I disliked The Apache Indians conquered. because there was not a lot of battles Advertisement and interest to catch my attention. I do not recommend this book to third Get a shield for ten dollars at graders and under because it probably Apache’s! Here is one of there would not interest you or catch your quality shields: attention. I would recommend this book to fourth graders and up who like to read about history.
  3. 3. Comic Explaining The Comic This comic shows an Indian boy at school who did not have his hunting gear, because he needed to bring home some sort of food that day. It happens when Jim is punished is that sheep start eating his pants and Dan’s pants. He could have had hunted the sheep and bring food to be cooked.Unscramble The Words Of The Day: het eahcpa nndsiia The answer is in the bottom right. Answer: The Apache Indians