Bullfighting- Sport Or Cruelty to Animals
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Bullfighting- Sport Or Cruelty to Animals






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    Bullfighting- Sport Or Cruelty to Animals Bullfighting- Sport Or Cruelty to Animals Presentation Transcript

    • BULLFIGHTING Sport or Cruelty to Animals?
    • The History of Bullfightinge History ofBullfighting Bullfighting is an ancient tradition in Spain, Portugal, Southern France, Mexico and many other Latin American countries. The tradition traces back to ancient bull worship and sacrifice. The first time we have evidence of bullfighting is on the Celtiberian Tombstone from Clunia and the cave painting “El toro de hachos” both in Spain.
    • What’s the problem with Bullfighting? Bullfighting may be a cultural tradition and a tourist attraction but at the end of the ceremony the bulls are put to death. This is why bullfighting is controversial. Many organizations like People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) want to make a difference. Every year, 250,000 bulls die making bullfight “a tradition of tragedy.” Animal rights activists criticize the sport calling it barbaric. Bulls suffer slow torturous deaths. Animals activist groups are sent to Spain and other countries to try and stop bullfighting. In Spanish, opposition to bullfighting is referred to as antituarina.
    • Tzar Ba’aley Chaim• Tzar Ba’aley Chaim is the Jewish law concerning the ethical treatment of animals. In the Code of Jewish Law, Even HaEzer, it says “not to pluck feathers from a live goose, because it is cruel to do so.” We learn from this that if you are not allowed to needlessly harm a goose, why would you be able to needlessly harm a bull? The ritual does not out way the pain of the animal because you don’t gain anything from it.
    • Bullfighting and Tzar Baalei Chaim Bullfighting breaks the law of Tzar Ba’aley Chaim bykilling the bulls after they participate in a fight. This is whybullfighting is opposed and groups fight to put an end tothis cultural tradition. Stopping bullfighting, however, ismore difficult than you would imagine. How do you stop atradition? The answer is to gain enough supporters.
    • How Can You Help? You can help by gathering a group of people who share your views against bullfighting. The point of this group is to get support in numbers so that letter writing campaigns and protests at bull fights can spread the word that bullfighting is cruel and inhuman. The only way to stop a tradition is to educate people and show them that what they are doing is wrong.
    • Thank You• Thank you for watching this power point and I hope you take a stand against bullfighting. TOGETHER IT CAN BE STOPPED!!!
    • Thank You For Providing me with goodPictures and info• http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bullfighting• http://www.popularvirals.com/thank-you.php?page=9• http://www.corbacho.info/finlandia/page/6/• http://sydneystewart.wordpress.com/2011/11/10/kentucky- fried-chicken/• http://www.helmetgirl.co.uk/blog/stop-bullfighting/