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Art 42, Japanese Print or
Andy Warhol Self-Portrait
Just find a piece that you can make some good suggestions about.
Be po...
Nicholas Brewer-Webb
Beetle Cesario
Karyn Clark
Karyn Clark
James Cookman
Max Coulter-Hardy
Nancy Fleming
Hudson Fremont
Joseph Gustavson
Giovanna Stieglitz
Dale Voigt
Lori Wyler
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01 fall 2013


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  • Max. Job well done. You might want to try putting some curves to those hard edges. It might give it a smoother, more realistic finish.

    James. EXCELLENT! The black & white gradient in the background is giving a metallic feel, you might want to try doing a Gaussian Blur there instead of the Gradient.
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Transcript of "01 fall 2013"

  1. 1. Art 42, Japanese Print or Andy Warhol Self-Portrait Just find a piece that you can make some good suggestions about. Be polite, approach it with care. The goal is to help, not to make anyone feel badly about their skill level, just to help them get to the next step up. Please be as specific as possible with your suggestions. For those who receive suggestions, you have a chance to improve your project prior to grading. It is not required to use every suggestion made, but do give the suggestions some thought to see if you can use any of the feedback provided. You are in college, a safe place to learn. We learn the most from our missteps, so please don’t take anything personally. This is a process, one meant to bring you to a higher level of skill. Please take any feedback in the spirit in which it is given. Typically, the things that can be addressed are 1) more practice using the pen tool for clean curves, 2) using more subtle colors 3) changing the size of anything on the page 4) changing the placement of anything on the page 5) changing the wording of any text 6) changing a font used, these all things that could be mentioned.
  2. 2. Nicholas Brewer-Webb
  3. 3. Beetle Cesario
  4. 4. Karyn Clark
  5. 5. Karyn Clark
  6. 6. James Cookman
  7. 7. Max Coulter-Hardy
  8. 8. Nancy Fleming
  9. 9. Hudson Fremont
  10. 10. Joseph Gustavson
  11. 11. Giovanna Stieglitz
  12. 12. Dale Voigt
  13. 13. Lori Wyler
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