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Innovation Boot Camp: Fostering a More Innovative Workplace (PPT)
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Innovation Boot Camp: Fostering a More Innovative Workplace (PPT)


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This presentation was delivered at the 2010 Creative Problem Solving Institute Conference in Buffalo, NY. The presentation is mostly images, so if you want the full presentation notes, find the PDF …

This presentation was delivered at the 2010 Creative Problem Solving Institute Conference in Buffalo, NY. The presentation is mostly images, so if you want the full presentation notes, find the PDF that goes with it. The content in this presentation is similar to the content presented at the 2010 LOEX of the West Conference in Calgary, AB.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Innovation Boot Camp
    Fostering a More
    Innovative Workplace
    CPSI 2010 - Buffalo
  • 2. Welcome
    M.J. D’Elia
    Learning and Curriculum
    Support Librarian
  • 3. Welcome
    Robin Bergart
    User Experience
  • 4. Objectives
    Connect innovative practice to learning organizations
    Learn simple strategies to foster more innovative thinking
    Recognize the value of play to productivity
    Generate breakthroughs by making the familiar unfamiliar
  • 5. Free association
  • 6. How is a library like _____?
  • 7. Free association
  • 8. University of Guelph
    Mid-sized research university
    Undergraduate, graduate & professional programs
    Public institution
    Over 20,000 students
    1 hour west of Toronto
  • 9.
  • 10. McLaughlin Library
    Central campus library
    Social sciences, sciences, humanities & arts
    Popular with students (computers + coffee)
    11,000+ visitors a day
    120 staff, 25 librarians
  • 11.
  • 12. Libraries & innovation
    Innovation is a core value
    Need to improve our creative problem solving
    Enable us to do more with less
    Supportive interdisciplinary environment
    Curriculum design
    Reflective practice
    Active learning
  • 13.
  • 14. Innovation boot camp
  • 15. IBC Structure
    12-week program
    2 hour sessions on Friday afternoons
    Mind stretch
    Main activity / challenge
    Debrief / discussion
  • 16. IBC Preparation
  • 17. IBC Recruiting Randy
  • 18. IBC Kit Bags
  • 19.
  • 20. Learning personas
    help the organization
    avoid becoming too
    internally focused
  • 21. see with
    fresh eyes
    The Anthropologist
    Learning persona
  • 22. learn by
    The Experimenter
    Learning persona
  • 23. connect
    The Cross-Pollinator
    Learning persona
  • 24. Gadget game
  • 25. How can this object be
    used to improve your organization?
  • 26. Gadget game
  • 27. IBC Gadget Game
  • 28. IBC Gadget Game
  • 29. Organizing personas
    help good ideas
    move forward in
    the organization
  • 30. see through
    The Hurdler
    Organizing persona
  • 31. showcase
    the team
    The Director
    Organizing persona
  • 32. break
    The Collaborator
    Organizing persona
  • 33. Improv
  • 34. Improv
  • 35. IBC Improv
  • 36. Building personas
    help the organization
    turn good ideas into
    great projects
  • 37. make the
    The Experience Architect
    Building persona
  • 38. shape the
    The Set Designer
    Building persona
  • 39. show more
    tell less
    The Caregiver
    Building persona
  • 40. collect
    The Storyteller
    Building persona
  • 41. Mad Libs
  • 42. Grammar Review
    Adjective: Describing word
    Small, generous
    Comparative adjectives: better, smarter, uglier
    Superlative adjectives: best, smartest, ugliest
    Noun: A person, place, or thing
    Cat, lawnmower
    Verb: action word
    Eat, smell
  • 43. Mad Libs
  • 44. IBC: Mad Libs
  • 45. IBC Mad Libs
  • 46. Build your own boot camp
    Find your metaphor
    Build on your strengths
    Identify the unique challenges
    Plan assessment
    Share what you learn (including failures)
  • 47. Find Your Metaphor (and work it)
  • 48. Find Your Metaphor (and work it)
  • 49. Build on Your Strengths
  • 50. Build on Your Strengths
  • 51. Identify the Unique Challenges
  • 52. Identify the Unique Challenges
  • 53. Plan Assessment
  • 54. Plan Assessment
  • 55. Share What you Learn (Including Failures)
  • 56. Share What you Learn (Including Failures)
  • 57. For more information on Innovation Boot Camp visit:
  • 58. Image Credits
    Images from Innovation Boot Camp 2010 were taken by Robin Bergart. Additional images are from and used under the Creative Commons (see list below):
    University context: Douglas Brown (lone wolf)
    Library context: Gwen’s River City (shushing librarian action figures)
    Library & Innovation context: M.J. D’Elia (digital Marion the librarian)
    The Anthropologist: premasagar (magnifying glass)
    The Experimenter: mybloodyself (purple test tubes)
    The Cross-Pollinator: Martin LaBar (bee & flower)
    The Hurdler: leadfoot (man hurdling)
    The Collaborator: oooh.oooh. (blue handshake)
    The Director: Matthew Stinson (conductor & orchestra)
    The Experience Architect: Kelly Sue (cupcake)
    The Set Designer: marfis75 (concert & hands)
    The Caregiver: Drul (smile closeup)
    The Storyteller: Martin Cathrae (campfire & forest)