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Art 4 final
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Art 4 final


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  • 1. Art 4, Essay 04, Compare & Contrast Two Artists Choose a pair of artists from the slides, orcome up with two other artists, but run it by me first. It should be two similarartists, same time frame and similar subject matter.
  • 2. Jean Leon Gerome and Eugene Delacroix
  • 3. Suzanne Valadon and Mary Cassatt
  • 4. Vincent Van Gogh to Paul Gauguin
  • 5. Mary Cassatt to Edward Degas
  • 6. Berthe Morisot to Mary Cassatt
  • 7. EdouardManet and Claude Monet
  • 8. Henri Matisse & Henri Vuillard
  • 9. Thomas Cole to Albert Bierstadt
  • 10. Frederic Remington to Charles M. Russell
  • 11. Frida Kahlo to Georgia OKeefe
  • 12. Emily Carr and Georgia Okeefe
  • 13. Salvador Dali & Rene Magritte
  • 14. Diego Rivera to Jose Clemente Orozco
  • 15. Thomas Hart Benton to Reginald Marsh
  • 16. Thomas Hart Benton to Maynard Dixon
  • 17. Edward Hopper to Reginald Marsh
  • 18. Jackson Pollock and Franz Kline
  • 19. Alice Neel to Lucian Freud
  • 20. Richard Diebenkorn and Mark Rothko
  • 21. Elmer Bischoff and David Park
  • 22. Jasper Johns & Robert Rauschenberg
  • 23. Sylvia Sleigh to Alice Neel
  • 24. Andy Warhol and Keith Haring
  • 25. Enrique Chagoya and Paula Rego
  • 26. Maria Izquierdo and Paula Rego
  • 27. Jim Nutt to Gladys Nilsson
  • 28. Raymond Saunders to Squeak Carnwath
  • 29. Squeak Carnwath to Inez Storer
  • 30. Wayne Thiebaud to Janet Fish
  • 31. Joseph Cornell to Marcel Duchamp
  • 32. Hannah Hoch to John Heartfield
  • 33. Patty Warashina to Robert Arneson
  • 34. Judy Chicago to Georgia O’Keefe
  • 35. George Segal to Duane Hanson
  • 36. romantic love was invented to manipulate womensin is a means of social controlthe unattainable is invariably attractivereligion causes as many problems as it solvesprivate property created crimeplanning for the future is escapismmorals are for little peopledying and coming back gives you considerable perspectivedrama often obscures the real issuesdescription is more valuable than metaphordeviants are sacrificed to increase group solidaritybelieving in rebirth is the same as admitting defeatbeing alone with yourself is increasingly unpopularartificial desires are despoiling the earthabuse of power should come as no surprisea single event can have infinitely many interpretations Jenny Holzer to Barbara Krueger
  • 37. LasloMoholy Nagy to RaoulHausmann
  • 38. Walker Evans to Robert Frank
  • 39. Margaret Bourke-White to Helen Levitt
  • 40. Tina Modotti and Edward Weston
  • 41. Imogene Cunningham to Edward Weston
  • 42. Ansel Adams to Robert Adams
  • 43. Diane Arbus to Robert Mapplethorpe
  • 44. Olivia Parker to Linda Connor
  • 45. Emmett Gowin to Ralph Eugene Meatyard
  • 46. Sally Mann to Emmett Gowin
  • 47. Holly Roberts to Maggie Taylor
  • 48. Maggie Taylor to Jerry Uelsman
  • 49. Danny Lyons to Larry Clark
  • 50. Kelli Connell to Julie BlackmonIf you choose Kelli and Julie, you’ll need to readto understand Kelli’s imagery, do not assume.