Around the Universe in 80 Lightyears


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Narrative written by 5th grade students at the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School in Jacksonville, Florida. It is based on Jules Verne's classic "Around the World in 80 Days"

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Around the Universe in 80 Lightyears

  1. 1. Phineas Foog was considered a mystery. Nobody knew when or where he found an ancient quarter that was worth 1,000,000 dollars. He had just come up one day and cashed it in. The fortune he gained was worth 100,000 Pizzas. People often thought of him as a robot. He was never late or early, but exactly on time. You could often find him in his usual spot on Mercury, the Charlie Chunk Club. That's where all the rich guys went to hang out. One day Foog's aquaintances met him at The Charlie Chunk Club to play a high stakes game of Go Fish. While there his game mates made a wierd comment about an alien that was stealing quarters not as valuable as Phineas Foog's fortune but it could quickly amount if this continued. "I wonder where in the solar system could he could be!" blasted Steve Jones, Foog's adversary in this battle of luck. "Why he could be anywhere," replied the museum curater that got one of his quarters stolen. "He shan't escape the justice of the intergalactic police," Foog exclaimed. "To prove it I shall travel to every planet in the galaxy and go to the police. They will give me a badge saying that I have been to the planet." I have a 500,000 dollar deposit in the bank." Phineas said. I shall give you a check with my name on it. If I am not back here in 80 Lightyears you will be able to fill it out and turn it in to the bank. "To prove it, I shall travel to every planet in the galaxy and go to the police," said Foog. They will give me a badge saying that I have been to the planet. He set out from the Charlie Chunk Club at 7:00 on January 9, 6853. He would start his journey with his servant Passport, whom he had hired the night before.
  2. 2. They would have to go to Mercury, Uranus, Venus, Earth, Neptune, Mars, Jupitar, and Saturn. They would start at Mercury, Phineas's home, after Mercury they go to Venus exactly how the solar system goes. Mr. Foog's plan is to reach Neptune in 80 Lightyears. His plan was to depart from Mercury at Sunday 8:56 1/9/6853. He would use a space train to cross from his hometown Towntown to Mercury's capital Mecury. His planned arrival is to reach Mecury at Monday 8th, 4:32. At the station Foog's aquaintances came to see him off. Foog boarded the space train and made himself comfortable. It was a 2 Lightyear trip to Mecury from Towntown. He sat down and fell asleep. His only pastime was playing Go Fish. He only left his car when he needed to eat. Passport's favorite pastime was talking to the other passengers. He loved to hear their tales of where they were from.
  3. 3. At last the trip was over. Foog got out of the stuffy car. Passport was glad to get out of there. Foog went straight to the police to get a badge. When he got there he went to the desk clerk and demanded a badge with the planet's name on it. "I'm sorry sir, but we can't give you a badge." The clerk said. "Why not?" Foog questioned "For one you are not qualified to have one." The clerk argued "But I am on a mission." Foog explained. "Well if you put it that way, here you go." He handed Foog the badge. Meanwhile in Towntown there had been a robbery. The robber had stolen the most expensive quarter yet. It had been worth 1,000,001 dollars. Luckily though, they had procured a description. It matched Foog's description exactly. There had been some buzz before about his mysterious disappearance, but know they all were saying that he had left before he could be caught. They then set out for Venus's capital Venu. They got on the best space train in the universe the General Light. It would be a 7 Lightyear trip. Foog told Passport get them some food before they entered the train. When they entered the train they knew that they had made a smart choice to get food for such a long journey, because the people who work there do not offer any food.
  4. 4. Once they got there they immediately went to the police and asked for a badge with the planet's name. This time though the police didn't even question it. They just agreed with it. Foog wondered why, but he didn't care because he thought they might take it back. When leaving the police station, Foog met an interesting fellow named Fix It Felix. He asked if he could join them in their tour of the universe. Foog said, "Certainly." Fix It Felix was secretly a spy sent to follow Foog. He assumed that Foog was the robber and was hoping that he could arrest him and get the reward. The reward was 500,000 dollars. He couldn't arrest him until he got back to Mercury because that is the only planet in control of the very space age technology. They then headed out for Earth. That is an 11 Lightyear trip. They are going to Earth by a rocketship. They decided to get some Go Fish cards to play. They played the whole time. Foog won every time because he is a professional. He was so into the game he almost missed the stop at earth's capital, the USA.
  5. 5. To go to Mars it would be 12 Lightyears. They would have to take another rocket, but the ride would have the greatest danger yet because they had to cross the Asteroid Belt. They just slept through all 12 Lightyears and had to be woken up when the train ride ended in Mars's capital Mar. Then they went to the police and easily got the badge with no questions asked because they knew about theirbet. They then wanted to head out to Jupiter's capital, Jupite. It is an 8 Lightyear trip. They had to go by a Starship. The trip is dangerous though so they had to help the captain. It was very hard to do this and they got delayed because they found some aliens that captured a lady! They had to save her. They told the captain that they wanted to take a detour to save the woman. They offered 17,500 dollars to the driver and the driver quickly accepted. They suited up with laser guns, jetpacks, and space armor. They where ready for battle. First Foog shot the aliens arms so the woman could escape and then Passport quickly shot the aliens and then the aliens died. They quickly went over to see if the woman was okay. She was pleased she was saved and she praised them for there heroics and that they saved her. She told them her name was EyeYoda and she had no house or home because the alien came and destroyed her home and her husband. Passport was heartbroken so he asked Foog if she could come along. Foog accepted! They had a new aquantaince!
  6. 6. The trip to Saturn was on another space train. It will supposedly take 10 light years to get to the capital Saurn. On the train Foog and Passport met a very skilled Go Fish player, Sir Francis Kronos-Party. He will be traveling with them until Uranus. The trip was very fun with Kronos-Party. The trip ended in 8 Lightyears so Foog and Passport plus two are now ahead of time. They then went to the police to get the badge for Saturn. The police didn't want to give it, but when they saw his other badges the police thought he was a police officer. Later they heard about the bet and were glad that they gave him a badge so he could win the bet. They departed from Saurn with EyeYoda going to Uranus's capital Uran. As they boarded the Starbuster, EyeYoda tripped and fell of the aircraft. As she was falling Foog caught EyeYoda and hauled her back aboard the aircraft. The ride to Uran would be 6 light years. The ride got all bumpy and all uncomfortable and then suddenly a creature appeared shooting with unknown guns damaging the engines. Passport hit the emergency button and the alarms sounded. The captan told the frightened passengers to calm down and that everything is under control.
  7. 7. Foog picked up a laser gun and started shooting the alien. Passport quickly got a gun also and soon almost all the aliens were dead, but the few who servived fled saying we will come back for you! Eventually in 6 Lightyears they got to Uran and once again got the police badge. Sadly Kronos-Party would be leaving them now, but EyeYoda refused to leave and came with them. They were okay with that though the journey would only be about 10 Lightyears. They got on the Starbuster to Neptune's capital Posiden. When they got on the star buster the captain told them that they think that they might be a couple Lightyears late. They were sad, but they new that they had a lot of time. Foog didn't have anyone to play Go Fish with now that Kronos-Party was gone so he just slept the whole time. Passport talked to the other passengers while EyeYoda slept.
  8. 8. When they ended up in Posiden they were 4 Lightyears late so it took 14 Lightyears. They then went to the police got their final badge and said " To the molecular transporter!" They then went to the molecular transporter and asked someone how many Lightyears it would take to get back to Mercury and they said it would take 14 Lightyears to get back to Towntown. When the company got to Towntown Fix It Felix went up to Foog and asked, "You are really Phileas Foog?" Foog replied, "Yes." "Then I arrest you in the space president's name." Foog immediatly did a double take. "Arrested?" Foog asked incredulously "What for?" "For stealing 1,000,001 dollars in quarters." I did no such thing." "Well then you are free to go." They were in Towntown at the Charly Chunk Club and had won the bet. Foog was in a complete state of euphoria. They had proven it could be done in 80 Lightyears! It was an amazing journey for them and they enjoyed it very much. After all the buzz had died down Foog asked to speak to Eye Yoda in private. When the two were alone Foog got on one knee and asked Eye Yoda, "Will you marry me?" Eye Yoda replied, "Yes oh heavens yes." They were wedded the next day.