2008 Cataloges


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You will see modern design furiture here.www.mjdesignchairs.com

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2008 Cataloges

  1. 1. SHENZHEN MJ FURNITURE CO.,LTD mjfurniture@gmail.com www.chairmores.com C004 Eames lounge C001 Egg chair C002 Swan chair C003 Corona chair chair and ottoman C005 Barcelona C006 Barcelona 2 C007 barecelona 3 C007 LC2 Arm chair chair and ottoman seats seats C008 LC2 love C010 LC3 arm C009 LC2 sofa C011 LC3 love chair chair chair C012 LC4 Chaise C012 LC4 Chaise C013 LC1 Arm C014 Swivel chair Lounge lounge (pony) chair C015 Wassily C016 Coconut C018 Bibendum C017 Brno Chair armchair chair Armchair
  2. 2. C019 Knoll arm C020 Knoll love C021 Knoll sofa C022 Knoll ottoman chair chair C023 knoll 2seat C024 knoll 3seats C025 kubus C026 kubus bench bench armchair lovechair C028 kubus C030 PK22 Easy C027 kubus sofa C029 Womb chair ottoman chair C031 PK20 Longe C032 PK31 C033 PK31 C034 PK31 sofa chair Armchair lovechair C035 OX chair and C036 PP501 Dining C037 Roxy lounge CO38 barcelona ottoman chair chair daybed
  3. 3. C039 Group Gust C040 Group Gust C041 Group C042 Group Exective chair chair Management chair chair C043 Soft pad low C044 Soft Pad C045 Softpad C046 Soft Pad back high back groug chair executive chair C048 Oxford C049 oxford high C050 Eames office C047 Lobby chair office chair back chair CO51 Swan chair C052 Barcelona C053 Barcelona C054 LC6 Ding table table Occasion table coffee table C055 Noguchi C055 Noguchi ding C056 Laccio CO57 Gray coffee coffee table table Coffee table table
  4. 4. C058 Aluminu C060 Navy middle Group conract C059 Navy chair C061 Navy bar chair bar chair table C062 Diamond C064 Effi wire C065 Betori bar C063 Betori chair chair chair stool C066 LCW C067 LCW C068 DCW C069 DCW Table C071 Eames wood C072 Eames metal C070 Eames stool C073 elipse table chair chair C074 elipse small C074 Ding table C075 tulip chair CO76 tulip armchair table
  5. 5. CO77 bonewish C078 rocking CO79 Mogenen 2204 CO80 Mogensen 2204 chair chair armchair armchair stool CO81 Eames La C082 bubble chair C083 Ball chair C084 tulip table chair CW01 Nelson CW02 Nelson eye CW03 Nelson star MJHO1 Hang it all Turbine clock clock clock CW05 Nelson CW04 Nelson Kite CW06 Nelson block CW07 Nelson steering wheel clock clock asterisk clock clock CW08 Nelson CW09 Nelson ball sunburst clock clock