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Jurassic period
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  • 1. What Was The JurassicPeriod?By: Rebecca
  • 2. What is the Jurassic period? Cretaceous period came up next after theJurassic.
  • 3. Meet the Archaeopteryx The Archaeopteryx is the earliest known bird considered to be a possible link between reptiles and birds. Paleontologists are debating if this bird could fly or have merely glided from tree to tree. It ate mammals, lizards, insects, and fish. Its size was 14 inches long. It lived in Germany 150 million years ago. It ran, leaped, glided, and flapped. In any event it actually seems, that it was not a strong flier.
  • 4. ArchaeopteryxBy: NobuTamura
  • 5. Outside look of the body are characteristics of today’s birds that the Archaeopteryx had.
  • 6. The Archaeopteryx skeleton This is the Archaeopteryx skeleton.
  • 7. Meet the Dilophosaurus It was speedy and slender. It walked on two muscular legs. The Dilophosaurus lived in the early Jurassic period. It lived in Arizona ( in USA). It was a carnivore. The Dilophosaurus was 20ft long. It lived in deserts.
  • 8. DilophosaurusBy: Wikipek
  • 9. Meet the Brachiosaurus It is one of the biggest land animals found. The name means arm lizard. It lived in the late Jurassic. The Brachiosaurus lived in Colorado and Tanzania. It is 82ft long and 52 feet high. It was a herbivore. The front feet had a claw on the first toe and the hind limbs had claws on the first three toes.
  • 10. BrachiosaurusBy: Matt Martyniuk
  • 11. Meet the Stegosaurus Stegosaurus means armored roofed lizard. Its fore limbs had five toes and its hind limbs had three toes. It lived in the late Jurassic period. The Stegosaurus lived in Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado. It was a herbivore. It was 25ft long. Paleontologists believe that the plates on a Stegosaurus control the body temperature or used for display.
  • 12. StegosaurusBy: Nobu Tamura
  • 13. The Jurassic has ended Sadly, the Jurassic ended because of the extinction of dinosaurs. Bye-bye Jurassic and hello Cretaceous.
  • 14. Credits 1: 2: at 3: 5: 6:
  • 15. Continuing website credits 7: 8: 9: 10: connection.html 11: 12: haeopteryx.shtml
  • 16. Image credits• erilli_2.jpg• .png• W.jpg
  • 17. Thank you!Bye!